Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday's Leprechaun Leap shots! (sorry about the format)

I'm only keeping these photos on the blog for a few days.

See Ya February 2010!

Seasonable today...40 degrees most of the day with sun and clouds. Mostly cloudy. Slight seabreeze. Nothing to write home about. I never thought I'd say this but I'm welcoming March (my least favorite of all 12 months).

Saturday, February 27, 2010

North Wildwood Leprechaun Leap today!

Philadelphia Heroes Survival Fund will be receiving their fundraising money today as the Leapers will be hitting the drink in more ways than one to earn their donations. The Festivities began last night at Keenans Irish Pub and will continue right until the Leap at Noon when all who are signed up and committed will take their refreshing leap in the 38 degree ocean. The air temperature will be around the same give or take a temperature or two. The winds will still be gusting 15-20mph which will hurt for sure. We received a dusting of snow during the night too as everything is white once again. This winter has already received an accumulation of the total amounts of snow received in CapeMayCounty for the last five years! And, more is predicted this week...measurable, plowable amounts heading this way mid-week. Bring it on!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Turbulent Friday WITH Power Still On!

Sing it with me now...Who's tripping down the streets of the city? Smiling at everybody she sees. Who's reaching out to capture a moment? Everyone knows it's Windy! We still have a snowicane and advisories in the Woods this morning as the west winds are evident. Temperature in WW is currently 26 degrees but with the 30mph winds (45mph gusts) it feels like 9 degrees. It's been snow-blowing all night long but nothing significant is accumulating on the ground. There's minimal drifting of only inches (1-2 inches in spots). I'm just amazed that we have power. Those new electric poles and lines are withstanding this challenge. For today...gray and continued snow showers with temperatures in the mid to upper 30's as Windy takes her leave by this afternoon. The winds will continue and slowly decrease. Just a sign of March peeking in and showing its ugly self.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowy Thursday

It's currently 34 degrees in WW and it's snowing! It's the very beginning of yet another storm system. The rest of today's blog is simply little phrases from the local forecast...check these out: similar to our last storm, precautionary preparedness, dangerous storm, significant snow amounts, snow-globe like conditions (my favorite), high winds with blowing and drifting snow, elevated waterways, water encroaching, power outages, hazardous travel, Snowicane! Whatever. We're ready. Got Milk and Bread. Cars have gas. Ice is made and we still have candles. Bring it on!
Footnote: 11:30AM...nothing yet.
Footnote II: 3:40PM...nothing yet.
Footnote III: 6:15PM...nothing yet except for some big winds.
Footnote IV: 10:05PM...nothing more than winds.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Between Storms

Okay, we're between storms right now. Today is the calm before. It's 36 degrees, cloudy, damp, still and mild as the temps will be in the mid to upper 40's. There's still an incredible amount of meltdown and run-off as the piles of snow are shrinking right in front of our eyes. Unfortunately all the intense rain from yesterday accelerated the melting and made for some major flooding in the backyard and in many areas around town. The water was extremely close to the hot tub as well as getting into our Shed. Thanks to two borrowed pumps, we got a handle on it and suffered no damage. To keep you in the know for what's coming...a Nor'wester is headed here! A "rare" storm. Not sure about the sound of that. One thing's for sure, a "nor'wester" will prevent tidal flooding since the winds are in a different direction. Speaking of winds, there's extreme low pressure attached with this storm which will bring intense high impact winds. 50mph gusts all through a 24 hour period running Thursday into Friday. Predicted snow accumulation in WW is 4-8 inches. I'm thinking "how's the new wiring out there going to handle that"? I'm also thinking "thank goodness the freezer's still empty and I still have candles ready to go"! More to come...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meltdown's Still On!

Happy Tuesday. Wildwood's got the meltdown still going on. I guess we will right up until April with some of the mounds piled as high as they are. Some of the parking lots and municipal lots are being used as snow dumping grounds so they'll be last to go without a doubt. It's rainy today as the rains began last night around dinner time and continued on throughout the night at a pretty good clip. I heard flood sirens wailing around midnight. But, nothing's floating yet. It's a slow melt for now. It's going to continue to rain today and the temps will stay's currrently 43 in WW and will stay in that range all day. Sounds like a soup day to me! 25 days until Spring!
FOOTNOTE: Tuesday Afternoon - And, I'm not singing the Moody Blues the call in work to borrow whatever pump I could and bring it home with me to help with the pumping of a flooded backyard. The huge amounts of snow have just about melted along with pouring rain all day long. The water's rising and inching it's way toward the hot tub motor! Got 2 pumps hooked up and they're doing the trick. Both hoses which are attached are pumping a thick stream of water into the curbs out front. Whew! For now we're out of the woods (husband wishes it was the Wildwoods) it seems. The only thing is the weather forecast is saying more snow headed in this direction and it could be a major snow storm again. This is looking like a Thursday into Friday event. I'll be blogging!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meltdown Monday

Meltdown's happening big time on the island. It's currently 33 degrees, but going to mid to upper 40's again. The sun is shining brightly but only until this afternoon. Then, the clouds roll in and rain is expected later today which will lower the snow mounds considerably. Love a good meltdown! 26 days until Spring!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sunny Sunday as the Meltdown continues. It's currently 34 degrees in WW and going up to 45 degrees continuing with that westerly breeze much like yesterday's. (I can't even believe I'm typing that temperature.) Took a walk on the Boards yesterday and was amazed to find them still covered in snow. WW didn't plow their tramcar path, however, North Wildwood did so it was nice to see a strange normacly...winter mode stores, arcades, bathrooms, rides, beach, ocean etc. and be able to walk along with others who were out doing the same. Got a slice of Sams too:) This Sunday sounds like a hot tub morning to me. 27 days until Spring!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunny, but Still Snowy Saturday

Cold crisp Saturday morning on the island today. It's currently 33 degrees. The white stuff remains everywhere. It's melting but very very slowly. Which is a good thing because if it began thawing quickly, we'd have ourselves a serious flooding situation. Melting will continue as today's temperatures will be in the 40's as the sun works its magic. Breezes are minimal too. Looks like a good day at the Shore!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Basically a repeat of Wednesday and Thursday but with more sun today thankfully. Not quite as overcast and cloudy. The temps will be in the high 30's and will probably be in the 40's as it's already 39 now on the island. The breeze (The Dipper's calling it "winds") will be stiffer and create a much chillier feel to the day. The Dipper is also saying that "The Winter of Discontent" will be continuing next week as we look ahead at 2 more storms heading right by us. We'll be watching and blogging!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One week ago today...Candle Power Ceased

Happy Thursday! It's hard to believe it was a week ago tonight that the candles went out and the lights/electric returned after 6 days. I still have a great appreciation with each lightswitch flipped on. It seemed like that week was the slowest week ever lived and yet this past week flew by. Weird how that works. On to weather...Not much to report since today will be pretty much a repeat of yesterday. Mostly cloudy with glimpses of sun. Temperatures in the mid to upper 30's. A bit of a breeze will make it seem colder a times. Still incredible amounts of snow piled everywhere here on the island. 30 days until Spring!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Happy Ash Wednesday! And, hump day! It's a brisk 34 degrees on the island this morning. Gray day as sun has appeared yet although the horizon has a nice bright yellow light above it and forecast says sun is on its way today! Gray is predominant for now though except for the snow covering the island. Lots and lots of white. No winds yet, although the weather forecast says they're coming this way. They'll bring the chill factor up for sure!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Faschnaut Day!

It was nice to wake this morning and see no additional snow on the ground. Or even better yet, on the car. No cleaning, scraping, brushing, or shoveling this morning leaving more time for that doughnut and coffee! The rain during the night was insignificant and has stopped this early morn. It's currently 32 degrees and gray. It will remain cloudy and gray through much of the day. The winds will pick up (up to 25mph gusts) from time to time and make it feel colder than it is. The huge amounts of snow still on the island won't help it feel mild. We'll probably see snow in April with the size of some of the plowed mounds of snow.
Footnote: the drive into work was a snowy one. The blizzard type snowfall began just before 8am. And, continues...ew.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's Day!

Sunny in WW this morning. A crisp 34 degrees with not much of a breeze. By noon, it's forecasted that the clouds are arriving and by tonight...SNOW; with some winds blowing it over us. Prediction is 3 inches. Remains to be seen. But, we're still seeing plenty of the white stuff here on the island. Not much has melted yet. BTW...49 of the 50 United States have SNOW. Hawaii's holding out. Come've been there done that...join the crowd!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy "Frigid" Valentine's Day! Sun's trying to make its presence known, but still gray out there this morning. It's currently 34 degrees in WW. Feels like 24 with an occasional stiff breeze outside. The Winds are supposed to stay with us throughout the day today. Still lots and lots and lots of snow out there. It's snow, but you can no longer just shovel it as it needs chopping first due to the hard icy formation it has become. Currently keeping watch on yet another weather system heading our way tomorrow night. Could bring some signifcant...should I dare say it..."snow"? Keep the love today and let it keep you warm!

Saturday, February 13, 2010