Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Mix

Mornin'! It's 82° this Saturday morning. There's going to be a mix of clouds and sun today with temps going into the high 80's and may hit 90°. Winds are those warm westerly winds...5-10mph. That could mean the biting greenhead flies joining us on the beach; prepare accordingly. It'll stay hazy, hot and humid all day and feel even hotter when the sun's blazing. Right now...a bit overcast and very comfortable. You know Santa will be dressed appropriately. High tide: 8:02p.m.; Low tide:1:38p.m.; Ocean temp: 77°; Sunset: 8:14p.m. Pick up your trash and don't litter our island!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Let the celebration begin...the weekend's almost here!

Mornin'! It's 73° this cloudy, overcast, fragrant, muggy morning with not a leaf moving on the trees. Seems like every morning this week began like this. This morning: clouds, with possibility of showers; this afternoon: hazy, hot and humid with peeks of sun; this evening: back to the possibility of showers and/or gusty thunderstorms (40%). Temperatures will hover around high 80's and may even get to 90°. Chances are evening greater this weekend for those high temps and high humidity and looks like the weekend will be rain-free. Today winds will be out of the South at 10-15 (unless they're stormy gusts of course). Tides: High:7:18p.m.; Low:12:48p.m.; Ocean temp: 75°; Sunset: 8:15p.m. Remember to pick up your trash and please don't litter the island.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Next Heat Wave on Tap!

Mornin'! Sun's up, surf's up and it's looking like another beach day is in store. It's 73° this still and motionless morn as the strong, pungent aroma of the bay, sea, and know...that fishy odor is laying heavy over the the island. Humidity's creeping up as it's beginning to feel like a humidor. Let's put it this's what I would imagine a humidor to feel like as the temp in a humidor is a bit lower at 68°-70° with humidity at 72%. Our current humidity is a humidor would feel more comfortable I suppose. Clouds are scheduled to come into play today as temps rise into the high 80's and may even hit 90°. Winds out of the W-SW will waft over us later at 5-10mph later. Sounding like Martha & the Vandellas is scheduled for another summer encore beginning today as a Heat Wave will take us through the weekend starting now. Speaking of records...a record was set in 1977 when the temperature was 54° on this date! Today's tides: High: 6:33p.m.; Low:11:58a.m.; Ocean temp: 78°; Sunset: 8:16p.m.; 57 days until Autumn! Don't forget...pick up your trash...don't litter the island; don't litter mother earth.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Hump Day

Mornin'! It's a lovely 73° in Wildwood this morning. The sun just appeared over the horizon. There's not a cloud in the sky. There's a tiny breeze that I could pretty much not even mention. There's no fragrance seeping from every nook and cranny like yesterday morning as the humidity's down a bit so being outside is comfortable. It's a quiet, calm, still, sunny, summer morn, although the gulls are cackling in the distance every so often breaking the morning silence so I should count them in the mix. It'll be sunny today with no chance of rain. Temps will hit the upper 80's and a N-NW breeze will waft over us most of the day at 5-10mph. Enjoy as the 90° are planning to make another appearance starting tomorrow. Sounds like a perfect beach day! Today's tides...High:5:46p.m.; Low:11:07a.m.; Ocean temp: 76°; Sunset: 8:15p.m.; 58 days until Autumn. Keeping my daily reminder out there...don't litter the island; pick up your trash!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still Tuesday or Till Tuesday?

Mornin'! Here's another tune in my head 1st thing this morning as I was trying out the weather on the back porch..."Voices Carry" while hearing people chatting in the early morning stillness. It's quiet, dank, aromatic, clammy, humid, still, pungent and 78°. You know just what I'm talking about. Everything seems wet or damp. Sun's not shining but it's up in the cloud cover as the skies brighten. It'll be a mix of sun and clouds again today with only a 10% chance of showers. Winds (nothing right now) will eventually begin blowing from the NW at 5-10mph; not the favorable direction as the west winds bring warm breezes and greenhead biting flies (remember to bring the bug repellent). Temps will rise into the mid-high 80's as the humidity creeps up and 90° temps become the norm. High tide:4:56p.m.; Low tide:10:13a.m.; Ocean temp: 76°; sunset: 8:16a.m. (beginning to get noticeably earlier). Reminder: please pick up your trash and don't litter the island!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Muggies

Mornin'! We all just made it through an intense heatwave. I can't believe the thermometer is looking normal again and now saying 73°. Sun just rose but the clouds are keeping it from shining down on the island this early morn. We will see sun today, but it'll be partly cloudly as the temps rise into the high 80's. Better than high 90's/low 100's! There's a 40% chance of rain and/or thunderstorms throughout the day today. Humidity's still up there at 94%; dewpoint:72%. Breezes aren't much to write about but will be wafting over the island a bit later from the NE then East at 5-10mph I'm happy to report. That'll feel more refreshing than west winds; not to mention the greenhead flies will be kept at bay (literally). High tide:4:02p.m.; Low tide:9:19a.m.; Ocean temp: 74°; Sunset: 8:17p.m. While out and aware of your trash...please don't litter our island.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat Advisories Continue...

Mornin'! It's 86° this morning. Just watered the gardens and began working up the sweat and need for water this next day of hazardous weather. many songs are going through my head. Right now it's Billy Idol's "Hot in the City", but Robert Palmer's "Some like it Hot" and Sly and the Family Stone's "Hot fun in the Summer Time" is floating around in there too. Sorry...getting carried away with all my "hot" tunes. Going up to the mid-upper 90's today. Heat indexes: 106°. I'm just saying. The damn West winds are wafting over us at 5mph and will pick up a bit and continue today until later this afternoon when they'll shift from the South bringing much needed relief from the cool ocean air and the greenhead biting flies. Sounds like a repeat of yesterday more or less except today there's a 30% chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. High tide:3:07p.m.; Low tide:8:26a.m.; Ocean temp: 72°; Sunset: 8:18p.m. You know the drill...hydrate; preparing properly if hitting the beach (read yesterday's blog) and rest assured this Heat Wave is almost behind us. Tomorrow...the high is looking like mid-80's. One can only hope! Don't litter the island, pick up your trash!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Excessive Heat Warning continues...

Mornin'! Almost didn't make it this morning. Had to beat the visitors and vacationers to the grocery store. (It'll be a challenge for the next few weeks and you've got to make it work by doing everyday things with intense heat and crowds thrown in the mix.) Was at the front door when the manager unlocked it. It was oppressive early this morning when going outside. It was 88° around 7a.m., and it's 93° already. We're going to hit 100° on the island today or hover around 99°. My bet is we'll hit the 100° mark. Breezes...minimal out of the West (ugh). We all know they're the warm land breezes which bring the oppressive heat and the greenheads. The beach could be unbearable today. I heard yesterday was a tough beach day with the flies and the intensely hot sand and cold ocean. By 4-5p.m. today, the breezes will shift and come off the ocean and bring cooler air and blow those damn flies outta here. Thought a few snowy pix would fit the bill today. High tide: 2:11p.m.; Low tide: 7:38p.m.; Ocean temp: 60something°; sunset: 8:19p.m.. A couple things...prepare for an intense beach day...proper shoes to trek the burning sand (I heard flipflops didn't work yesterday...just saying), plenty of water to drink as well as spray on you, umbrella, sunblock, cover-up...and anything else you choose to carry across the Gobi. Don't forget...pick up your trash or it will wash into the sea, thus choke some beautiful sea creature to death.

Friday, July 22, 2011

One Word..."Oppressive"

Mornin'! Temperature is already up's 80° in Wildwood at 6a.m.! Temps are gonna go up into the mid-upper 90's but will feel like it's 110° when factoring the humidity at 94% today. Well, needless to say there's a "weather advisory" and an "excessive heat warning" posted both today and tomorrow. Be watchful of how you're dealing with all that heat, haze, humidity...stay in airconditioning or get in the water...hydrate...and, that means drink before you're thirsty! Winds will be out of the West I'm sorry to report...prepare for the greenhead biting flies if going to the beach. And, watch the have lots of extremely hot sand to trek through...remember footwear. Winds should shift by late (Southwest-15mph) this afternoon and begin wafting over the ocean bringing that coolness right toward the island and over us, one can only hope. High tide: 1:20p.m.; Low tide: 7:42p.m.; Ocean temp: 73°; Sunset: 8:19p.m. Lots happening this weekend...get this lineup...Christmas in July, Crab Fest in Wildwood at the Ice House, big Wrestling event at the Convention Center, Morey's hosting a Youth Christian Youth camp out on the beach and a Craft Show in Wildwood Crest. Pick up your trash...please don't litter our island.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave's Tightening Its Grip

Mornin'! It's 73° in Wildwood. The Fog's rolling in again as the sun's trying to rise. Thank god as that fog's winning out and keeping the island grayer and cooler. Once the sun begins to win this battle later this morning, the heat wave will tighten its grip. Going into the 90's today, but it will feel closer to 100° with the humidity at 100% and the sun pressing down on the land. No breezes yet, but one will waft over us later from the South at 10-15mph. Sounds like one of those "chair in the ocean" days. If you can't do that, then find a cool spot and drink plenty of fluids. Play it safe while this heat wave has us in its grasp. High tide:1:03p.m.; Low tide:7:06p.m.; Ocean temp: 73°; Sunset: 8:20p.m. Please be conscientious...pick up your trash and don't litter our beaches! It's amazing how the summer visitors consistently continue to litter the beach which ultimately is killing our oceans. It's such a shame some people just don't get it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day Heat Wave

Mornin'! Airconditioner's back on! It's 72° in Wildwood as the sun's rising. It's a bit hazy (some may say foggy) along the coast as this summer humpday begins. It's gonna be hazy, hot and humid as this heat wave crawls along through the weekend. Today's humidity: 94%. Temps will rise into the 90's today as the sun's doing all it can to shine through the haze and fog. Seabreezes appear out of the east later at 10mph making the island much more tolerable than the mainland. No breeze to blog about at the moment as it's very still and humid and fragrant out there in the early morn. You know what I'm talking about. High tide:11:49a.m.; Low tide:5:58p.m.; Ocean temp:73°; Sunset:8:21p.m. Remember to pick up your trash...please don't litter the island. However, if you drop change or jewelry, no worries...someone will pick that up!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Mornin'! It's 72° in Wildwood this early morn. It's gonna start getting hot as we're facing another heat wave beginning today. It'll be mostly sunny, hot and humid today as temps will continue to hover around the mid-upper 80's. Each day this week as we head into the weekend, the temperatures and humidity will get consistently higher until Wildwood's well into the 90's by Friday. By then, we'll all be having hot fun in the summertime. Talk about a song going round in your head...saw "The Family Stone" (without Sly) at Ocean City Pier last night and even though my hearing feels like I have earplugs in from the intense loudness of the speakers, that song plays round and round in my head. Very good show by the way...had me on my feet most of the night. Thunderstorms are more likely today than yesterday (we never did get any yesterday or last night) as winds will shift from NW to SE later at 10-15mph. High tide: 11:38a.m.; Low tide: 5:30p.m.; Ocean temp: 75°; Sunset: 8:21p.m. Oh...almost forgot...pick up your trash. Don't litter our island! Please.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mostly Sunny Monday

Mornin'! Back to the grind as the new week begins and some vacations end. It continues to be great vacation weather though and will continue through this upcoming week...another nice day for boating. It's 72° this sunny morning in Wildwood. It'll stay mostly sunny with temps reaching the mid 80's once again. The Southwest breezes (10-12mph) have been providing the island with some lovely, cool breezes all throughout the day as well as the evenings. It's been nice sleeping weather. The humidity will be creeping back up this week as temps begin to rise too. We're entering another heatwave says the weatherfolk, but so far...the shore's been the place to be. There is a 40% chance of a shower this evening. High tide: 10:26a.m.; Low tide:4:28p.m.; Ocean temp:75°; Sunset:8:22p.m.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

National Ice Cream Day!

Mornin'! It's 70° in Wildwood this calm, sunny, quiet morning. Breezes are not worth blogging about, although they'll appear later from the southwest at 10-15mph. Temps will rise into the 80's...low-mid 80's as they bring along the muggy, more humid weather today. Looks like a heatwave is beginning to form for the upcoming week but looks like a perfect beach day today! High tide:9:44a.m.; Low tide: 3:44p.m.; Ocean temp: 76°. Don't forget to get your Ice Cream today. President Reagan declared the 3rd Sunday in July to be National Ice Cream Day and you couldn't get a better place than Wildwood to find an Ice Cream Parlor or Fudgy Wudgy Man. Remember your trash...don't litter the island. I put the reminders out there, but the trash folk keep littering. Please don't litter.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nice Day and Night at the Shore

Mornin'! It's 72° in Wildwood this bright, sunny morning. A bit of a Westerly breeze is wafting over the island at 10-12mph. It's gonna be mostly sunny today reaching low-mid 80's with humidity beginning to creep back up at 74%. That Westerly breeze will be sticking around (be aware of those greenhead biting flies that the Westerlies bring) most of the day; turning into West-Southwest later. Looking like a nice beach day, but more importantly we've got some boat parades to enjoy this evening. Ocean City has their "Night in Venice" parade and Wildwood's "Christmas in July" Parade as both kick off tonight at 7:30p.m. in the backbay waters and it's looking beautiful for sitting out tonight and viewing the show. High tides: 9:02a.m. and 9:12p.m.; Low tide: 3:00p.m.; Ocean temp: 75°; Sunset: 8:28p.m.; Moonrise:9:08p.m. Don't litter our island...pick up your trash!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Still Nice with a Full Moon

Mornin'! A bit in slow-motion today after enjoying a vacation day yesterday cruising on my friends' boat. What an incredibly lovely day even though I didn't have a nibble on my fishing line. Well, let's put it this way...if I had one, I didn't feel it. The weather's looking like a repeat of yesterday without the stiff breeze we had most of the day. It's gonna be sunny with temps going up to the low-80's. Low humidity sticks around too. Winds start out from the West and switch from the South later at 10-15mph. Full moon today and you'll be able to catch a moonrise tonight on the beach at 8:33p.m. Tides will be over the top due to that moon as well so watch the flooded streets when driving around. Ocean temp: 72°; High tide: 8:17a.m. and 8:28p.m.; Low tide:2:13p.m.; Sunset:8:26p.m.; Moonrise:8:33p.m. Remember...don't litter the island! See you at the beach today!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heat's Taking a Break!

Mornin'! Now this is what I call a perfect summer day! Airconditioner's off, windows are open and curtains are blowing in the seabreeze! It's 66° in Wildwood this morning. read that right. The heat's taking a break for a few days, at least until Monday or Tuesday. Humidity's also got the "time-out" sign up. Temps will cruise around the 80° mark today at the shore; same for tomorrow and the weekend's looking good too. Sun's up and will be prevelant all day until sunset at 8:24 this evening. Breezes are just right coming from the North at 10-14mph. They'll kick up a bit a little later coming from the NE at 20mph with some gusting. I'm still in for a day on the boat. Full Moon tomorrow but has already started flooding streets at high tide...don't drive through that salt water. High tide:7:29a.m.; Low tide:1:24p.m.; Ocean Temp:75°. Oh...don't forget...No littering the island!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still Steamy

Mornin'! It's a quiet, steamy, summer morning in WW. Temperature is 77° as the sun's rising. Seems like I was just watching it set last night off the coast of Shawcrest; and, a gorgeous sunset it was. It'll be sunny and hazy with a bit of cloudiness today. Temps are going to repeat yesterday's and get right up into the mid-90's again. Wildwood was warmer than Philly yesterday! Humidity will be 82%. There's a 20% chance of a pop-up thunderstorm today which could help the humidity drop as it's supposed to be much more comfortable tomorrow and Friday. Those warm, northwest winds will be around today at 10-15mph and I'm sure bringing those pesky greenhead biting flies. You've been warned. High tide: 7:02p.m.; Low tide: 12:33p.m.; Ocean temp: 72°; Sunset: 8:25p.m.; Full moon is in 2 more days! I almost aware of your trash and make an effort to NOT litter the island!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat Advisory is on!

Mornin'! Hazy, Humid and Very Hot today! Heat Advisory today! It's 75° in WW as the sun rises. No breeze. Temps are heading into the low-90's and even perhaps mid-90's. Heat index:100°. Breezes will develop out of the West (warm land breeze) at 10-15mph. There's a 30% chance of a thunderstorm later today. There was a 60% chance last night and nothing happened, but keep your eye on the sky today anyway. Sounds like a beach day but pack accordingly...think like a dog...W.U.F. Water, Umbrella, Flipflops. A blanket, sandchair, hat, sunblock, towell, good book, radio, sandwich/snack, cash for the fudgy wudgy man, a phone, spray bottle of water and bug repellent (for those green head biting flies that come with the West winds) are some beach necessities you may want to consider taking along as well. Just saying. High tide: 6:11p.m.: Low tide: 11:38a.m.; Ocean temp: 76° And, remember to pick up your trash and don't litter the island!

Monday, July 11, 2011

3 H's

Mornin'! Hazy, Hot and Humid to begin the week. It's 72° in Wildwood as the sun just crossed the horizon. It's gonna skirt the 90° mark today while the island's having a mini heat wave. SW winds at 10mph are expected as breezes are null & void at the moment. Humidity's 94%. There's a 30% chance of thunderstorms on the overnight and won't be that much of a concern while we sleep and the gardens get watered. Love when that happens. High tide: 5:15p.m.; Low tide: 10:39a.m.; Ocean temp: 73°; Sunset: 8:26p.m. There's a Full Moon on Friday of this week along with a moon rise. Love when that happens too! Took a mini-blog vacation yesterday as the extra curricular activities took a front seat. But, real happy to see JA's back!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Soggy Saturday...Sun's-A-Coming!

Mornin'! It's 71° in Wildwood. We're starting out with gray, overcast skies. It's damp, very still, dreary and talk about soggy after those storms last evening! Whew...tropical is more like it as humidity is 90% and the air is heavy. After this morning's drearies and a 30% chance of a passing shower, the sun will out by late morning/early afternoon and drying us up again. No breezes at the moment, but they're coming later as well out of the N-NE at 10mph. Temps will get into the mid-upper 80's. My bets are on a nice day. High tide:3:13p.m.; Low tide:8:39a.m.; Ocean temp: 76°; Sunset:8:27p.m. The BBQ/Blues Fest took a serious hit last night with the scary, nasty weather, but will be there again today and tomorrow. Mmmm....I can smell those ribs smokin' as I type!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Mornin'! Happy Friday! It's 72° in Wildwood as the sun's about to rise. Not a big fan of a "red sky in the morning...sailors take warning". The sky isn't quite red, but it does have a reddish glow to it right at the horizon. Storms could be-a-brewing. Plus, even though the sun isn't blocked by clouds right now, forecasters across the board are predicting unsettled, widespread stormy weather today. Friday will start out with a mix of sunshine and clouds. Temps will stay in the lo-mid 80's, but humidity will stay at 100% all day. Clouds are going to eventually take over and there will be a 60% chance of rain and/or thunderstorms throughout the day and 80% chance into the evening and overnight. Winds will be out of the South at 10-15mph. High tide:2:09p.m.; Low tide:8:27p.m.; Ocean temp:75°; Sunset:8:27p.m. Doesn't sound like a complete washout, but keep your eyes on the sky. Not sure how all this will affect this weekend's National BBQ Championship/Anglesea Blues Fest beginning this afternoon. Or, the 2nd annual Cornhole Tournament. Don't ask. But there are cash prizes for the winners of both events. One thing's for sure...sometime this weekend, there will be outstanding BBQ on my tastebuds as I once again attend the best Fest of the Summer! I'm just saying. Remember...keep tabs on your trash whatever you do this weekend. Don't litter the island. Oh...a bit of advice...don't bring the pooch to the BBQ/Blues's not the place to be walking the pooch!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another warm one

Mornin'! It's 74° in Wildwood this sunny, warm, and humid morning. The air is heavy and still. Sun just rose and it's gonna be another warm one. Forecasters are saying 20% chance of precipitation today. (That goes up to 40% tomorrow). Let's start from the beginning...hazy, hot and humid today with a mix of clouds and sunshine. Temperature is going into the mid-upper 80's and winds out of the West at 10-15mph. The winds will shift later as expected (they shift just about every afternoon) and will blow in the direction of South-Southeast later. Chance of scattered thunderstorms throughout the day beginning late morning/early afternoon. Keep your eye on the sky. High tide:1:08p.m.; Low tide:7:19p.m.; Ocean temp: 76°; Sunset: 8:27p.m. Weekend's looking fair. Tomorrow the highest chance of showers. Saturday's looking really nice, but breezy and so far, Sunday's looking perfect. Remember about your trash...pick it up. Don't litter the island!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hump Day Mix

Mornin'! It's 72° with a hazy, hot and humid mix this hump day. It'll hit the mid-80's with a mix of sun and clouds along with that haze. Humidity's climbing up there making perspiring very easy. SW breezes at 10-15mph won't give much relief until they shift from the SE and come over the sea cooling us down a bit later today. We could see a light shower later today during that breeze shift. Tonight will be warm and muggy. High tide:12:10p.m.; Low tide:6:15p.m.; Ocean Temp: 75°; Sunset: 8:33p.m. I heard on the news last night that a lit cigarette ignited the Longport fishing pier damaging the wooden pier. Just an danger remains "high" so take heed when flickin' your lit butts carelessly and takes 2-10 years for a cigarette filter to decompose. Think about that when you're littering the beach with them. DON'T LITTER ON OUR ISLAND!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Repeat of the 4th

Mornin'! It's 76° in Wildwood as the sun rises in the hazy sky. It'll be hazy, hot and humid today although the humidity's supposed to be a bit less than yesterday. Whatever...humidity's humidity. Temps will rise into the mid-upper 80's with breezes once again coming out of the I said "A repeat of the 4th" which means "greenheads" on the beach so bring your bug spray. The seabreeze should kick in by later this afternoon making it much more comfortable and tolerable. My guess is the "after the 4th" crowds will be more tolerable as well. about intensity at the beach this past weekend...wouldn't want to do that every time I visit the beach. Ya know what I mean...encampments touching one another and nowhere to walk or lay down comfortably. Better 'bout having sand thrown on your blanket by an encamped beach-goer's kid as the parent openly admits they have no control over their child as the sand continues to fly all over you and your blanket. They continued to try and teach courteous behavior and failed miserably; finally admitting they can't discipline their kid. Best one so far this summer. But, the Creme de le the trash that visitors leave on the beach. I don't get it. People...take your trash to the trash recepticles. PICK UP YOUR TRASH. That's gonna be my new motto...DON'T LITTER ON OUR ISLAND! High tide: 11:17a.m.; Low tide:5:17p.m.; Ocean temp: 76°; sunset 8:30p.m.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Mornin'! It's 77° and sunny this morning. Storms are outta here as they seem to have been hanging out all night. Skies are blue. It's gonna be hazy, hot and humid this 4th. There's a slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm today. Temps will rise into the mid-upper 80's with a westerly breeze at 5-10mph. That should shift later this afternoon becoming a seabreeze. You know the drill. High tide:10:30a.m.; Low tide: 4:22p.m.; Ocean temp: 76°; Sunset: 8:27p.m. Fireworks shouldn't be obstructed by the hazy skies at all tonight...10p.m. in Wildwood next to the Giant Ferris Wheel! See ya there.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Morning Fireworks

Mornin! It's 72° in Wildwood this morning and sunrise is surrendering to a morning Thunderstorm. There's some weather happening this holiday Sunday as nature is providing some of its own fireworks. Thunder, lightning and a good downpour is occurring at the moment. I'm checking various weather reports and typing as fast as possible so I can shut down this badboy. I hate using the computer with so much thunder and lightning. Sirens are going off too...could be some minor flood warnings as high tide is 9:40 this morning or could have been a fire as sirens sound off for "help needed" to other firehouses. Take heed if there is everything in your power not to drive through flood waters. So, anyway...back to the weather. There will be a 90% chance of this weather (Stormy) continuing all morning...right up until early afternoon. After that, the chances go to 50% and by tonight...30% chance. We could actually see peeks of sun throughout the day today, but that's only peeks. Isn't sounding like a good beach day sorry to say. There's plenty of other alternatives, not to mention WalMart and things to do on the island. I know there's a bar stool with my name on it. Looks like we'll heat up though as the humidity creeps up to 80% and temps get into the mid-80's. Winds will be out of the S-SW at 10-15mph. High tide: 9:40a.m.; Low tide:3:40p.m.; Ocean temp:77°; Sunset:8:28p.m.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nicest Day of them All!

Mornin'! It's 69° this Saturday morning. Sun's up and shining brightly and there's not a cloud in the sky or even a breeze to mention. It'll be the nicest day of all the days of this July 4th weekend. The island's becoming thickly populated but it's very quiet this morning. It wasn't at 4:30a.m. though as fireworks were lighting the early morning sky in my front yard and blasting me into a sitting position from a deep Saturday morning sleep. I'm sure those revelers are now sleeping peacefully somewhere. If I only knew where they lived. Today's weather is apparently the best of all the days this holiday weekend. Humidity is still very tolerable, but will be inching up each day. Temps will stay mildly summer-like...low-mid 80's. Breezes will begin later this morning out of the West at 10mph and shift off the sea later in the afternoon. Tomorrow and Monday, the haze and humidity returns bringing with it the chance of Thunderstorms and I'll be keeping a close watch. High tide:8:56a.m.; Low tide:2:44p.m.; Ocean temp: 76°; Sunset: 8:28p.m. Lots going on this weekend...Parades, 5K Run; Free Concerts everywhere, Fireworks etc.
See what's going on by checking out one of our local papers:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July!

Mornin! It's looking like a great start to the day, the month, and the holiday weekend! It's 68° as the sun rises. Skies are clear. Breezes are barely there. The aroma of the sea is drifting over the island and right into the opened windows. The birds seem to be marking their approval with lots of happy chirps. As one local weather man said..."it's going to be a sunsational day." His words; not mine. Temps are going to rise into the low-80's with mostly sunny skies, with light breezes coming from the sea (10mph) by the late morning making a beautiful day at the Shore. Enjoy this lovliness as the heat and humidity begins increasing with each passing day this weekend and by the 4th of July, Wildwood will be cooking and I'm talking other than hamburgers and hotdogs! High tide: 8:12a.m.; Low tide:1:57p.m.; Ocean temp: 77°; Sunset:8:28p.m.