Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunny at the Seashore

Mornin'! It's just about 40° in Wildwood this bright, brisk, clear, sunny start of the day. Clouds will enter the scene a little later. Temps will rise into the mid-upper 50's as the sun hangs around most of the day. There are no breezes to note...yet; but will come later from the NW at 15-20mph much like yesterday. It's been fairly dry in and around the island and forecasters have posted a "red flag warning" for easy fires igniting on the dry grasses and pine forests surrounding us. Careful of those cigarette butts. Rains are coming tomorrow. High tide:5:21p.m.; Low tide: 11:08a.m.; Ocean temp: 48°. Cherry blossoms are about to burst open!

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Jim Anders said...

Misquoted from Reader's Digest: The Marriage Counselor asked the husband if he knew his wife's favourite flower. His response was, "Yes, Pillsbury." His "whether" forecast was none too favourable.