Monday, February 11, 2019

Wet Monday

Mornin'!  It's 33° in Wildwood NJ.  We had a mix of snow and freezing rain overnight and it seems to be raining and snowing at the same time at the moment.  There's a thin layer of slushy snow on areas outside but for the most part, it seems we came out pretty much unscathed.  The streets and sidewalks appear to be just wet and not icy.  No breezes to note but we're still in the midst of snow/freezing rain showers.  It appears this is our weather for today as all forecasts are pointing to a cold, wet day.  Expect a 90% chance of rain/snow mix (just rain by this afternoon) with temps in the mid-30s and winds out of the NE at 10-15mph.  Tonight... rain with temps in the mid-30s and a windchill as there will be blustery winds out of the E-NE at 20-30mph.  Tomorrow... rain with temps in the mid-40s and those blustery winds out of the East at 20-30mph.
High tide:12:02p.m.
Low tide:5:42p.m.
Ocean temp: 38°

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