Tuesday, March 17, 2020

St. Patrick's Day

Mornin'!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  It's 44° in Wildwood NJ.  We've got some cloud cover making that ol' ocean sound of the waves crashing loud and clear from 6+ blocks away. There are breaks in those clouds as Ms Sun will be getting through the gaps a bit later this morning.  Breezes are barely there out of the NE at 4-6mph.  Looks like we'll have a partly cloudy start to the day as Ms Sun is checking in.  It'll be a nice one... partly sunny / partly cloudy with temps in the mid-upper 50s and N-NW winds at 10-15mph shifting to the SW by early this afternoon.  Tonight... some cloud cover giving way to mainly clear skies with temps dropping into the low-40s and NW breezes at 5-10mph.  Tomorrow... generally sunny with temps tapping 50° and light breezes.
High tide: 3:20PM
Low tide: 9:30AM
Ocean temp: 46°
Sunrise: 7:07AM
Sunset: 7:09PM
I guess I'd be irresponsible if I ignore mentioning the Pandemic - The Corona Virus that's occurring in this world around us.  As I've been reflecting on life as of late including all those intense momentous life challenges (loss of a baby, death of both my parents and brother-in-law at very young ages, critically sick other child, breast cancer and 2 hurricanes as I evacuated turning my back on my home... I'd say this virus is on my top ten list.  So much wonder and uneasiness happening now.  And, not just under my roof as all three of my grown children and their families who all live away from me are hibernating with fear as well.  I'm sleeping less and worrying more these days while worrying about them along with myself and husband.  So far... no reports of the Corona virus in Cape May County.  We all know that it could change at any moment but for now... it's only looming around us.  My sister (in Washington state) called last night to say someone in her office has tested positive so everyone alongside her are home quarantined waiting.  Like the news has been reporting on most of the country's towns and neighborhoods...  St. Patty's day celebrations are on hold till next year, Wildwood's streets are quieter, schools are closed, churches have no services, Public buildings are closed, stores are more crowded than usual with empty shelves, restaurants and bars are closed, Moreys Pier announced that they're not opening as usual for Easter break as they hope to open by Mother's day. Everyone's doing their part. Many grateful thoughts and prayers for all the healthcare and virus front-line workers in this world of ours.  We're all doing what we can to see this through as we self-quarantine and attempt to conquer and obliterate this monster virus before it tries to check in and get us first.  Very unsettled, scary times yet lots to be grateful for.  Just hearing my husband whistling is a gift as well as cuddling my pooch Freddy.  My focus stays on continued prayers and good energy thoughts as well as staying hunkered down and doing some spring cleaning, painting, gardening, reading books, watching movies, cooking and baking, crocheting, walks, bike rides, keeping in touch (while social distancing) and keeping my thoughts "in the moment".  In a post from Elizabeth Gilbert (one of my favorite authors)... here's an exercise to practice for focusing on staying in the moment, "Five things you can see, four things you can hear, three things you can feel, two things you can smell, one thing you can taste."   And, never forget... the universe wanted us here.  Be safe.

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