Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Mornin'!  It's 72° in Wildwood NJ.  Humidity's at 88% and it's a bit warm and sticky.  Breezes are currently out of the South at 6-9mph.  All the island birds seem extremely happy. No air-conditioner on yet although we're weighing that option.  It is warm inside the house but with the light morning sea breezes and happy birds in the neighborhood, it's all good.  Ms Sun's shining brightly.  It'll be a repeat of yesterday with sunshine, temps in the low-80s and Southerly breezes at 10-15mph.  Humidity will drop into the low-mid 70s this afternoon and there's a 20% chance of a scattered rain shower and/or thunderstorm as well.  Tonight... partly cloudy, temps in the low-70s with S-SW breezes at 10-20mph and a 50% chance of rain.  Tomorrow... a repeat of today. 
High tide: 10AM
Low tide: 4PM
Ocean temp: 69°
Sunrise: 5:35AM
Sunset: 8:28PM
Rip Currents: Low risk
Corona Virus Cases in NJ: 169,415
Corona Virus Deaths in NJ: 12,895
Corona Virus Cases in Cape May County: 695
Corona Virus Deaths in Cape May County: 62

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