Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye May

Mornin'! The last day of May wakes up this morning with a warm 73° along with some hazy, hot and humid conditions outside. There's no breeze to speak of as the sun's about to rise, but somehow that backbay fragrance is filling the house. It'll stay warm throughout the day as the temps should have no problem reaching the 80° mark. It'll be even warmer tomorrow. Breezes will eventually appear out of the E-NE at 10-15mph making the island feeling significantly cooler than the mainland. Sounds like another summer, beach day. Did my 1st beach day this weekend and it's just as perfect as the last time I did one. The ocean (at 66°) is even mild enough for a refreshing dip. High tide:7:14a.m.; Low tide: 12:50p.m.; Today's sunset: 8:18p.m. 21 days until Summer although we're feeling very summer-like as of late. It'll be even a tad warmer the next couple days. For now...adios May...see ya next year!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Mornin'! In honor of all those who have served or given the ultimate sacrifice...today we salute you! Many, many, many thanks. Perhaps each of us could do one good deed today in their honor. The weather is certainly saluting all of us as it's another perfect day in Wildwood. It's currently 74° in WW with sun, blue skies, southwest breeze blowing in at 10-15mph. As I watered the gardens this morning I had my first summer bead of sweat on my brow. I also heard the faint sound of someone's airconditioner. What's that? I realize warm, summer temps are heading this way today as we get into the mid-upper 80's on the island this Memorial Day...but closed up inside with an airconditioner running is just a weird reality. An even weirder reality is alot of visitors will be heading home and turning their backs on yet another perfect beach day. For those of us celebrating another day here in WW...High tide:6:51p.m.; Low tide:12:20p.m.; Ocean Temp: 66°; Sunset: 8:17p.m. In three weeks it will officially be Summer!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hazy, Hot and Humid Holiday Weekend

Mornin'! I was considering the "cut & paste" keys and just copy yesterday's forecast. It's pretty much identical to the last two days. Another morning starting out with mild temps (68°), a lovely sunrise, a hint of a refreshing seasbreeze wafting in every window of the house, and birds chirping as happy as they can be. It's heaven at the Shore. Hazy, hot and humid is coming into the picture but will remain dry and sunny as the island begins to heat up a bit as temperatures head into the mid-upper 70's today and mid-upper 80's tomorrow. It's supposed to get even hotter Tuesday. Breezes will continue to blow in from the South at 10-15mph keeping the island perfectly comfortable all day. I'm sure it'll be extremely hard for the visiting folk to turn around, drive into traffic and head home when this holiday weekend comes to an end. High tide:6:11p.m.; Low tide:11:41a.m.; Ocean temp: 65°; Sunset today: 8:16p.m.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Saturday! Happy Memorial Weekend! Happy Birthday Joe!

Mornin'! Happy weekend! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And, most importantly..."Happy Birthday" to my better half. Love ya! Seems like everyone's going to be celebrating this weekend somehow. The island's beginning to swell right along with the tides! Lots and lots of folk are on the island this morning and I'm sure more are heading in this direction as I blog. You can feel the energy here. The weather will certainly be drawing them near to Wildwood as it couldn't be more cooperative. It's currently 68° with a wonderful seabreeze wafting in my wide open little shore cottage. It's almost as though I've been waiting all year for this day...just a perfect morning. The sun's up, birds are chirping everywhere, it's very quiet outside and inside the coffee's brewing. Life is good. It's going to go into the mid-upper 70's today with that Southerly breeze at 10-15mph keeping us comfortable. There's a slight chance of a thunderstorm sneaking in our region this afternoon. But, the weather-folk are saying that possibility's much greater north of us. Each day this holiday weekend will be better than the next as the temperature and humidity will rise right into a heatwave! (Amazing that I just typed that word). Today's tides...High:5:29p.m.; Low:11:00a.m.; Ocean temp: 67°; Sunset: 8:15p.m. 23 days until Summer!

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a Perfect Kick Off!

Mornin'! Happy Memorial Weekend 2011! It's 67° in Wildwood this beautiful, sunny, breezy morning. There's not a cloud in the sky as daybreak is happening right over us as I blog away. The seabreeze is wafting in the porch windows and will continue to do so throughout the day and weekend. The seagulls and island birds sound happy and excited. Temps will get into the mid-upper 70's as this Friday heats up and becomes hazy, dry, warm and a bit humid. It's an absolutely perfect kick off to the holiday weekend and the start of summer season in Wildwood (it officially begins on June 21st). Today's tides...High tide: 4:46p.m.; Low tide:10:18a.m.; Ocean Temp: 67° (matching the air temp this morning!) Sun's setting this evening at 8:15p.m. (if you're looking to catch a lovely sunset...head in the direction of the bay). The holiday weekend is looking almost perfect as the forecasters are saying each day will be a repeat of the day before. There is a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm on Saturday, but only slight. So, what are you waiting for...the beach is waiting for you! There's so much to do and see on our island this weekend, I wouldn't know where to begin. Check it out yourself at~ http://www.wildwoodsnj.com/

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Repeat of Yesterday

Mornin'! Looking like a repeat of yesterday after we get through some morning fog and clouds. It's 67° as the skies begin to lighten while the fog obscures today's sunrise. The sun will eventually burn off the gray matter and the island will see a day much like yesterday. By mid-morning...skies will clear and turn brilliant blue, humidity will creep up a bit, temps will begin to rise, and eventually hit the mid-70's while the seabreeze accompanies the temps out of the SE at 10-20mph. Looking like another winner today. The forecast for the holiday weekend is still looking like a winner as well. High tide: 3:58p.m.; Low tide:9:33a.m.; Ocean temp: (an unbelievable) 68°; 25 days until summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Sneak Peek of Summer

Mornin'! It's 69° with a SW breeze at 8mph in Wildwood as the sun rises. The sunrise could be a bit obscured as there's some thick cloud cover right over the horizon. The clouds won't be hanging around long as it'll be mostly sunny today with temps in the low-mid 70's as the mainland heats up once again going up in the 80's. We did reach 80° yesterday for the 1st time this year and the forecasters are saying we won't see that temp again for awhile, at least not in Wildwood this holiday weekend. That remains to be seen, but I'm thinking there are some nice beach days in the near future and today is no exception. It's worth checking out. Winds are minimal this early morn coming from the NW at 8mph. We'll be feeling the ENE seabreezes kick in later today at 10-15mph giving the island a much cooler feel than the mainland and that's perfectly okay with me. High tide:3:07p.m.; Low tide:8:46a.m.; Ocean temp: 66°; 26 days until summer! Ahhh...life is good!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Mixed Bag

Mornin'! It's a lovely morning in Wildwood. It's 68° with just a light breeze wafting in the windows bringing in the fragrant sea air. Birds are chirping and squawking all over the place. The morning sky is beginning to brighten and bringing along spectacular pastel colors as the sun rises. Just lovely; a perfect morning if you ask me. A "Mix" is in store with clouds rolling in, although temps may hit the 80° mark on the island as a southwest breeze picks up at 10-20mph. Humidity is at 93% as a partly sunny day is in store. Sun and clouds will stick around mostly all day long making way for a chance of a pop-up showers and/or thunderstorms later or just around dusk. High Tide:2:12p.m.; Low Tide:7:56a.m.; Ocean Temp: 64°; 27 days until Summer. It's looking like a lovely day to visit the sea. Why wait for summer? I'm just saying.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday's Mixed Bag

Mornin'! It's 63° and breezy (winds coming from the SE at 15-20mph) this Monday morning. It's cloudy and everything's dripping wet outside from the mist. It's not actually raining at the moment, but humidity's 94%. Can't rule out a shower (especially this morning) or a thunderstorm today as there's a 95% chance of that happening sometime today. Winds will stick around most of the day as we may see periods of sun peeking in. High tide:1:15p.m.; Low tide: 7:15p.m.; Ocean temp:64°. I'm thinking..."sweather weather" for this mixed bag. 4 weeks until Summer!

Friday, May 20, 2011

TGIF...very nice!

Mornin'! Nice day to end the week as the start of Friday begins with 57°. It's sunny, mild, still & quiet (except for the gulls yapping) and just a lovely seashore morning...very nice. It's the final day of the possibility of showers and/or thunderstorms (50% chance). I'm happy to report the tidal flooding threats are outta here. Temps will get into the mid-upper 60's as the winds will waft from the West at 10-15mph. Say that 5 times real fast. The weekend's looking mild and rain-free as temps will reach the lo-mid 70's along with even more sunshine...very nice again. The Beach Jammers will have pleasant weather as they camp out on the beach this weekend. How would you like to be one of those chaperones? Looking like much warmer temps this upcoming week too...once again...very nice! High tide:10:33a.m.; Low tide:4:30p.m.; Ocean temp: 61°. 31 days until summer...the nicest of them all!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's The Same Ol' Song

Mornin'! It's starting out like yesterday...61°, clear, dry, sun's just about to make its grand entrance and still with happy chirping birds in the distance. It'll be very much like yesterday in that it'll be mostly dry with peeks of sun and temps hovering in the mid-60° range. That will also include a 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms. (we had a good one late yesterday morning too big time). We'll have another round of tidal flooding as well...more so tonight at high tide (around 9-10pm). No breeze worth mentioning now, but will come from the South later at 10-15mph. High tide: 9:39a.m. and 9:57p.m.; Low tide: 3:37p.m.; Ocean temp: 61°. Saw that Northeast Philly (my old stomping ground) had a tornado hit and did do some damage yesterday...amazing! Hope everyone's alright. Did you know, the Shore has only had three 80° days this Spring? I'm not complaining and I truly love Spring, but I'm beginning to feel an intense need for a beach day and a fudgy-wudgy. I'm just saying. 32 days until Summer! It's coming!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hump Day Mix

Mornin'! It's starting out nice today. Birds are chirping loudly. It's clear, dry, breezy (ENE @ 15-18mph) and 63°. I'm betting on a beautiful sunrise this morning. Clouds will once again roll in as there's a 70% chance of rain again today. Afternoon showers and/or thunderstorms may develop along with winds gusting. The sun should continue to peek out throughout the day as well. Coastal flooding is still a major concern (heard the sirens wailing last night) due to the tides from the full moon along with any showers we receive later today. High tides: 8:48a.m. and 9:06p.m.; Low tide:2:47p.m.; Ocean temp: 61° and 33 days until Summer!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Local Weather Alert!

Mornin'! The "Alert" signs are posted today. It's currently 63° in Wildwood this early morning and while I blog away not much is happening outside. It's dry, cloudy, quiet (except for all the birds chirping their heads off), no wind, no rain, nor winter's cold (who's that sounding like)? Today is the best chance of rain showers and/or thunderstorms (70%). Temps will only get a few degrees warming and stay in the mid-60's. Winds will begin blowing in from the East at 15-25mph. Due to the Full Moon today and the time of the tides...we'll undoubtedly see out of the norm flooding. This "Alert" does mean conditions are favorable for flooding in areas on the island. Residents may be "warned" to take action to protect property from the flooding; and take heed regarding your vehicle...do not drive through flood waters or leave your vehicle parked in an area prone to excessive flooding. I'm just saying. High tide: right around 8a.m. AND 8p.m.; Low tide:1:56p.m.; Ocean temp: 61°. 34 days until Summer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Soup in Store for today

Mornin! It's 61° this early morn. Fog's laying thick and heavy over the island this morning. Not much breeze as it's very quiet and still out there. Sunrise is due in just over an hour but who knows how much we'll see of it in this heavy fog. It should pretty much repeat yesterday's weather as heavy Fog will give way to sunshine. Pop-up scattered thundershowers may happen today. Breezes will come later 10-15mph out of the South. Tidal flooding will be seen at the Shore due to the Moon which is just about full (tomorrow's the Full Moon). High tide: 7:03a.m.; Low tide: 1:06p.m.; Ocean temp: 62°; 35days until summer!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Soup's On!

Mornin'! The soup's on as it's foggy as hell this early morn in Wildwood. Sound of the ocean roaring is intense. Humidity's at 100% as it's soaking/wringing wet out from the fog and moisture dripping off of every single thing. When the breeze blows, the trees shake off all the water and it sounds like it's raining out, but it's not. Temperature is 61° and will hover around that number all day; breezes out of the SE at 10-20mph. Chances of scattered showers and/or thunderstorms today:70%. Chances of seeing the sun peek out...fair as there is that slight chance. High tide: 6:40p.m.; Low tide:12:14p.m.; Ocean temperature is just about matching the air temp: 62°. Summer's coming...36 more days!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunny Saturday Morning!

Mornin'! The Sun's making its best effort to shine this morning, but there's clouds in the sky trying to keep things on the dreary side. Interesting to watch them battle it out. It's 59° as the breeze is so light, the leaves on the trees are barely moving. Forecasters are saying there's a chance the rains will hold off until the overnight hours, but there's a possibility of a shower or two today. Remains to be seen. And, I'm sure the yard sale folk in Wildwood Crest and Bikers and Fabulous 60's Celebrators are pulling out all stops to keep the rains away for today's activities. Alot going on today on the island. SE breezes will be evident this afternoon at 10-15mph with temps in the low-mid 60's. High tide:5:47p.m.; Low tide: 11:22a.m.; Ocean Temp: 61°; 37 days until Summer!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Afternoon! Wouldn't you know it? On Friday the 13th the Blogger goes down! Yesterday's was "iffy" as well. They're telling me that yesterday's blog is not retrievable and was deleted and today's is now fixed so go for it. I'm gonna go for it now. Don't usually do this late in the day as I'm a morning person, but this entire week's been the bomb and I'm happy to report the great weather. Beautiful days; day after day after day and today's no exception. It's in the low 60's and sunny and will stay there until this evening when the temps drop back down into the 50's and the clouds enter the island scene. Breezes are out of the NE at 10-15mph. The "dry pattern" ends tonight as the chance of rain begins tomorrow and sticks around for 4 days. Saturday:20% chance; Sunday:50% chance: Monday:30% chance and the same for Tuesday. Hopefully the rain patterns will skirt around us. Hope the Wildwood Crest Borough Yard Sale isn't rained out tomorrow. Love that event. It's 60's weekend in Wildwood (don't mean the weather temp either) along with the Spring Biker Weekend as well. The island's waking up!!! High tide:4:51p.m.; Low tide:10:28a.m.; Ocean Temp: 61° and 38 days until Summer!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Lovely Day in Store at the Shore!

Mornin'! It's 52° this lovely, sunny, mild, calm morning. The stretch of Spring continues as today will be a repeat of every day this week. Today will be mostly sunny with a slight mix of clouds. Breezes are yet to be had this morning but will come later from the East (seabreeze) at 10-15mph cooling us down a bit and giving the island temps of no more than the mid-60's. It'll feel just lovely; although cool. Some folks visit the island for a day trip to the Shore just wearing a summer outfit and flipflops and find it's still too cool for that. Saw it happen yesterday. An entire family from Pennsylvania drove up to the beach; parked; piled out of their mini-van along with sandchairs, blanket, buckets and shovels; wearing summer attire; and they lasted a total of 7 minutes on the beach (I clocked them); back to the vehicle and drove off but not before allowing a plastic grocery trash bag to go flying off in the breeze to clutter our planet with plastic which I did run and retrieve. You can surely enjoy a beach day, just prepare accordingly and be mindful of your trash. It's all good. What's not that good is that it's still looking like a serious chance of rain this weekend...20% on Saturday and 50% on Sunday. Today's tides: High tide:3:54p.m.; Low tide: 9:32a.m.; Ocean temp: 58°; 39 days until Summer!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Lovely Day!

Mornin! Another "Lovely Day" in store for the Shore. Bill Withers' voice is imbeded in my brain this morning. The sunrise is only minutes away as the sky is cloudless waiting for it to peek over the horizon. Temp is 52° with not a leaf moving on the trees outside as it's very still and quiet except for the little morning birds beginning to chirp in the day. No seagulls yapping yet. Temps will head into the low-mid 60's. Today will have more clouds than the last couple days and a Seabreeze (NE at 10-20mph) will be more evident throughout most of the day making it feel cooler on the island than the mainland; still a "Lovely Day"...sing it Bill! High tide:2:51p.m.; Low tide:8:34a.m.; Ocean temp: 60°; 40 days until Summer! (BTW...weekend's looking "iffy" at this time as rain is headed in this direction. Stay tuned!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Repeat of yesterday

Mornin'! I could cut and paste yesterday's weather as it's identical except for a couple minor changes. This morning's temp is 4° warmer and the ocean temp is 1° warmer. Everthing else is identical. It's 52° as the dark sky begins to lighten; a very light Northerly breeze is wafting over the island; the Sun will prevail all day; this afternoon breezes switch to seabreezes out of the NE at 10-15mph. That was easy. High tide:1:45p.m.; Low tide:7:36p.m.; Ocean Temp:60° (I saw some guy wading in the ocean up to his thighs yesterday without waders...no lie...brrrr!) 41 days until Summer!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Reg! Happy Monday!

Mornin'! It's currently 48° and calm in Wildwood this morning as dawn is beginning to take shape; it's looking like it will be a beautiful sunrise. I'm thinking a beautiful sunset as well...7:59p.m. The seagulls seem to be appreciating the new day as they're noisly squawking their pleasure. There will be a mix of sun and clouds today as temps once again reach the mid-60's. Breezes will be mostly out of the North and shift from the Northeast later at 10mph. It'll be pretty much a repeat of yesterday and will continue to be that throughout the week. Nice week to be at the Shore on a Spring vacation. High tide:12:42p.m.; Low tide:6:41a.m.; Ocean temp:59°; 42 days until Summer! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Reg!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lovely Mother's Day!

Mornin'! Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there; you know who you are. A sunny day, blue sky, warm seabreeze, gulls laughing in the background, a light jacket, a lounge chair, a good book, and something with an umbrella in it to sip is the ingredients for a perfect Mothers Day if you ask me. You could also opt for staying home and hostessing the children as they treat you to either breakfast, lunch or dinner or all of the above. A mom can only hope. Whatever your pleasure...it'll be a nice day to get out and share the day outside. It's a cool 48° in WW this early morn. A brilliant sunrise is about the happen. Not much of a breeze to write about...3-7mph out of the North. It'll be mostly sunny today with temps going up into the mid-60's. This evening may get more cloudy and by late tonight...20% chance of showers. Breezes will come onshore later at 10mph. High tide:12:16p.m.; Low tide:5:55p.m.; Ocean temp: 57°. 43 days until Summer!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Mornin'! It's 59° in Wildwood. A lovely morning to behold! It'll be a seasonably mild, sunny, breezy and dry Saturday. Temps may reach the 70° mark! Winds out of the West at 10-20mph. Great day for a walk on the boards to check out the classic, beautiful, old cars! High tide: 10:57a.m.; Low tide:4:46p.m.; Ocean Temp: 56°. Summer's coming...44 more days!

Friday, May 6, 2011

TGIF and Happy Birthday Kurt!

Mornin'! Well...got through the first week of work after surgery as I had a couple tough "trying to be back to normal" moments this week. I'm down to 3 weeks before hitting the dancefloor! It's looking like a nice start to the day and weekend. Sunny skies abound in Wildwood this early morning. It's 52° as the sun's rising, breezes are minimal out of the WSW at 5mph as it's a calm and fragrant outside. Beautiful morning. As the sun's greeting the day, clouds and possible showers are going to usher it out. Clouds will descend over the island later this afternoon and early evening bringing a 30% chance of rain tonight into the overnight. Breezes will shift into the SSW at 15-20mph as well. Temps will be in the low-mid 60's today. All is not lost as tomorrow will have mostly sun and warmer temps. Not so much for Sunday. Today's tides: high: 10:14a.m.; low: 4:01p.m.; ocean temp: 56°; 45 days until Summer!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hace Frio Fuera - Cinco De Mayo

Buenos Dias! It's cold outside on this 5th of May. It's currently 45° this dry, very breezy, cloudy, chilly morning in Wildwood. Sunrise is happening right about now as the clouds are making for an absolutely beautiful and picturesque scene. Cold breezes are intense though coming from the NW at 15-25mph and will stick around all day, but temps will rise into the mid-60's. It'll stay mostly sunny throughout the day as rains may be coming back tomorrow. May's been feeling like April. High tide: 9:36a.m.; Low tide:3:27p.m.; Ocean temp: 56°; 46 days until Summer. If you're looking to get out today and enjoy some Mexican cuisine...a nice place to enjoy a tex-mex dinner to celebrate Cinco De Mayo..."The Red Sky Cafe." It can't be beat. A little Mexican BYOB Restaurant on Rt. 9 in Ocean View (near SeaIsle...if you blink you could miss it) that serves it up "perfecto."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drearies have returned

Mornin'! It's going to be another obscured sunrise as cloud cover is thick this early morn. It's mild though as the temperature is 64°. It'll be cloudy all day and holding the low 60° mark. There's a 70% chance of showers...even higher chance in the morning; yet may clear by supper time. There's currently not much of a breeze to speak of...calm and quiet (except for the sound of the ocean roaring) with NW breezes of 5mph. Those NW breezes will pick up at 10-20mph later this morning and persist through the day into tonight. High tide:8:53a.m.; Low tide: 2:51p.m.; Ocean temp: 58°. Sounds a bit dreary, but won't stop me from visiting the Sea today...love it! 47 days until Summer. It's coming. It's coming.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Island Loveliness

Mornin'! It's a lovely morning at the Shore. It's 63° with mostly clear skies as some patchy fog and morning clouds are making way for a beautiful sunrise. Winds are out of the South at 7mph. It'll be mostly sunny today as temps just about reach 70°. Winds will pick up later still coming from the South but more briskly at 15-20mph. Ocean temp is still only 56° and will keep Wildwood much cooler than the mainland which will probably see 80° today. There's a 20% chance of a stray shower this afternoon. I'm just saying. High tide: 8:22a.m.; Low tide:2:16p.m. 48 days until Summer! It's a given that my barefeet will be sticking out my opened car window while enjoying my lunch hour parked at the beach!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Beginning!

Mornin'! Happy Monday! A new beginning; a new week; a new month; a new woman; a newly repaired knee...back to work today after knee surgery! I'll be constantly reflecting on the fact that I'm blessed to live at the Shore and imagine the piles of work waiting on my desk as a sculpture which I'll chip away slowly but surely. It's all good...deep breaths right from the sea air when needed...chin up as optimism is key. Here's an interesting fact...I heard recently that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be residing at the Shore just like me and my Prince. In fact...just like us they live in a cottage on an island; theirs being on the shores of Wales in a small town called Anglesey. The very northern tip of North Wildwood also has a town called Anglesea (spelled a bit differently) as our newer North Wildwood inhabitants no longer call it that. But us ol' folk still refer to it as Anglesea. Here's hoping the Royal couple enjoy their new life together by the sea! On to today's weather...it's overcast and cloudy as the sunrise is certainly going to be obscured this morning for sure. It's 55° with hardly a breeze outside. Even though it's looking like the rain is heading this way, there's only a 20% chance that we'll see showers today. Not sure if we'll see sun shining today...no one's committing to that; remains to be seen. Later, the winds will pick up out of the S-SE at 5-10mph and temps will rise into the mid-60's. High tide:7:05a.m.; Low tide:1:02p.m.; Ocean Temp: 60°; 49 days until Summer!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day!

Mornin'! What a lovely "May Day"! Known as the Festival of Flora (Roman Goddess of Flowers), the earliest May Day was celebrated pre-Christian times. This goddess will spend most of her day continuing to work on my flowers and garden. Many cultures and countries celebrate today as "International Workers Day" or "Labour Day" or a traditional "Public Holiday." I just know Wildwood is experiencing a bright, sunny, quiet, gorgeous, Sunday morning. The island birds sure know it's all of that as they shout it to the world. It's 47° with no breeze in the air or clouds in the sky. Temps will rise to the mid-upper 60's as breezes will pick up this afternoon from the NNE at 10-15mph. Clear skies give way to some rain clouds later today. There's a 30% chance of showers this evening into the overnight and start of tomorrow. High tide: 7:36a.m.; Low tide: 1:20p.m.; Ocean Temp: 60°; 50 days until Summer! Do some planting today...perhaps something in honor of those suffering in our South who have suffered from the deadly tornadoes this week.