Thursday, September 30, 2010

Advisories Looming this last day of September

Mornin'! It's currently 72 degrees in WW as morning still feels relatively calm and quiet, although everything's soaked out there. The leaves are barely moving on the trees out front in the morning darkness. There's a list of advisories this morning on all the weather maps...Coastal Flood Advisory; Tornado Advisory; Wind Advisory and High Surf Advisory. I have a couple too...Batten Down the Hatch Advisory and Bad Hair Day Advisory. It's gonna be a long day. So far though...not much happening this morning in WW. Temps will get into the mid-upper 70's today and this morning will see only scattered showers. This afternoon between 12-3, the rains could get very heavy (downpours) and cause havoc on our town as the streets begin to flood due to poor drainage/run off. Add to that winds that will begin to reach 55mph gusts (SE) and throw in some thunder and lightning and even a possibility of a tornado! Whew...I'll be battening down for sure. I'd suggest digging out the Waders, the Utility Pump, a Windbreaker, flipflops and a charged Cell Phone; you never know...too many Advisories for me. Oh, I almost forgot the Tides...High Tide:12:45p.m.; Low Tide:7:36p.m. Good luck out there.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And...Another Dreary

Mornin'! Woke up sweating again today as WW's feeling a bit warm and muggy. This humid, damp weather is sticking around awhile. It's currently 66 degrees in WW and will head to the upper 70's by this afternoon. It will have some spots of sun, but be mostly cloudy and dry until early this evening when Showers and Winds begin for the overnight, sweating hours. Tomorrow will be more of the same but with heavier rains and winds. (might be hearing those pesky Flood Sirens; you might want to consider getting out the Waders) For today, not alot of rain or winds (NW-10mph), but dreary just the same. One good thing, this kind of weather makes the ocean sound louder and smell more fragrant and who doesn't like that? Speaking of ocean...High tide:11:47a.m.; Low tide:6:33p.m.; Ocean temp:73 degrees. Another good thing, the weekend's looking nice!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Dreary

Mornin'! Lots of descriptive weather words in today's forecast...breezy, gusty, gray, cloudy, muggy, humid, downpours, sprinkles, misty, thunderstorms, showers to name a few. It's 73 humid degrees with warm stiff, breezes and aromas wafting over the island this morning out of the south-southeast at 12-25mph. It'll stay around the same temp closing in on 80 today and will be mostly cloudy with periods of showers all day. This afternoon may have some peeks of blue sky and sun. High tide:10:59a.m.; Low tide:5:39p.m.; Ocean temp: same as the air - 73 degrees.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gray and Dreary Monday

Mornin'! A couple yesterday's forecast pretty much wrong as we were supposed to be skirted and get hardly any rain/sprinkles. But, wound up getting some major rainfall throughout the afternoon and evening. And 2nd, be thankful if you didn't book this week for your vacation in WW as these rains aren't going anywhere for awhile. This week looks pretty much like a washout. We could see some periods of sun here and there but there's tropical moisture coming up the eastern coast (much like a gentle nor'easter) and will continue to travel through WW just about the entire week. It's currently 68 degrees and will go into the 70's with high humidity (98%) and a light breeze of 10-15mph from the South/Southeast. Each day this week looks like the same forecast so keep your flipflops and umbrella handy for getting around. High Tide:10:19a.m.; Low Tide:4:50p.m.; Ocean Temp:73degrees. Mondays are tough enough...but today's drearies will make it that much harder. I'm keeping my focus on the great weekend I just had.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall-like Sunday!

Mornin'! Happy Sunday! Happy ending to a great WW weekend. So much to see and so much to do...couldn't possibly get it all in, but it was a terrific weather weekend for all the events. It's cool and breezy (15mph) and fall-like this beautiful morning in WW. Currently 64 degrees and heading into the mid-70's with partly sunny skies today. It looks like we skirted any rains that were predicted today too. Even though it will much cooler than the 1st half of the weekend, it will be a lovely day for the drive home. If you have another day here on the island...could be cool for the beach, but there will be those diehards like myself making a pit stop I'm sure (take a hoodie) High tide: 9:36a.m.; low tide: 4:11p.m.; ocean temp: 72 degrees.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Weekend.

Mornin'! Late blog today...what can I's Irish Weekend! The monitor screen hurts my eyes. It's currently 79 degrees in WW with a stiff nw breeze and sun-a-blazing. It'll be unseasonably warm today. High tide:9:11a.m.; Low tide:3:31p.m. and Ocean temp:74degrees.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Top of the Mornin' to ye! Happy first Friday of Fall! It's a sticky, wet, drippy, foggy start of the day this Friday in WW. It's currently 72 degrees and no sunrise this morning due to the heavy fog, cloud cover out there. It's very still with no breeze to speak of; but a thick bouquet of "smell that?" wafting over the island. Once that fog lifts though, it's going to be summerlike as the hot sunny day will have temps to near 90. An easterly breeze should be evident by this afternoon at 10mph. After a beach day there's lots going on starting today on the island. (Oh...don't forget...High tide: 8:38a.m.; Low tide: 2:54p.m.; Ocean temp: 74; Full moon rise: 7:08p.m.) So first's Irish Weekend in North Wildwood. The Green beads are out and ready; the Ham/Cabbage, Shepherds Pie and Irish Potatoes are made; bagpipes are tuned up; jello shots are ready and the Guiness is chillin'! It's Classic Car Weekend in Wildwood and the sound of smokey burnouts will be heard and the smell of tires burning begin today as the boardwalk will be filled from end to end with beautiful, mint conditioned, classic cars. It's Seafarer's Weekend in WW Crest and that festival will feature vendors, foods, live music, the Mummers, exotic bird show, pony rides along Sunset Lake on Saturday. So much to do. So much to see. What a way to kick off Autumn! Be somewhere in WW this weekend or be square!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st Day of Autumn

Mornin'! Oh well...the Chapter on Summer is over. It may be officially over, but the weather in WW is still summery and will be for a couple more days, plus I'm not finished the Chapter yet. It's currently 69 degrees in WW with that morning stillness outside along with thE aromatic back bay fragrance. Everything's drippy, damp and very humid from the heavy thunderstorms we experienced at bedtime. The sun's rising as I type and the light foggy-haze is slowly lifting. It's going to get warm today as temps will rise into the 80's and be mostly sunny. A Northerly breeze of 10mph is heading this way later this morning and will shift from the East by this afternoon. Beach day? I'd say go for it. High tide:8:06a.m.; Low tide:2:17p.m.; Ocean temp: dropped a bit at 72 degrees. Don't's a full moon and will rise spectacularly over the ocean's horizon at 6:42p.m. so keep your focus East this evening! Happy Birthday Alison!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Day Of Summer

Mornin'! All good things must come to an end; All things must pass; Time flies when you're having fun; the party's over...whatever...I just know that typing the "Last day of Summer" is a tough one. Summer ends tonight at 11:09p.m. With that said, it still feels like summer in WW. I've said it once and I'll say it again...we're experiencing the "Jewel" of all the seasons of the year and it's just perfect, 5-star weather. There's alot of numbers in today's forecast so listen up. It's currently 68 degrees in WW this morning as the sun rises over the horizon. There's not one cloud in the melon colored sky. It will be sunny, breezy and warm today. SW winds will be wafting over WW at 10-20mph and temps will be in 80's. High tide:7:32a.m.; Low tide:1:39p.m.; Ocean temp:74 degrees. At 6:18p.m. this evening, if you're lucky enough to be on the beach, you'll see the full moon rise. This full moon (officially full at 4:18a.m. tomorrow morning) is called "Harvest Moon" or "Full Corn Moon" which is closest to the autumnal equinox and is one of the brightest moons so you have more brightness in the evening to finish up that harvesting. Time to finish picking those veggies and of course that Melon after an incredible beach day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Terrific Tuesday!

Mornin'! It's currently...get this...52 degrees in WW. I can't remember the last time I typed that number for a temperature. A little chilly in the mornings in WW as of late. It will get into the mid-upper 70s today though with mostly sunny skies making for a terrific day at the shore. A beach day is still an option as the breezes will be from the South at 10-15mph. Ocean temp is still around the mid-70's with much calmer currents and waves. High tide:6:56a.m.; Low tide:1:00p.m. Just two more days until Autumn. Two more days until the Full Moon. Two more days until The Irish Fest. The weather looks terrific for the remainder of the week and the upcoming weekend. Wildwood's looking good. Oh...I almost forgot...Happy Birthday Johnny!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Summer Monday

Mornin'! Yet another countdown as we're approaching Fall in a few days (not thrilled on this countdown). Only 3 days left of summer and although we're still enjoying the "Jewel" of the entire year and the most glorious summer weather, Fall is still looming. It will continue to be "Jewel-like" most of this week as we begin with a warm, dry, and mostly sunny Monday. It's currently 64 degrees in WW and will be just about hitting 80 today. Breezes will turn to winds later as the winds will come from the North at 10-20 mph. Since hurricane Igor is still battling the island of Bermuda and is so intensely huge, WW will still be feeling its effects. There's a High Surf Advisory still remaining as the rip currents and high surf/seas will be all over the place again today. Wave heights could reach 10 feet. Beaches are unguarded so play it safe and dip carefully. Low tide:12:19p.m.; High tide:6:33p.m.; ocean temp:75 degrees. (The Honeymooners are flying home today and I hear as Winners!)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Sunday to you!

Mornin'! It's a beauty in WW this sunny Sunday morn and will stay mostly sunny today. It's currently 64 degrees with not a breeze outside that I can see or feel; very still and fragrant although some may call is stinky or fishy. Temps will rise into the 80's with a northeast breeze coming at 10-15mph. Now lets talk ocean. First, the tides...low tide:11:34a.m.; high tide:5:52p.m.; ocean temp:74 degrees. Second, the distant hurricane Igor is still creating high seas, extremely rough surf, and rip currents. Respect the power of the ocean if you're doing a beach day and dipping; better off just gazing out and watching and listening to the's amazing to see and hear that power. See you on the beach!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Swell Saturday with a perfect Sunrise!

Mornin'! Happy Saturday. It'll be swell today in more ways than one as Hurricane Igor will be providing our coast will powerful swells affecting the beaches all weekend. Prediction is 8 foot swells. These waves and rough surf will provide serious rip currents and erosion damage as there's a coastal flood advisory posted for WW. Most beaches are without lifeguards, so either dip only up to your knees, or don't dip at all. As for today's's currently 55 degrees in WW. (I can't believe I'm typing that number) It will be mostly sunny and may hit 80 degrees along the shore, but chances are temps will remain in the 70's as the breezes will be out of the NE at 10-15mph. Tomorrow will be the warmer of the two days this weekend. High tide: 5:07p.m.; Low tide:10:44a.m.; Ocean temp: 74 degrees. Be careful out there; you're forewarned!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Surf's back Up!

Mornin'! Happy Friday and welcome to yet another "Jewel" of the it'll be a gorgeous day in WW. Even with the hurricane Igor hanging well offshore, the surf will be huge and carry with it rip currents this weekend beginning today. Keep in mind...most beaches are NOT guarded so be forewarned and use common sense if dipping! It's currently 73 muggy degrees in WW this morning as the sun has much less cloudiness to contend with as it crosses the horizon. It'll be mostly sunny today and reaching the 80's with a warm NW breeze of 10-15mph. High tide:4:15p.m.; Low tide:9:46a.m.; Ocean temp: 74 degrees. Sounding like a beach day after I get the razor back out. Welcome to Wildwood this weekend all the visiting firefighters and their families for their annual Convention; it's going to be a beauty! Still haven't heard anything from the honeymooners on hitting it big in Vegas. Although massages, margaritas at Bill's Gambling Hall, dining at Bobby Flay's and enjoying the show "Love" was all done in one day by the bride and groom. Gotta love it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Mornin'! There's not much of a sunrise this cloudy, overcast morning, but the sun's trying its best to get noticed. Temperature in WW is 63 this morning with a light breeze and will rise into the 80's as the breeze turns into winds later. It will stay cloudy with peeks of sun as day breaks but the clouds will dominate. By early evening showers should begin as the winds could gusts to 30mph. High tide:3:14p.m.; Low tide:8:43a.m.; Ocean temp:74 degrees. Not sure if this one's sounding like a beach day. Could be a "windbreaker" day though! It's 99 in Las Vegas and so far no one's heard if the honeymooners have "hit"!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

97 degrees in Las Vegas

Mornin'! As I type, the Bride and Groom are traveling to Vegas for their honeymoon! It'll be 97, sunny and dry in Vegas today and a bit warmer tomorrow and Friday possible reaching 100 degrees. However, Wildwood will be about 14 degrees cooler today. It's currently 63 degrees as the skies begin to brighten this morning. A very light breeze is out there. It will be a perfect "jewel-like" day in WW. Temps will rise to low-mid 80's with a light breeze of 10-15mph from the NW. Low tide:7:37a.m.; High tide:2:07p.m.; Ocean temp: 74degrees. Rains could be here by later tomorrow into Friday. But, the weekend's looking great! (put it all on red!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summery Tuesday

Mornin'! It looks like another summer-like day in WW as we celebrate the "Jewel" of the year. It's currently 60 degrees and heading to the mid 80's by this afternoon. Mostly sunny, warm and breezes are heading this way at 10-20mph for the NNW. As I type though...not a leaf is moving on the trees out front; still, calm and mild out there and the smell of the sea is very intense. High tide:1:04p.m.; Low tide:7:36p.m.; Ocean temp:73 degrees. Another nice day and possibly a beach day with those warm breezes. But, I'd pack the insect repellant and bungee to hold down the beach umbrella. I'm keeping an eye on storm out in the sea heading in our direction. This storm will be creating the upcoming weekend's rough surf, rip currents and huge waves! Just in time for Fireman's Weekend.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunny Monday!

Mornin' and congrats to the bride and groom this bright sunny start of the day and week and a lifetime together! It's currently 63 degrees in WW and temps are going right into the 80's today. Breezes out of the northwest at 5-10mph. High tide:12:04p.m.; Low tide:6:33p.m.; Ocean temp:74 degrees. A perfect Fall day at the shore. Hate to repeat myself...but it sounds like a beach day to me!

Friday, September 10, 2010

So it begins...

Mornin'! Happy Friday. It's the end of a beautiful week and the beginning of a partly beautiful weekend at the Shore. It's the beginning of the Roar to the Shore weekend as the Harleys have begun to infiltrate the island. And...the best of will be the beginning of a shared lifetime together as our daughter marries tomorrow. (Perfect weather for that wonderful occasion too!) This blog will cover today, tomorrow and Sunday as I'm leaving town for the event. So for the's currently 64 in WW this morning as the sun's struggling to be seen with the cloud cover at the horizon. There's a break in the clouds though which is making for a gorgeous, colorful sunrise. Temps will rise to the mid-upper 70's as the clouds do stick around most of today. Breezes could get gusty as 25mph later on...hold onto to those sissybars! Low tide: 4:19p.m. and High tide: 10:19a.m.; ocean temp still in the mid 70's.

Tomorrow (9/11-Saturday-Wedding Day as well as my own Wedding anniversary!), very similar to today (temps: mid 70's) without the overload of cloud cover and much lighter breezes at 8mph from the east. Low tide: 5:13p.m.; High tide: 11:09a.m. (bow of the head for those enduring the terror of 9/11).

Sunday, begins with lots of clouds and will stay that way until the rains arrive. One forecaster is saying by 11a.m. the rains will begin in WW. But, another forecast says after 3p.m. Don't know what to tell you there as your guess is as good as mine. But, if I came to WW on a Harley, I'd be checking out early and getting on the road to avoid the rains because they're inevitable. High tide:12:01p.m.; Low tide:6:10p.m.

So Happy Weekend! See ya back here Monday. (With wedding stories and pix!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More like it!

Mornin'! It's 63 degrees in WW this morning.'s so nice outside. Sun's rising nicely as the breezes are blowing. There will be gusty breezes all day long coming from the NW at 15-25mph! Temps will rise to the mid-upper 70's. This is a seasonably perfect day I know...a touch of Fall; sunny, cool, clear. Perhaps some fishing or sailing or a beach day? Hmmm...I'm thinking why not? Just in case you do...ocean's warmer than the air at 77 degrees; high tide: 7:49a.m.; low tide: 1:56p.m. The weekend's looking much like today I'm happy to report. I'm hearing wedding bells and Harleys!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gusty Hump Day

Mornin'! It's a bit on the cloudy, breezy side as the sun crosses the horizon this morning. The leaves on the trees out front are all over the place as the breeze looks to be coming in the front porch windows making it a bit of an easterly breeze as I type (15-20mph). It's currently 73 degrees in WW and feels on the warm and humid side. Looks like a summer-like day at the shore as it will mostly sunny with temps reaching the mid-upper 80's on the island today as well as remaining dry. The winds will keep up as the day progresses and we could see wind gusts of 30mph from the west. As a matter of fact, there's an "explosive fire growth potential" warning out there. It's so dry that the warnings (mainly offshore) are reporting to everyone to watch their cigarette butts as they could send some serious fires into the dry pinelands creating forest fire havoc. Here on the island, could be a beach day if you're a diehard and prepare...ya know the drill...pack a bungee to anchor the umbrella, sit close to the surf to avoid the blowing lighter sand, and insect repellant for the westerly hungry flies. There's always the arcades, but I'm betting on a beach day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All Things Must Pass

Mornin'! As I blog this morning, I'm playing "All things must pass" and summer as we know has done just that. Shoobies are gone. The streets and driveways are empty once again. It's quieter (at least for a couple days until the Hogs arrive) in town. It's the first day of school in WW (and most places surrounding us). Happy 1st day of school! While parents are getting into their school morning rituals, WW feels exactly the way it's been the last few days...beautiful. For the locals and those still vacationing today, it's currently 71 degrees with cloudless skies as a beautiful morning is on the horizon. The leaves are dancing around on the trees as the morning breeze is 10-15mph from the S/SW. Temps will rise to the mid-80's and humidity's up a bit. High tide: 6:59a.m.; Low tide:1:02p.m. and Ocean Temp: 78 degrees. It's a beach day for those looking for the Jewel. I know I'll be doing just that!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Mornin'! Wow seems like in a boink of an eye, the summer's faded away! It'll be perfect weather as WW oversees vehicles being packed up and waves goodbye to everyone. Currently 66 degrees with just a scant breeze. It'll reach 85 along the beaches with light 5mph breeze today. Sun will be abundant with cloudless blue skies and there's no doubt that WW will continue to have a perfect day to be out and about enjoying this Jewel. Whether a beach day or a day on the water, or sitting dockside having a delicious broiled seafood combo, there's still something for everyone this last holiday of the summer. Low tide: 12:04p.m.; High tide:6:33p.m.; Ocean temp: 12:04p.m. Make it happen and enjoy this perfect Labor Day!