Sunday, June 10, 2018

Gray Sunday

Mornin'!  It's 65° in Wildwood NJ.  Whew, it's damp out there!  We're under cloudy skies with plant life dripping everywhere this morning.  The ground is dry but it's obvious we're saturated from yesterday's and last night's rains.  Ms Sun's up there and trying to brighten things up but the clouds got this one.  She "might" break through a couple of times but for the most part, it'll be another gray and damp day with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms beginning around noon.  Temps will only get up into the upper 60s with Eastery breezes at 6-14mph.  Chance of rain is 40%.  Tonight...more showers and thunderstorms are likely as some rainfall/storms could produce heavy rainfall.  In fact, there's a flash flood watch posted for tonight.  1-2" is possible.  Temps will drop into the upper 50s / low 60s.  Easterly breezes will ramp up at 15-20mph gusting as high as 25+mph.  Tomorrow...60% chance of rainfall, breezy and chilly.  Ms Sun may check back in by Tuesday but there's a 20% chance of rainfall as well as more rain on Wednesday.  You'll have to wait for's the keeper!
High tide:5:39p.m.
Low tide:11:28a.m.
Ocean temp:65°
UV Index:8 (moderate)
Rip current:Moderate

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