Friday, February 1, 2019

We've Got Snowfall!

Mornin'!  It's 19° in Wildwood NJ.  Welcome, February!  We've got a wind chill of 9° with heavy cloud cover.  In fact, this cloud cover is bringing some snowfall that's just beginning this morning.  Winds are out of the N-NE at 5-10mph.  There's an 80% chance of snow today with a 1-3" of accumulation.  Tonight... partly cloudy, low 20s and winds light and variable; meaning there's not much in the line of a wind chill.  We've got the shovels ready and hopefully, any accumulation we do get is just a light dusting and can be easily swept away.  The weekend's looking ok with sunny skies and warmer temps...30s and 40s.  I'll always be suspicious of February though and now that it's here, there's no convincing me that it's not sneering with its intimidating winter weather.  I mean it's the 1st day and it's snowing (and now, at a good clip).  In the short time it took to type these 10+ lines, everything's covered in white.  I can't help but remember nine years ago next week, we were taken down with a snowstorm that will never stop resonating in my memory.  We were buried and frozen without power for 6 days with that bad boy.  Yet, last year other than one major snowfall, we hardly had a dusting the rest of the Winter.  So, with all that said, one can only hope for another February of clemency.  Welcome February but don't overstay your welcome!
High tide:5:53p.m.
Low tide:11:33a.m.
Ocean temp:40°

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