Thursday, March 31, 2011

See ya next year March and Rain, Rain...

Mornin'! Happy Birthday Pat! It's currently 41 degrees this thick, cloud covered (say that fast 3 times), misty, chilly, rainy, last day of March. Winds are minimal for now and will pick up later (out of the NE at 15-25mph) with gusting. Sounds like a great day at the Shore...not...although I love visiting the beach on days like this. The sky and sea do put on quite a performance. So, we're looking at rain into Saturday. The weekend's looking rain-free, then come next starts raining again. April's providing her showers right out of the starting gate. For today...heavy rains will develop later in the day as the morning will just be misty and/or drizzly (is that a word?). Temps will be in the mid-upper 40's. Wildwood could get up to 1" of rain and there is a tidal flood watch out for today due to the new moon. High tide:6:45p.m.; Low tide:12:33p.m.; Ocean Temp:49°. 82 days until Summer! 2 days until Key West!

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