Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arrivederci May!

The Skipper at Two Mile Landing
Entering Wildwood Crest

Mornin'!  It's 67° this very drippy morn!  Until next year...thank you May for a great month and some of the best weather this year! At the moment, it sounds like it's raining outside as the fog's moisture has soaked everything (tree leaves and branches, canvas awnings, railings etc.) as all is dripping big time this early morn. It'll be the "pick of the week" this last day of May. This dense fog is becoming very bright as the sun's doing its best to brighten things up first thing this morning.  WW will have plenty of sun all day today.  It'll be less humid as winds will wift (I mean waft) over us from the NW first then shift from the South later all at 10-15mph.  Temps will reach the upper 70's.  Just another perfect day in May.  Arrivederci!
High tide:3:45p.m.
Low tide:9:15a.m.
Ocean temp:66°

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