Tuesday, January 31, 2012

C'est La Vie January!

Mornin'! It's 45° in Wildwood. The sky is clear and starlit. Beyond the blue horizon lies a rising sun which is expected in just over an hour.
It's looking like a "keeper" as the last day of January temps will reach the mid-upper 50's. It'll be a mild, winter's day at the Shore. The breezes will be out of the SW at 15-20mph. The sun will be checking in for the entire day as well. High tide:1:11p.m.; Low tide:7:23a.m.; Ocean temp: 48°; Sunset 5:20p.m. 49 days until Spring!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Coldest One This Week

Mornin'! It's 35° this morning. Sunrise is happening as I type...in about 5 minutes from now! The sky is clear and cloudless and it will be another winter beauty. Temps will just about reach 40° as the winds ramp up from the West at 14-16mph with 25mph gusts. It'll be the coldest, wintry, sunny day of the entire week as mild temps are checking back in tomorrow. High tide: 12:14p.m.; Low tide:6:24p.m.; Ocean temp: 48°; Sunset:5:19p.m.; 50 days until Spring!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Beauty

Mornin'! What a beautiful winter morning in Wildwood. It's clear, cold (35°), crisp, fragrant, quiet and very still. The horizon's turning deep orange as the dark sky begins to brighten. The sunrise is due in less than an hour. It's all I can do to stay here in my cozy pj's and not bundle up and hurry to the beach to see that spiritual welcoming of the day. Temps will creep up into the low-mid 40's as it will be a bit cooler than yesterday's 50° temps. It'll be mostly sunny with winds beginning out of the W-NW then, shifting from the W-SW, then once again this evening to S-SW all at 10-15mph. High tide:11:35p.m.; Low tide:5:40p.m.; Ocean temp: 49°; Sunset:5:18p.m.; 51 days until Spring.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nice weekend ahead

Mornin'! It's 38° this early weekend morn. Great morning for a sunrise which is about a ½ hour away. The horizon looks like it's getting in gear to welcome a terrific one too. Winds are calm. It'll be mild and dry and mostly sunny all day with temps in the lo-mid 50's. Winds will be out of the W-SW at 10-15mph. Tomorrow looks like a repeat of today. High tide:10:42a.m.; Low tide:5:02p.m.; Ocean temp:48°; Sunset:5:17p.m.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now...

Mornin'! It's 54 mild degrees in Wildwood. Temperatures will remain unseasonably warm as we may see...get this...lo-mid 60° temperatures today. Right now it's overcast and cloudy as rain is expected this morning and even perhaps some thunder and lightning thrown in mix. I can hear clearly now the roar of the sea under this insulating cloud cover as the waves will be over 10' high today. The winds (S-SW) are ramping up at 15-25mph and gusting giving that "metroliner roaring down the street" sound. They'll shift this afternoon coming from the SW; then again this evening from the W-NW all the while gusting along. Definitely a bad hair day ahead. All this wind action will push the clouds and rains away as tomorrow morning is looking clear and bright, albeit cooler. High tide:10:02a.m.; Low tide:4:21p.m.; Ocean temp:48°; Sunset: 5:16p.m.; 53 days until Spring!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mornin'! It's 41° in WW with clouds filling the dark sky and winds out of the SE at 10mph. It'll be mostly cloudy today at the shore with 50% chance of scattered showers. By this evening...100% chance as the rains-are-a-coming as winds will shift to the South at 20-25mph. Today's temps will be in the upper 40's. Tomorrow's temps could be in the 60's as the rains ease on down the road. High tide:9:21a.m.; Low tide:3:43p.m.; Ocean temp: 48°; Sunset: 5:15p.m. (sad to say it probably won't be visible but you never know.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovely Winter's Day In Store

Mornin'! It's 37° in Wildwood. Temps will be heading into the "above average" range as it reaches close to the 50° mark again. Sun's on its way as it will provide not only a lovely sunrise, but a lovely winter's day. NW winds at 10-15mph will be wifting (did I say wifting again? I mean wafting) around all day and night as well. Clouds are heading into the story this evening and rain is scheduled for tomorrow. High tide:8:41a.m.; Low tide:3:03p.m.; Ocean temp:48°; Sunset:5:13p.m. 55 days until Spring!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Mornin'! It's 44° in WW this dark, cloudy morn. The sound of the surf is once again welcoming the day. It's dry outside and looks like the rain's outta here for a couple days. Well, at least until Thursday anyway. Although we'll have a mostly cloudy morning, the sunshine will gradually increase as it pushes the clouds out making for a mostly sunny day. Temps will rise into the mid-upper 50's (there's something quite not right with those temps) as it will surely be a mild winter's day. Winds will be out of the West at 10-15mph. High tide:7:59a.m.; Low tide:2:22p.m.; Ocean temp:48°; Sunset:5:12p.m.; Spring: 56 days! By the way, I never mentioned that a 60' whale washed up on the shores of Ocean City, NJ (25 miles north of our coast) yesterday. As of this blog, authorities think it's either a Fin or Minke species and the cause of death could be determined by today.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Grayday Monday

Mornin'! It's 47° in Wildwood. New Moon today...keep an eye on the tides! Clouds are creating a nice thick insulator which allows me to see not just the beam of light from the Hereford Lighthouse, but hear the roar of the ocean this early morning. And, I live a considerable distance from both. It always amazes me when that occurs. Winds are blowing in from the E-SE at 12-16mph. No rain at the moment, but showers are due in this morning and by mid-day today...peeks of sun are forecasted as the winds shift to the S-SE at 20mph. Steadier rain showers will visit late in the day into the overnight. Temps will be unseasonably warmer though as the highs will reach the mid-upper 50's. High tide:7:16a.m.; Low tide:1:38p.m.;Ocean Temp: 48°; Sunset: 5:11p.m.; 57 days until Spring!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grayday Sunday

Mornin'! It's 32° this early morn. Sky is overcast. Breezes are out of the N-NE at 15-18mph. It'll be mostly cloudy and dry today. The island could see a sprinkling of showers by evening and by tomorrow...rain. Stiff breezes will stick around all day and by noon be coming from the NE and by evening the East right off the sea. Due to the New Moon, flood advisories are being posted as that New Moon draws the sea toward us just as intensely as the Full Moon. Don't drive through flood waters...salty water damages the underside of the vehicles. High tide:7:10a.m. as well as 7:40p.m.; Low tide:12:52p.m.; Ocean temp: 48°; Sunset:5:10p.m.; 58 more days until Spring!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weird Winds in Wildwood (say that fast 3 times)

Mornin'! It's 39° in WW. It's just becoming light out as the cold rains are being carried by the pelting winds. (S-SE at 10-15mph w/20mph gusts). During the night as I walked around peeking out the windows, I saw the "mix" everyone was talking about. Big wet snowflakes were hitting the skylight window in the wee hours. We received no coating or icing as it's turned out to be a rain event on the island. Temps will get up into the low 40's today as the winds play a bit of havoc. By noon they'll switch up and do a 180° coming from the NW at 20mph, then by evening switch up again coming from the N-NE still at 20mph with 25mph gusts. I'd definitely go with "bad hair day" or better yet...homemade soup making day! It'll stay cloudy and mostly wet this first half of the weekend. Tomorrow's looking like the better of the 2 days as the sun will return as the raw wetness exits. High tide:6:21a.m.; Low tide:12:38p.m.; Ocean temp: 49°; Sunset:5:09p.m.; 59 days until Spring!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A "Mix" is in the works

Mornin'! It's 40° this early morn as temps are expected to drop a bit today hovering around the upper 30's. It's brisk, quiet (except for the sound of the sea), and overcast in the darkness. Not sure about a nice sunrise today, but for the most part it'll be a fairly nice one. The sun and clouds will be duking it out most of the day until the clouds win by early evening and wintry mix ensues tonight. That is overnight...winds (NW 10-15mph w/20mph gusts), rain, sleet, snow and changing back to rain before daybreak Saturday. Tomorrow morning will be icy-cold and all that moisture on the island could provide hazardous conditions if that Mix gives us a decent coating. But hey...the ocean's still 49° and I'm thinking it will continue to insulate us and keep us from freezing up this time round. Remains to be seen, but I'm optimistic. Plus, all the forecasters are saying this will be more of a Mix on the mainland and more north of us. Thinking "positive" is key. High tide:5:11p.m.; Low tide:11:10a.m.; Ocean temp: 49°; Sunset:5:08p.m. 60 days until Spring!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mornin'! It's 29° in Wildwood this early morn. Temps will rise up into the upper 30's maybe even hitting the 40° mark. Thursday begins with clear skies (completely star filled as I type) and will be sunny throughout the day as clouds roll in. By this evening, we'll have cloud cover with a chance of a sprinkles or flurries. Winds are barely there now, but will wift (I mean waft) in sometime this morning from the NW at 10mph shifting later this afternoon from the South. I'd say a halfway decent day at the Shore. This weekend could break the "dry streak" we've been having for 11 consecutive weekends...looking just a tad "wet". High tide:10:11a.m.; Low tide:4:10p.m.; Ocean temp: 49°; Sunset:5:07p.m. 61 days until Spring!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Typical Winters Day in January

Mornin'! It's 43°. The sky is partially clear as I stepped outside and saw lots of clouds up there but there's a whole section that's clear and starlit. It's windy again...NW @ 20-25mph (gusting at 35mph) and my guess is those winds are pushing the clouds out as I type. It's gonna be mostly sunny and bright and brisk with temps in the the low-40's all day and the "Gales" will be staying checked in all day today and tomorrow. High tide: 3:42p.m.; Low tide:9:48a.m.; Ocean Temp:47°; Sunset: 5:06p.m. (getting later and later...loving it)! 62 days until Spring!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gale's Checked in again

Mornin'! It's 44° this early morn. Temps will reach the mid 50's although the day looks like it will be a crappy one. Skies are cloud covered and its dry now but rains are due in any moment. Here we go with those freaking Winds again as they re-create the sound of a speeding train roaring down the street while surrounding the house and shaking things up a bit. They're out of the South at 20-25mph gusting at 40-50mph. I'd say the "Gales" are definitely checked in. We'll see winds and rain (at times heavy) today until the overnight hours; then some clearing returns to the island's sky. High tide:1:49p.m.; Low tide:7:56a.m.; Ocean temp:48°; Sunset:5:04p.m. 63 days until Spring!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Day

Mornin'! It's 28° this morning in Wildwood. It's cold and dark, but the sky is totally starlit and lovely. No clouds; no breezes; no incoming swells on the ocean. The sun is rising in about an hour and will hang around all day. Temps will rise to the mid-30's and by dusk be in the mid-40's as the N-NE breezes shift from the South (12-15mph) bringing milder temps. High tide:12:38p.m.; Low tide:7:02p.m.; Ocean Temp:48°; Sunset: 5:03p.m. Sounds like a nice day to have a holiday thanks to MLK although his actually birthday was yesterday. I'm heading to that sunrise today! 64 days until Spring!

Afterthought: I caught a perfect sunrise this morning and noticed the first icy sheen on the harbors!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coldest One of the Weekend!

Mornin'! It's 29° this dark, quiet, crisp morn. The sky is clear and full of stars. Today will be the coldest of the holiday weekend. It'll rise only a few more degrees (low 30's) with partly sunny/cloudy skies. A N-NW breeze will blow in later at 15-20mph creating a wind chill in the 20's all day. I checked the report for the sea/tides/temps and beginning this evening around dusk and througout the overnight, there will be no incoming swell. Rarely do you see the ocean will looking like a lake! High tide:11:36a.m.; Low tide:6:03p.m.; Ocean temp:49°; Sunset:5:02p.m.; 65 more days until Spring!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

11th Consecutive Rain-Free Weekend

Mornin'! It's 30° in WW. It'll be cold, dry, party sunny and breezy (W-NW 15-25mph) to start the weekend today and will end the exact same way. Temps will stay in the mid-30's and the breezes will create a below freezing chill factor. Hold onto your towels, blankets, and costumes you polar plungers. You know who you are. Good luck for those taking the nippy plunge at 1p.m. for the Special Olympics. High tide:10:41a.m.; Low tide:5:10p.m.; Ocean temp:49°; Sunset:5:01p.m.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Warnings and Advisories...hang the shoes out the window it's Friday the 13th!

Mornin'! It's currently 52° in Wildwood. But, things-are-a-changing today. Gale warnings and wind advisories are posted today at least until dusk. As I type there's thick cloud cover, winds are howling big time, it's spritzing a bit yet it doesn't even feel cold. These howling winds will blow the clouds and wetness out in fact it's happening right now as I can see some stars in the clearing sky. The sun is due to shine, but these winds will be bringing coldness and wind-chills today. They're coming from the West at 20-30mph gusting at 50mph. The temps will drop into the 40's by later this morning and 30's by this afternoon. Batten down and button up is what I say. More high surf too...at least 10' waves so if you feel like getting a facial as the seaspray and sandblasts will provide if you opt to check out the Sea. Thankfully it will be much calmer but colder tomorrow for those Plungers. And, I'm not talking about those devices that do unclogging. High tide:9:53a.m.; Low tide:4:22p.m.; Ocean temp:48°; Sunset; 5p.m. (BACK IN THE 5 o'clock HOUR!!! )

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gonna be a Nice One!

Mornin'! It's 55° in WW this early morn. I can't believe it's almost mid-January and those temperatures are still hanging around. We may even see 60° today. It will begin with some leftover showers this morning as it's still raining coming off the overnight. Winds will pick up (SW at 15-20mph with some big gusts) and the sun and blue sky will return. Gale warnings are in effect today too btw. A little later this afternoon into tomorrow...big swells in the sea too. We'll see over 10' waves! May be a good day for a walk to the sea to check it out. High tide: 9:09a.m.; Low tide:3:38p.m.; Ocean temp: 49°; Sunset:4:59p.m.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rains are Coming Later

Mornin'! It's 30° in WW. Sky is clear as the bright moon is glazing over the frosty island. It'll be mostly sunny to start then clouds roll in later. Temps will continue to be mild as mid-upper 40's are forecasted. An easterly breeze 10-15mph comes ashore later bringing with it rains by rush hour. Rush hour? Did you know there is no rush hour in Wildwood? I mean in the summer...in June, July and August...there's something of a rush hour all day long as vacationers are out and about everywhere making for some island traffic and some tricky parking, but the other 9 months...nothing. Anyway enjoy the start of today while the gettin's' good. Clouds and rains (could be up to 2") are coming later and will stick around all night and continue right into tomorrow morning sometime. You may even hear some thunder rolling in as well. No rain this weekend however, but colder temps are predicted; just in time for Wildwood's Polar Plunge on Saturday. High tide: 8:28a.m.; Low tide:2:57p.m.; Ocean temp:49°; Sunset:4:58p.m.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Mornin'! It's 36° under cloudy, foggy skies this early morning. Winds are Westerly at 10mph and will stick around throughout the day with some periods of gusting at 20mph. Temps are rebounding as 50° will be back along with the sun making for a nicer, milder winter's day. You know the drill...get out and enjoy it as some raw, rainy days are waiting in the wings for this week. High tide:7:49a.m.; Low tide:2:18p.m.; Ocean temp: 48°; Sunset:4:57p.m. The Wildwood Chamber of Commerce has begun taking orders for the new 2012 Vacation Planner Booklet...just saying!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back To Being More Seasonable

Mornin'! It's 36° in WW. Sky's mostly cloud covered and that big ol' Wolf Moon is being obscured, yet you can get a slight glimpse of it as thick clouds swallow it then release it. A light, cold breeze out the N-NE at 5-10mph is helping the clouds do just that. Makes one want to howl. Temps will be in the 40's today. It'll be mostly cloudy and dry (we may get a few peeks of sun) throughout the morning and afternoon, but by evening the rain (50% chance) with even a possibility of a rain/snow mix falling on the island. Looks like a mostly cloudy and rainy week as rain's predicted for tonight, Wednesday and Thursday. Might be time to pull out the Wellies. High tide:7:11a.m.; Low tide:1:39p.m.; Ocean temp:48°; Sunset:4:56p.m.; Moonrise:5:17p.m.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Continued Niceties

Mornin'! It's 40° in Wildwood. Sun's just arrived as this room is filling with light and warmth. Sky is clear and no winds to report. It's a very nice Winters' morn. Although not as warm as yesterday, the day will be lovely. Temps will rise to the upper 40's and may hit the 50° mark. Winds will slip in later from the N-NW at 10-15mph. It's been hard not to have noticed the moon the last couple evenings. Tonight's the Full Moon. January is the month of the "Full Wolf Moon". It appeared when wolf packs howled hungrily outside indian villages in the midst of the cold and deep snows of mid-winter. I haven't howled yet but my stomach's growling smelling that bacon that's in the midst of hubby's cooking this Sunday morning. I'll certainly be enjoying this nice day by the sea especially now that the holiday decorations are down and packed away...making time to soak in the island's niceties. High tide: 6:56p.m.; Low Tide:1:01p.m; Ocean temp: 48°; Sunset:4:55p.m.; Moonrise:4:34p.m. Thank you Ken!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

10th Straight Dry Weekend

Mornin'! It's 44° in Wildwood. It's still dark with clear, starlit skies as the sun's due up in about an hour. It should be a nice sunrise this morning too...around 7:15a.m. It's going to be a real nice one today as it will be mostly sunny and mild and as temps will be unseasonable high on the thermometer just skirting the 60° mark. Winds will be 10-15mph out of the West. High tide:6:15p.m.; Low tide:12:21p.m.; Ocean temp:50°; Sunset:4:54p.m. Plan A: take the holiday decorations down! Plan B: enjoy the island this lovely weekend! Plan C: Not necessarily keeping it a dry weekend if you get my drift!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tacking on the Temps

Mornin'! It's 40° in Wildwood this clear, early morn. The bright moon is setting as I blog. Full Moon is Monday as we begin to see a brighter display of moon shine the next couple evenings. You read my mind as I'm not ruling out a weekend cocktail from the private distillery! I'm happy to report, we'll be tacking on the temps today as the island will see the low-mid 50's again. (and even a tad warmer tomorrow). It's clear and crisp and hardly a breeze at the moment, although there's a slight one coming out of the W-SW at 10mph any time now. Looks like they'll gently waft over us all day too. So a sunny and mild one in store today. You know the drill...get out and enjoy that island sea air! These mild, winter days are numbered. High tide:5:32p.m.; Low tide:11:40a.m.; Ocean temp: 49° (should be around 39° this time of year); Sunset: 4:53p.m.