Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Long August!

Mornin'! I'm trying to wrap my mind around this last day of August thing. It's amazing that WW's summer is winding down. Even so, the Jewel of the Year is just up ahead. For anyone who's never experienced days at the Jersey Shore in September and October, you wouldn't believe that you've turned your back on the most incredible weather days of the calendar. Maybe I shouldn't be giving out our secret. It's currently 69 degrees in WW this morning as the sun crosses the horizon. No leaves moving on the trees outside. It's going to be another hot summer day as August fades out. WW will see the 90's today. Breezes at 10mph coming from the NW but will turn around this afternoon and begin blowing in from the south. It's certainly a perfect beach day once again. High tide:12:16p.m.; Low tide:6:54p.m.; Ocean temp:78 degrees. Earl is hovering down south and as of today, the forecasters are watching this one closely as WW may experience some major effects from this hurricane by the end of the week. We'll certainly see some rain, but the surf and winds and flooding and all that remains to be seen. As Earl heads up the coast, we're going to notice him big time. You can bet on dangerous rip currents and rough seas. I'll be keeping a close eye on the storm. But, for the last day of August...it's the calm before the storm and another "10"! See you at the beach!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sing it with me now..."We're having a Heatwave, a tropical Heatwave"

Mornin'! Warming up a bit in WW again. It's looking like that Heatwave the weather folk have been talking about has arrived and will stay here througout most of the week. It's currently 74 degrees in WW with sun just peeking over the horizon. It's gonna be a cooker today with temps going into the 90's. Airconditioner's back on. Breezes are zero this morning but will come a bit later at 5-10mph and from the northwest. The beach is the place to be. High tide is 10:52a.m.; Low tide:5:13p.m. and ocean temperature:76 degrees. The weekend's rough surf should be a bit calmer as Danielle steers away. Although, all eyes are on hurricane Earl and it's path could make a turn up toward our coast by the end of the week. More to come on that one. So for now...a nice hot day in store so enjoy a perfect beach day. See you there!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hold on to Grandma day!

Mornin'! It's the beginning of yet another heatwave. I'm pretty sure it's the 7th heatwave this summer. It's currently 66 degrees in WW this bright, warm, clear, sunny Sunday morn. Temps will get near 90 degrees today. It's very still as there's no breeze out there yet but one will be coming later (5-10mph) and I'm sorry to say it's coming from the West. We all know what that means...warm breezes and greenheads. Greenheads...for those that haven't a clue what I'm talking about are nasty biting flies who will do anything for a bite of human flesh while relaxing on the beach. While "beaching" today, there's some important things to note...those hurricanes/tropical storms (Danielle, Earl and Fiona) are still hundreds and hundreds of miles off our coast, but we're still going to feel their effects. Rip currents, Rough surf (forecasters say rougher than yesterday) and high swells will be evident in the ocean today and will stick around for a couple more days. Good for surfers; not for grandma! Hang on to your hats when swimming; it's incredibly rough and challenging. Swim near the lifeguards and listen to their whistles. If in trouble...act like you are and wave and holler for help. Water temp is a refreshing 76 degrees. High tide is 10:52a.m.; Low tide: 5:13p.m. So, take care today...pay close attention to lifeguards, remember your suntan lotion and bug/fly repellant, surf/boogie boards, and most important of all...a handle on Grandma and oh yeah...keep an eye on the baby's binky!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunny Surfers Saturday

Mornin'! It's looking very good this weekend in WW. Plenty of cloudless, blue, sunny skies for all to share throughout today and tomorrow. Temp's currently 66 degrees this beautiful morning. It's quiet and still and no breezes yet, but they're coming later at 10-15mph from the North. High tide is this morning at 10:17a.m. and low tide is 4:32p.m. No reason not to sit close to shore and watch the show. The show being huge waves and swells that the ocean will be dishing out all weekend from the effects of category IV hurricane "Danielle" not to mention rip currents that will have an effect on WW dippers and surfers. By the way, Surfers are on 12th Ave. Careful out in the ocean which will be around 76 degrees and feeling very refreshing. Pay close attention to the Lifeguards; swim parallel to shore if caught in a rip current until it releases you; then swim back to shore if you can. If you can't , wave your arms like your in dire straights and drowning and no doubt the lifeguards will be responding to your body language. It's sounding like a "10" today. See you on the beach!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Danielle, Earl and Fiona

Mornin' and Happy Friday! Oh Yeah...it's gonna be a good one. Probably a "10" for the weekend beginning today. Sun, sun and more sun coming this way. The heat's on as another heatwave is in gear heading toward WW. It's currently a very comfortable 60 degrees and will reach the mid-upper 80's. This could be a trend as the next 5 days could be the exact same forecast. Breezes will be in the 10-15mph range coming from the north. High tide is 9:45a.m. and Low tide: 3:55p.m. as ocean temp remains around the 75 degree mark. A few things though...Danielle, Earl and Fiona...all tropical storms and/or hurricanes out in the Atlantic reeking havoc in their paths. Danielle and Earl will be felt off the coast of WW beginning this weekend. The ocean will have much bigger waves, rough surf and rip currents. Pay close attention to lifeguards. If caught in a rip current (swept up in a current that you have no capabilities of escaping as it pulls you further out to sea) swim parallel to shore inside the current until it releases you then swim to shore. I know any surfers are salivating right about now if they're reading this and I'm sure already know the score just knowing 3 storms are in the Atlantic! Be careful and happy Dippin'!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Days heading this way!

Mornin'! It's 68 degrees in WW as the sunrise is making its way above the cloudy horizon. The gulls sound happy. Not a breeze to be had as it's quiet and very still on the island while daybreak develops. Today will be mostly sunny as some clouds will linger. The temperature will start to rise and will reach the mid-upper 80's. It will remain dry as the breezes will begin later at 10-15mph out of the N-NW. Humidity will creep up as well and make for a warmer day than we've had all week that's for sure. High tide:9:12a.m.; low tide:3:18p.m.; ocean temp:75 degrees. Heat wave #7 is heading in this direction by the way. It's going to get progressively warmer for the weekend. Danielle and Earl are tropical storms way off the coast which will create higher surf and rip currents this weekend as well. Good for the surfers, but tough on inexperienced dippers...there will be Warnings I'm sure and I'll be blogging.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Overcast Wednesday

Mornin'! I'm having a Dejavue moment based on the forecasts as I'm contemplating what to type. Today could be a repeat of yesterday. I mean not quite exactly the same, but pretty close. Yesterday barely hit 70 degrees and a thought of "should I put socks on?" did come to mind for a fleeting instant. (No socks went on though.) It's currently 66 degrees in WW with overcast skies. Humidity's 90%. It's complete cloud cover at the moment and looking like it could rain. There's not much of a breeze to speak of...although the leaves on the trees are moving ever so slightly. A NW breeze (10-15mph) is predicted later as the temps rise to the mid-upper 70's. There will be breaks in the clouds later and some peeks of sunshine are predicted. The sun did some peeks yesterday while I was skeptical and we did see it here and there! High tide is 8:38a.m.; Low tide is 2:41p.m.; Ocean temp: 77 degrees and yesterday's full moon will still be big and bright if the clouds move out of the way. You still have a chance to check out a moonrise at 7:50p.m. while strolling the beach tonight! The weekend's looking awesome. I mean...a good one...like a possible "10".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gray Tuesday

Mornin'! It's currently 64 degrees in WW this morning with a slight N-NE breeze at 15mph. Dark, ominous clouds are covering the island. The way the weather people are calling it, it's looking like a possible washout. Occasional showers (40%) will be with us throughout most of the day and maybe even most of tomorrow. I don't like getting too ahead of myself, so let's stay on the task at hand...today's forecast. It's looking like there may be an occasion peek of sun today but temperatures won't get past the mid-70's; breezes could become a bit stiffer at 25+mph. Then we have tidal flooding as that full moon is creating a little havoc on the island by bringing the tide waters up into the streets especially tonight at the 8-9p.m. high tide (try not to drive through this salt water). So, here's the beach stats even though I'm thinking not much of a beach day and more like a Mall day...high tide:8:03a.m.; low tide:2:03p.m.; ocean temp:79 degrees (warmer than the air today); and moonrise: 7:26p.m. with a more than likely chance of being hidden by cloud cover, but it's worth the effort to try and catch it if at all possible.

Monday, August 23, 2010

One more month today

Mornin'! It's one month today until the 1st day of Autumn. Jeez...can't believe I'm typing that one. I can only imagine what the Shoobies are thinking! Their days are really numbered as the island's beginning to see less and less intensity as far as crowds go. It seems the "back to school mode" is keeping alot of seasonal residents at bay this time of year. Oh well...for those of us who are here and need some up to date weather reports...here is today's...it's currently 70 degrees in WW this morning. Clear skies (although the forecasters were saying washout for a couple straight days) and the sun's just about up and ready to brighten the island as I type. Temps will hit 80+ degrees today with 84% humidity. It will be mostly sunny today with some clouds and even a 20% chance of showers today. Winds or breezes are hardly out there now but will increase to 15-20mph from the East/Northeast later today. For the beach-goers...low tide:1:23p.m. this afternoon and high tide:7:40p.m. tonight, Ocean temp: 79 degrees. If you're on the beach tonight check out the moon (it's just about full) as the moonrise will be 7:01p.m. That is...if the skies are clear. My fingers are crossed as it's a sight to be seen!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey Miss Sun?

Mornin'! Miss Sun? Don't think so. We could be getting wet today. Well...there will be some peeks of sun today but will be mostly cloudly in WW today. Humidity's high and rains are-a-coming and some areas could see heavy rainfall amounts with wind gusts. It's currently 78 degrees going into the 80's and will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers and/or thunderstorms beginning today after 2p.m....70% chance. It could hold off as some spots around the coastal areas could get hit worse than others, but I'd have alternate plans made. By this evening...it will be even more ominous as the clouds will take over completely and stay around for a couple days. With all that said, and you're still thinking "mmm...possibly a beach day"...then high tide: 7:03p.m.; low tide: 12:42p.m. and ocean temp:79 degrees for your daily beach stats. I may see you there!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Mornin'! Yes...the blog's a bit late this morning I'll admit. Just having too much fun in WW lately but hey...here it is. Sunny this Saturday morning with a slight easterly breeze of 10-15mph. Looks like yet another perfect beach day as today's basically a repeat of yesterday. It'll reach the high 80's and be a bit humid. The beach is the place to be as the breeze is perfect, the ocean is clear, calm and warm (79 degrees). Dolphins are in eyesight. The Fudgy-Wudgy man can be heard as you doze under your beach umbrella. Today's tides: high:5:35p.m. and low:11:06a.m. Tomorrow starts out ok, then becomes mostly cloudy with lower temps coming in with a Front that will bring showers and/or thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon into Monday. I'll be keeping a check on that. Meanwhile...enjoy another glorious beach day!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Mornin'! Nice one in WW this morning as the sun's risen, heating things up a bit as it's currently 74 degrees with a slight northerly breeze. Makes one think "beach day" immediately when stepping outside. Looks like yesterday's beach day...a "10" for sure. Temps going up to near 90 with cloudless skies. Easterly breezes come off shore this afternoon making you think or say aloud, "Whew, it's gorgeous today" while you enjoy your day on the beach. Tomorrow: much of the same with slightly lower temps and Sunday....well Sunday could be more clouds than sun with a chance (20%) of showers throughout the day. For today's beach day though...high tide: 5:36p.m.; low tide:11:06a.m.; water temp:79 degrees. See you there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Drying Out

Mornin'! Wildwood's hanging out to dry this partly cloudy/sunny morning even though the humidity is 100%. The birds are loudly chirping their pleasantries to one another. The sun just rose and is pushing away the clouds that are trying to keep it covered; making for a beautiful bright/cloudy daybreak. The clouds will remain with us through most of the morning as the rains clear out. We sure did get a soaking yesterday as the island swelled with an overabundance of water from the torrents. Anyone here got a nice taste of island living as they tried to adapt to torrential rains and flooding. It's currently 70 degrees in WW, but will reach the mid-upper 80's. It's very still as not one leaf is moving on the trees. The breeze will come though from the north first then from the east later today at around 7-10mph. Low tide is 10:08a.m. and high tide is 4:43p.m. and ocean temp is 75 degrees. It will stay clear and mild tonight. The weekend's looking superb as WW will for the most part have sunny, dry, warm beach days. Sunday may be questionable and I'll keep a close watch.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Washout

Mornin'! It's currently 70 degrees in WW this morning. Looks like a total washout. Here's some words from various weather forecasts for today...wet, washout, heavy rain, downpours, 100% precipitation, 100% humidity, flash flooding, some fog, thunderstorms, here's a good one...ponding, and here's mine...barstool! It's raining at a good clip as I type this morning. I'm considering turning the AC off once again as it's feeling cool out on the back porch. It's supposed to be hitting the 80 degree mark today and there's a light ENE breeze at 10-12mph. Just for the record and the beach awareness group...high tide: 3:43p.m.; low tide: 9:07a.m.; ocean temperature: 76degrees. There's no doubt in my mind that you'll need to use your imagination or whip out the WW-activity guide today to enjoy your WW vacation time. One thing's for certain, Gateway 26 and WalMart Will Be Crowded and there's always Blockbuster and Hooked On Books. Tomorrow will start off much like today, but by lunch time...it all turns around.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More heat and humidity...

Mornin'! AC's going back on. It's humid, muggy and uncomfortable in WW with backbay aromas wafting in the house windows. What more could you ask for? Rain? That's coming too. It's currently 75 in WW and going near 90 again. But, it's the humidity that knocks you on your butt. There will be peeks of sun again today with some major cloud cover along with it. Although the forecasters said the same thing yesterday and the sun came out and stayed all day. There's a 30% chance of scattered showers throughout the day. (I'm just documenting that as I personally don't think we'll get them). Tomorrow though...horse of a different color...rains are-a-coming. No breeze as I type (unlike yesterday..whew...how 'bout those breezes?) but there's a 15mph breeze from SSW coming later. I'm guessing a possible beach day...high tide 8:04a.m.; low tide: 2:39p.m.; and ocean temp: 77 degrees. Go for it you diehards! I know I'd be there.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Muggy Monday

Mornin'! It's currently 75 degrees accompanied by a southerly breeze of 15mph in WW this early morning. No sunrise as the clouds are thick and hiding any brightness coming over the horizon. There's a 30% chance of scattered showers and/or thunderstorms today. That percentages gets higher this evening. Temps are going up near 90 with high humidity. May not be a total washout, but I'd prepare or have a backup plan for your seashore or beach day activities (Mall, Stores, Casinos, Movies, Library, Lighthouse etc.) as skies won't be blue all day that's for sure. You could see some periods of sun off and on as it doesn't sound like a total washout, but it's good to prepare just in case. Even if it's just a good book on the back porch...just relax and soak up the salt while here. As for the beach...high tide:1:34p.m.; low tide:7:59p.m.; ocean temp: 77. (By the way...this forecast could repeat tomorrow. I'll be keeping a close watch.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lovely Sunday

Mornin'! And a lovely one it is as those porch curtains are blowing in the seabreeze and the homefries are browning. It's currently 73 degrees in WW and the sun has risen only to find a somewhat cloudy sky obscuring its unveiling. It's supposed to be partly cloudy today with a 20% chance of showers beginning this afternoon. Temps will be in the mid 80's with low humidity making a comfortable, but warm day. The seabreeze helps by wafting over the island at 10-15mph. High tide is 12:34p.m. and low tide is 6:54p.m. this evening. Ocean temp is 76 degrees. Sounds like some beach time is up for the taking; for most of the day anyway. Oh by the way...tomorrow and Tuesday's forecast is almost the same as today except a bit warmer with 30% chance of showers just in case you just arrived. You know who you are!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Windows Wide Open!

Mornin'! Looking and feeling nice in WW this morning. It's 63 degrees! I haven't typed that number first thing in the morning in awhile. Sun's up and it's very comfortable with airconditioner off and windows wide open once again allowing a cool breeze into the house. The sound of the leaves rustling on the trees and the gulls screaming can be heard too. It's very nice. Today will be warm but comfortable. Humidity's low again and temps should just about reach 80 degrees. The beaches will feel the coolest with a brisk seabreeze at 20+mph. Those breezes will be creating a rip current out in the ocean so pay close attention to the lifeguards as those currents can grab hold and take you adrift. High tide is 11:37a.m. and low tide is 5:52p.m. Ocean temp is 75 degrees. Take necessary precautions if going to the beach...sounds like you might need that beach umbrella "grabber" WITH a "bungee"!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Mornin'! Another weekend is upon us already and life is good. Well...it's good for those of us who have weekends off; or better yet...for those doing a "check-in" here on the island; and, even better yet...if you're checked in and the weather forecast is looking good. Today's forecast...eh...not that good. It's starting out a bit cooler in WW. Currently 73 degrees, breezy and cloudy. Lets elaborate on that breeze as later a stiff ENE seabreeze (25mph) will create some rip currents not to mention some tidal flooding. There's a flood advisory beginning this morning for all day this Friday the 13th (you may see street flooding; don't drive through these waters as it's the salty ocean seeping up into the streets of WW). The sunrise is obscured due to the heavy cloud cover. It actually looks like rain out there. There is a 40% chance of rain throughout the day today. The thick cloud cover may give way to peeks of sun though and temps will rise into the 80's. Beach stats: high tide:10:43a.m. and low tide:4:54p.m.; ocean temp:75degrees. I think I've covered it all...from check-in to flood advisory...Wildwood's got it all. Oh almost forgot the weekend...looking good with a bit milder temps, lower humidity and blue sunny skies. Beach days are ahead and life is good!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mostly Cloudy Thursday

Mornin'! It's gray outside this morning, yet the sunrise is trying to brighten the skies and there is a bit of a breeze making it feel not quite as oppressive as it was when we turned in last night. It's currently 77 degrees in WW and will get up into the high 80's again. It'll be a mostly cloudy day with peeks of sunshine throughout the day. However, there's a 50% chance of rain and/or thunderstorms all day, all night and that chance will continue into tomorrow. An easterly breeze will be blowing through most of the day at 15mph. Some beach stats for today: high tide: 9:52a.m.; low tide: 3:58p.m.; ocean temp: 75degrees. Not sure how much of a beach day it will be today, but there's lots to do in WW other than the beach. If you can't seem to find something to do here, you can step off the island and hit the movie theatre or of course Walmart! And, if you really want to venture out and are feeling lucky...how about a 40 minute drive up the coast to Atlantic City for a game of roulette at the Casinos or lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe? Just throwing some things out there. Oh, let's not forget the weekend...as it's suppose to be really nice Saturday and Sunday..."nice" meaning good beach days. I'll be on it...the forecast as well as the beach.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hazy and Hot Hump Day

Mornin'! I should just be cutting and pasting yesterday's forecast right on to today's new WW weather post. It's just about the exact same except for the tides. It's currently 77 in WW and will be Sunny, going up to the 90's once again. Breezes (there are none at the moment) will be from the NW at 10mph and turn to an easterly seabreeze later this afternoon. 90% humidity covers the island yet it's intensely dry with no rain in the forecast until late tomorrow. It's a "10" for a beach day so it's nothing new that my suggestion would be make it a beach day. Ocean temperature is 77 degrees. High tide is 9:01a.m. and Low tide is 3:04p.m. The weekend's looking good as the sun will be shining and the temps will be more comfortable. The forecaster said that last week and last weekend was a scorcher so that remains to be seen. I'll be blogging (as I sit in airconditioning).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Tis the Season!

Mornin'! We're continuing to stir the soup here in WW. It's currently 74 degrees and very still, muggy and just a tad aromatic with "back-bay" smell. The sun's on the rise as I type. I can see the horizon sky turning coral from daybreak gray. It's gonna be another hot and humid day over the island. Temps could hit 90 again. When the breeze shows itself, it will from the SW at 10-15mph. Best bet...the Beach! Ocean temp will be in the mid-70's so cooling off will be immediate. Tides...low: 2:10p.m.; high:8:11a.m. 'Tis the season to keep handy the beach check list: beachbag, blanket, umbrella (an umbrella holder and/or a bungie to secure your umbrella to your beach cart), sandchair, cooler, suntan lotion, towell, bucket & shovel, book, flipflops, water, lunch and/or dinner, radio, spray bottle of water and washcloth, coolies, bag to collect your trash (there's NO EXCUSE for leaving trash on the beach), money for parking and the fudgy-wudgy man. I'm seasoned!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fog Alert?

Mornin'! Weatherman's saying "Fog Alert." Not exactly sure if it's that serious to attach "Alert" to the forecast. One thing is for sure fog horns are sounding somewhere out in the ocean as it is extremely foggy this morning in WW. Not to mention it's also muggy, very still, quiet, extremely humid and warm and let's throw in a bit stinky with "the ol' back-bay" aroma in the mix. This is now but a change will occur when the fog lifts as the sun will bring the intense heat. It's currently 79 degrees in WW and may hit the 90 degree mark today. No breeze now, but a seabreeze may be felt at the beaches later at 12mph coming S-SW. 94% humidity although it's looking and feeling like 100% humidity. Once the fog's outta here...it'll be another beach day so pack accordingly. High tide is 7:40p.m. and Low tide is 1:15p.m. Ocean temp is mid 70's.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How 'bout we do "Suntastic Sunday"?

Mornin'! Nah...not doing the "Suntastic" thing, but is another sunny, warm day in WW. Sounds like a perfect day for the North Wildwood Flea Market along Kennedy Blvd! It's currently 73 degrees and heading back into the the mid-upper 80's today. It was a real warm one yesterday, although the weather people (I guess that includes me) said the weekend will be refreshingly cooler. That wasn't happening. It was very warm on the beach and the heat will continue today. It's basically a repeat of yesterday. No breeze this morning but a seabreeze will pick up later at 10-15mph. Humidity's still up there at almost 90%. High tide is 6:49p.m. and low tide is 12:19p.m. Ocean temp is 75 degrees. I'm betting on another "10" on the beach again today that's after visiting the NW Flea Market!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Should I say "sunsational" Saturday?

Mornin'! I won't say it. Happy Weekend though. Looking good out there. Sunny, warm and bit on the still side as I type. No leaves blowing in the breeze yet. The breeze is-a-coming though as a seabreeze (NE) of 10-15mph is heading our way later. Sounding like a perfect beach day. It's currently 70 degrees in WW and will be heading into the 80's. It'll be comfortably warm with less humidity. Ocean temp is a bit brisk but refreshing just hitting the low-70's. High tide is 5:55p.m. and low tide is 11:21a.m. This I will say..."see you on the beach!"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Some like it hot...

Mornin'! If you like it hot...it's your kind of day. It's gonna be another scorcher in WW. Currently 75 degrees on the island this morning and the thermometer is on the move. It'll hit the 90's again today as the heatwave continues. Humidity's at 85%. It's mostly cloudy as the sun rises, but the clouds will disperse as the sun takes command at the Shore. It's another beach day. Unless you'd rather do some fishing, crabbing or clamming. I'd be near water whatever you choose. Speaking of water...ocean temp is a crisp 74 degrees; high tide is 4:58p.m.; low tide is 10:19a.m.; breezes a tad drier coming from Canada at WNW at 10-15mph. The weekend...looking perfect with less humidity, lower temps and ahhhh...a seabreeze!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hazy-Hot-Humid-Heat Advisory today!

Mornin'! The seagulls' laughs are muffled as the air conditioner is back on and we're closed in once again. I'm not complaining, I'd just prefer hearing the gulls while the front window curtains are moving from the seabreeze. This too shall pass as tomorrow may be repeating today's forecast, but the weekend's looking really, really nice. It's currently 77 degrees in WW this morning. No breeze at the moment, but one will be blowing by later from the W-SW at 10-15mph. Humidity's still up there at 88% and if you mix that with high tempertures of 91-94 and the sun beating down here at the shore...Heat Advisory. That means...no excessive exertion, drink plenty of fluids, stay out of the sun, check on homebound...you know the drill. Thunderstorms are predicted later today into this evening. There's no question that it's a beach day. Ocean temp is 74 degrees. High tide is 3:57p.m. and low tide is 9:15a.m. Remember the sunblock, a beach umbrella, water, flipflops, towell, etc...you know that drill too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cloudy Hump Day

Mornin'! It's gray out there today big time. No sunrise to be seen through the thick morning cloud cover that's for sure. However, the weatherman does predict some peeks of sunshine here and there today. There's a cool, damp breeze wafting through the front windows and it has the "feels like we could get some rain" feel to it. It's currently 74 degrees in WW and will head into the 80's. The humidity is back up to 88% and even if the temperature stays in the low 80's, it will feel warm and sticky. There's a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms all day today and will continue right into tomorrow. Breezes are from the South at 15-20mph. High tide today is 2:54p.m. and Low tide is 8:14a.m. Ocean temp is 76 degrees if you want to chance dipping under clouds. I would stay clear away from the beach and sea if you hear the slightest rumble of thunder. Suggestions: movies, arcades, bowling, ice cream parlor, the Free Cape May County Zoo, book store, shopping...ah, you'll find something to do in WW the next 2 days. Weekend's looking "10ish" though!!!
FOOTNOTE: It's 3:45p.m. and the sun's been out (hazy) most of the day. No showers. No thunderstorms. Guess WW's in that 60 percentile. Hot and Humid though. Whew!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Overcast Tuesday Morning

Mornin'... I'm back! I almost blogged from my hotel lobby while away, but thought better of it. It feels much nicer to be home and getting my act together in front of my own computer. Plus, I have my porch thermometer that I check right before my morning coffee so I know I'm posting the right temperature. It's currently 69 degrees in WW this morning. Today's sky has an overabundance of clouds but the sunrise is below those clouds looking perfect as it rises and changes the gray to pinks and oranges. Lots of lovely colors this morning. It'll be warm and dry today at the shore. High of 82 degrees with less humidity and southerly breezes of 10-15mph. If I wasn't going back to work today, I'd be sitting on the beach for sure. Ocean temp is 75 degrees. High tide is 2:54p.m. Low tide this morning is at 8:14a.m. It will certainly be a great beach day. Looks like a beautiful "National Night Out" as well. Make it a point to get out and enjoy as tomorrow and Thursday are looking "iffy"...rain could be coming.