Saturday, March 21, 2020

It's Another Weekend (Of Isolation)

Mornin'!  It's 54° in Wildwood NJ.  It's raining lightly with breezes out of the North at 8-11mph.  Even with the dampness and light rainfall, it's lovely outside.  The aroma of the sea and marshland surrounding us in heavy in the moist air.  It's supposed to rain (60% chance) this morning as Ms Sun's intention is to begin shining through by this afternoon.  Temps are going to drop a bit (upper 40s / low 50s) with breezes ramping up out of the N-NE at 10-20mph.  Tonight... the heater goes back on as temps drop into the upper 30s with NE winds at 10-15mph.  Tomorrow... partly clear in the morning giving way to cloudy skies in the afternoon, blustery winds and a high of 45°.   Hubby and I are doing fine so far.  We're keeping the social isolation thing going although walking and bike riding almost every day.  We do see the weekend crowds picking up significantly as visitors and 2nd home owners are here and at times freaks me out to see so many cars from Pennsylvania and New York. New York is the leader in having this killer virus... over 7,000 cases with 34 deaths.  But, I do get it.  If I had a second home to escape down the shore, I know I'd be doing the same thing... isolating near the ocean. Walking to the beach regularly for an emotional fix is what's seeing me through.  I'm so grateful for that blessing. What bothers me however, is that "isolation" factor.  Up until yesterday all the playgrounds, basketball courts, skateboard parks etc were not only opened but full of children who are not in school.  Up until yesterday, everyone was helping themselves to pouring their own coffee in our WaWas.  The island has now issued a lock-down on these places including helping yourself to coffee.  At this time, New Jersey has 894 cases of the virus with 9 deaths so far.  Washington State (where my sister lives) has 1402 with 85 deaths but New York is the leader on this ominous tally sheet.  Very scary times.  Be smart people and stay safe.
High Tide: 6:37AM
Low Tide: 7:04PM
Ocean Temp: 47°
Sunrise: 7:00AM
Sunset: 7:13PM

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