Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last of September Lovliness

Mornin'!  Goodbye September...the jewel of all the months!  It's 61° in WW.  It's a cool, very still, quiet, a bit cloudy, yet moonlit morn. The moon's been spectacular since it rose last night.  It's looking like it'll be a beauty of a sunrise as that partial cloud cover hovering over the coast is going to make for a most colorful backdrop for a sunrise painted sky.  It's lovely outside at the moment as dawn approaches.  The gulls are vouching for that as they laugh in the distance.  It'll be mostly clear today with some clouds hanging out.  Temps will once again be in the low-70's.  Breezes when they begin will be out of the NW-W at 7-10mph.  Tonight...clear and moonlit with temps back in the low-60s.  Another lovely day at the shore.
High tide:8:57a.m.
Low tide:3:07p.m.
Ocean temp:69° (back into the 60s for the 1st time since May)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvest Moon Saturday

Mornin'!  It's 62° in WW.  The sun's up and shining brightly after an overnighter of steady rain.  Everything's watered nicely and the air is cooler and clean and fresh.  Breezes are light and lovely out of the NW at 5-10mph.  It'll be mostly sunny with some clouds thrown in the mix today.  Forecasters aren't predicting rain like they did earlier in the week. Temps will be in the low 70's and the humidity will stay checked out.  Sounds like a lovely day and weekend as today's weather is looking like it will all repeat tomorrow.  Harvest-Full moon today and if the clouds cooperate, we'll see it rise over the horizon at 6:16p.m.  Lovely day and evening at the shore!
High tide:8:17a.m.
Low tide:2:23p.m.
Ocean temp:70°

Friday, September 28, 2012


Mornin'!  It's 69° under clear starlit skies. At the moment the plants, leaves, railings, deck floor and vehicles are drippy from the moisture in the air. The roar and aroma of the ocean is loud and clear.  It's inside too as the windows are open and somehow the island's ambiance is in the house.  It's clear and quiet now and will be partly sunny today with the chance of a shower and/or thunderstorm that's forecasted later today (30% chance).  Temps will get up into the mid 70's with breezes out of the S-SW at 10-15mph.   The Moon is almost full (actually the full moon is tomorrow) and will create higher tides than usual.  Not to mention it's the Harvest Moon (Corn Moon) which is closer to the earth than a usual full moon.  Watch the Tide waters and don't drive through it.  Not sure if we'll see any moonrise action with this "iffy" weather this weekend as it's supposed to be mostly cloudy with occasional rain thrown in the mix throughout the entire weekend.  Remains to be seen.  It never rained here yesterday or last night.  Just saying. 
High tide:7:35a.m.
Low tide:1:38p.m.
Ocean temp: 70°

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Loveliness at the Cape

Beach Drive, Cape May NJ
Sunset Beach, Cape May NJ
Mornin'!  It's 58° in WW.  The first thing I did this morning was head outside to the porch and check out the weather. I found it quiet and still with no breezes as the clear, predawn sky was fully starlit.  During this time in the background I could hear the weather man on the TV saying it was raining in Philly.  The differences in weather 90 miles apart is basically the reason I started blogging.  Anyway...the rain that Philadelphia's getting is supposed to be heading our way.  So some of the forecasters say.  For the most part Wildwood will be clear this morning as clouds roll in.  It'll stay mainly dry, cloudy with peeks of sun.  We could have a brief shower early as temps go up into the mid-upper 70's.  Breezes will be out of the West initially and shift out of the S-SE at 5-10mph.  Forecasters are saying today won't be a total washout.  Tonight...back into the 60's with more consistent showers developing late and overnight.  Rains will be steadier the more North so we could miss the bullet. I'm still closely watching the days ahead and the weekend weather as the Italian Fest is due up this weekend and is now looking like a 50-50 chance of rain.  Not to mention that Harvest Moonrise is this weekend and I'd hate to see that obscured this moonphase.  Harvest moonrises are the best and without question one of my favorites.  That's not to say sunsets are right up there as well as I was lucky enough to see a lovely sunset last night in Cape May. 
High tide:7:07p.m.
Low tide:12:49p.m.
Ocean temp:70°

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nice continues...

Mornin'!  It's 68° in WW this pre-dawn.  The sky looks partially clear as clouds are in the darkness and should make for a glorious sunrise.  It's breezy coming from the SW at 18-25mph.  It was breezy all night as a bad hair day is up ahead.  It feels like a warm breeze though...kinda tropical.  Temps will get into the mid-upper 70's as there's some humidity sticking around.  There's a 20% chance of a rain shower and/or thunderstorm today but for the most part it'll be mostly sunny with some clouds in the mix.  Everything stays the same for tonight as temps drop back down into the mid-60's.  The Harvest Moon is on its way this week as the full moon closest to the autumn equinox - will rise. Skywatchers in the Northern Hemisphere can see the spectacular site on the nights of Sept. 29 and Sept.30, 2012.  Full moon rises make every harvest moon special. The harvest moon is not necessarily larger, brighter or more orange-colored than other moons. It may have a different appearance because of its location in the sky and appears more colorful and larger.  After the full harvest moon, you'll see the moon rising in the east just after sunset at northerly latitudes, making it seem like the full moon continues for several nights in a row. 
High Tide:6:15p.m.
Low Tide:11:58a.m.
Ocean Temp:71°

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The "Jewel's" sticking around

Mornin'!  It's 60° in WW.  There are no breezes to mention.  It's dark and quiet with the distant sound of the ocean roaring and that's from 6 blocks away.  It'll be a nice one again today.  In fact, forecasters are saying it'll be warmer than it's been as temps will be in the low-mid 70's with sun shining down all day.  Some puffy clouds are going to be in the mix and what could be prettier in that vast, deep blue sky?  Winds will be out of the SW at 15-20mph.  Seems like the Jewel is going to stick around again. 
High tide:5:17p.m.
Low tide:11:02a.m.
Ocean temp: 71°

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Fall Monday

Mornin'!  It's 53° this morning in WW.  It's dark, quiet and chilly.  Most weather-folk are saying that Wildwood's in the 40's this's 53° according to my back porch thermometer and I'd say it's pretty accurate.  It'll head up into the mid-high 60's today feeling fall-like today.  Well, now that it's autumn...I say bring it.  It is a really lovely time of year in the Woods as we're still talking "jewel".  And, I don't doubt that with that brilliant sun shining down on us all day we may tap that ol' 70° mark.  Just saying.  It'll be a perfect Fall day  without a doubt.  Winds will be out of the W-NW at 5-10mph.  Tomorrow...even warmer.
High tide:4:14p.m.
Low tide:9:58a.m.
Ocean temp:71°

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Sunday and a Happy Birthday to my daughter!

Mornin'!  It's 63° this first autumn Sunday.  And a Happy Birthday to Alison today!  After the storm and cold front blew through last night, we're still under thick cloud cover as dawn arrives.  It's a wee bit chilly and breezy this early morn.  It's supposed to clear up as the skies turn from gray to blue and the sun begins to shine and help take the chill away.  Temps will stick aournd the low-70's and breezes will be out of the N-NW at 10-15mph.  Good surf today with 6' waves due to the direction of the breeze. 
The island's activities continue to happen today as well!
High tide:8:45a.m.
Low tide:3:11p.m.
Ocean temp:72°

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Autumn!!!

Mornin'!  It's 73° this Autumn morn in WW.  Sun's out; breezes are wifting (I mean wafting) big time in the front windows from the S-SW at 15-20mph and will have some gusting today at 25mph.  The aroma of the sea mixed with Irish soda bread baking is a perfect start to Fall.  It's going to be a nice day as the temps will stick around the mid-70's as the sun will shine in a beautiful blue sky.  Just a perfectly lovely day for all the events happening on this island.  And, it's happening! Tonight...the forcasters are saying there's a bit of a chance that we could get a scattered rain shower as a NW cold front comes passing through.  Get out and enjoy if at all possible!
High tide:2:09p.m.
Low tide:7:32a.m.
Ocean temp:72°

Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Day of Summer and "Slainte"

Mornin'!  It's 63° in WW this early morn.  It's very still and quiet with the ocean's fragrance in the air.  My daughter checked in last night and the first words out of her were, "whew...strong smell of fish in the air tonight."  And, this early morn it continues and I'm loving it.  The Boss always says its the mullet.  It's going to be a beauty this last day of summer.  I can't believe I'm writing that.  It really was one of the best as it flew by and left some really good time memories.  I'm sure this upcoming weekend will be added to the memory banks.  Alot going on this weekend on the island.  First off...the 21st annual Fall Irish Fest in North Wildwood, The Classic Cars are in Wildwood, and the Seafarers Weekend is in Wildwood Crest.  It's happening as Wildwood is the place to be.  And, with some gorgeous weather I might add.  Today will be sunny, pleasant, and mild with temps in the mid-70's and breezes off the ocean at 10-15mph.  Tomorrow...same but a tad warmer.  At this time...there's no rain in sight as the forecasters were saying a slight chance tomorrow evening.  For's looking like a dry weekend for all the celebrations including the end of summer and start of Fall.  (well, maybe not North Wildwood...haha).  
273 days until Summer!
High tide:1:07p.m.
Low tide:7:20p.m.
Ocean temp:73°

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Toast to the Jewel...It's back!

 Mornin'!  It's 58° in WW this morning.  It's quiet (no breezes), fragrant (that's the mullet), and clear (no clouds this morning).  The Jewel's back today and seems to be staying checked in for Irish Weekend ( and right up to the start of Autumn on Saturday!  It'll be mostly sunny with temps in the low-mid 70's with warm, pleasant conditions.  Light breezes out of the NE at 10-15mph will stick around most of the day.  It's looking like a beauty most of the weekend.  Saturday evening there's a chance of rain though.  But, for's to the Jewel.
High tide:12:08p.m.
Low tide:6:20p.m.
Ocean temp:73°

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lovely Hump Day

Mornin'!  It's 64° this early morn in WW.   It's dark as sunrise is in a half an hour and the sky seems partly obscured by clouds.  That could make for a splendid show of sunrise colors.  Gentle breezes at the moment.  I can't believe I'm writing that after yesterday and last night. about nature's pruning.  Saw a couple canopies hit the bricks not to mention a sign torn down by intense winds that went crashing onto the infamous boardwalk.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  We went unscathed here or so I think...sunlight may present a different view to things, but for now...quiet darkness at the shore and everything looking okay.  It's going to be a nice summer day (3 more days left) with morning clouds giving way to mostly sunny skies as temps climb into the mid-high 70's with North breezes at 10-20+mph keeping our hair-dos slightly mussed but keeping us comfortable.  You might want to anchor the umbrella a bit more securely if heading to the beach too.   Keeping an eye on the weekend as the Irish are coming and so good.  At least Friday and Saturday and looking like winners. 
High Tide:12p.m.
Low Tide:5:30pm
Ocean Temp:74°

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Advisories Posted

Mornin'!  It's 73° this early morn.  It's dark, humid, windy with the roar of the ocean in the background.  The window curtains are on the move.   It's not raining, but everything's damp...a true "salty dog" start to the day.  Temps will be going up just a bit in the high 70's and may just tap the 80° mark.  There's a 60% chance of rain beginning later this morning or early afternoon and by tonight...a 90%.  It's looking like these two fronts (one from the West and one from the South converging a little later) are heading right this way and then the fun begins.  Rain will probably be a soaker as thunderstorms, flooding along with some major winds from the S-SW at 20-30mph with 40-50mph gusts will not only be bringing along some sloughing to our complexions but some major rip currents.  It's supposed to rain all night long into tomorrow morning when things turn back around and begin to clear up.  The advisories are posted.
High tide:10:20a.m.
Low tide:4:39p.m.
Ocean temp:74°

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Jewel Continues to Sparkle for a little while

 Mornin'! It's a bit of a chilly 59° this early morn. The sun's due up in less than an hour. (6:42a.m.) The sky is clear and beginning to brighten as the horizon is a very pale, light, blue against the darkness. It'll be another jewel-like day in the Wildwoods. Temps will reach the low-mid 70's with SE-S breezes at 10mph. By later this afternoon the clouds will filter in as it becomes a mostly cloudy this afternoon/evening. By sunset, we might even see a shower and the beginning of a rainy system heading our way and sticking around until Wednesday. (looking like a washout for tomorrow as two rain systems are going to converge over the island). For most of today...more sparkle! High tide:9:37a.m.; Low tide:3:52p.m.; Ocean temp:74°; Sunset:7:04p.m.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Jewel

Mornin'!  It's 60° in WW.  The sun just crossed the horizon making the partly cloudy skies a colorful, majestic morning palette of pastels.  Say that fast 5 times.  Wow...what a gorgeous sky is much easier.  No breezes to write about at the moment.  The gulls are yapping away in the distance so obviously they know this lovely morning is greeting us all.  It'll be mostly sunny today with some clouds thrown in the mix.  Temps will reach the low-mid 70's feeling comfortable warm.  Breezes will be out of the NW at 10mph.  A Sunday Jewel to be enjoyed by all!  Oh btw...rains will be coming by Tuesday of this week. 
High tide:8:54a.m.
Low tide:3:04p.m.
Ocean temp:75°

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's the Weekend!

Mornin'!  It's 66° in Wildwood.  The sun's up, breezes are wifting (I mean wafting) from the N-NW at 10-15mph and the air is cool and autumn-like even though we have one more week of summer officially.  Autumn begins next Saturday the 22nd.  It's going to be another lovely "September Jewel" today as temps get into the low-70's while the sun shines down on the island with clear, blue skies and dry, pleasant conditions.  The only concern I have are the winds which will pick up a bit staying the N-NW course at 15-20mph w/gusting.  I don't have to tell you what that means on the beach but I will...sloughing sand and flies.  If you choose the beach, bring insect repellent, sit close to the water's edge (to prevent all the sand from covering you) and a cover-up/shirt in case you get a chill.  It's a wee-bit cooler on the beach as of late.  You could opt for the Firefighters Parade down New Jersey Avenue this afternoon at 1p.m. beginning at Cresse Ave and moving along to 8th Avenue in North Wildwood. 
High Tide:8:13a.m.
Low Tide:2:16p.m.
Ocean Temp:75°

Friday, September 14, 2012


Mornin'!  It's 62° this early morn in WW.  It's a repeat of yesterday morning with dark, clear skies (sunrise is 6:39a.m.) and no breezes to write about.  The thick aroma of the sea is seeping through the house and is very intense this morning.  Some may find this offensive, but I'm loving it.  The "Jewel" continues as September's lovliness is once again providing our island perfect weather today and throughout the weekend.  It's been really beautiful for almost a straight week now.  It'll be warmish, dry, very low humidity with temps in the mid-70's; Breezes from the South at 10mph.  There will some clouds in the mix today...increasing later and into the evening as well as early tomorrow (rain showers overnight?) but the weekend's looking perfect for the Firefighters Convention. 
High tide:7:30p.m.
Low tide:1:30p.m.
Ocean temp:75°

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Jewel continues to Sparkle

Mornin'!  It's 60° this dark, clear, fragrant morn.  It's the darkest before the dawn as the dark sky is bright and clear and star filled with Venus shining brightly as it glows right next to the moon.  The Sea's aroma is evident throughout the house as its fragrance (it's probably mullet running) has been seeping into the opened windows throughout the night.  It'll be another "Jewel" today as this perfect September weather continues.  It's September at its best.  The sun will continue to shine brightly in a beautiful cloudless, vibrant blue sky as temperatures will be comfortably warm in the low-mid 70's; breezes will be out of the SE at 10mph.  It's been a lovely vacation with these past few days off as I return to work today. To experience this perfect weather has truly been a lovely gift this week.  I've wrapped it up and will keep it in my back pocket to see me through the next couple days until the weekend for more of The Jewel!
High tide: 6:57p.m.
Low tide:12:39p.m.
Ocean temp:75°

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anniversary Day

Mornin'!  It's 59° in Wildwood this bright, sunny, dry, cool pleasant morn.  Another taste of Autumn this summer day.  The sky is clear and will remain that way today as those pesky breezes have diminshed although we're getting a slight wifting (I mean wafting) from the North now at 13-15mph and that will slow down to 5-7mph this afternoon.  Temps will get up into the mid-70's.  Not only is it my wedding anniversary with many, many, many years of wedded bliss in my heart, but the anniversary of 9-11.  A bow of the head for all those who have been carrying that darkness for the past 11 years. 
High tide:5:15p.m.
Low tide:10:57a.m.
Ocean temp:76°

Monday, September 10, 2012

Another vacation day!

Mornin'!  It's 61° in Wildwood.  The sun's up.  The autumn-like breezes are coming in from the N-NW at 10-15mph.  Birds are chirping.  Gulls are squawking in the distance.  Coffee cake is in the oven and the smell of cinnamon and sea air is in the house.  The sheets are on the line.  It's a lovely late summer morning by the sea not to mention another vacation day!  There's going to be plenty of sun all day with temps just in the 70's.  Breezes are going to stick around today and may kick up a bit from the N-NW at 15-20mph. 
High tide:4:18p.m.
Low tide:10a.m.
Ocean temp:76°

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Everything's Changed

Mornin'!  It's 64° in Wildwood.  In the words of Edwina in Raising Arizona, "Everything's changed".  Airconditioner's off; windows are all opened; humidity's outta here.  There's a fallish feel to the morning as temperatures made a steep decline due to the scary, angry cold front that came barreling at us last evening.  It never did any damage or flooding...just barreled on through bringing a change in temperatures and breezes.  All that fear for nothing!  Today's morning clouds will give way to sun as temps rise into the mid-upper 70's. Tonight...upper 50's!  Breezes will be out of the North at 10-15 today as high Rip Currents are still an issue while hurricane Leslie continues to linger off the coast.  Swim only at beaches that are opened and guarded by our wonderful lifeguards.  Everything's changed as "The Jewel" is upon us now!
High tide:3:20p.m.
Low tide:8:50a.m.
Ocean temp:77°

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Mix Bag

Ottens Harbor, Wildwood NJ
Mornin'!  It's a breezy 72° morning in the Wildwoods.  There was a light shower about an hour ago.  It wasn't supposed to rain this morning, but the sun's shining so I'm guessing it was just a quick passing shower to kick off Biker weekend.  Breezes are kicking up a bit out of the S-SW at 15-17mph.  Feels nice.  Temps are getting up into the low-80's today with partly sunny skies, some humidity and warm breezes which will be kicking up a bit still out of the S-SW at 20-25mph and shifting from the West by sunset bringing some major thunderstorms later.   I read in one forecast..winds, thunder and lightning...the works are heading this way dragging with it a cold front later and the storms could be severe.  You've been forewarned.  For the moment...our concern is the continuing Rip Currents provided by hurricane Leslie and I see hurricane Michael is in the Atlantic hanging right near her.  Swim only near a lifeguard. 
High tide: 2:15p.m.
Low tide:8:00a.m.
Ocean temp:77°

Friday, September 7, 2012

TGIF and the start to my vacation!

Mornin'!  It's 72° in Wildwood.  The sun's back and shining brightly on the first day of my little vacation.  Slept in and woke up looking right at a beach day.  There's a lovely summer breeze coming out of the S-SE at 10mph...making for a lovely day!  The Hogs are here as it's Biker Weekend.  Well, some of them are as they're taking over the sounds of the surf and will continue to do so as hundreds of thousands of biker folk will be checking into Wildwood throughout the weekend.  The Harleys are coming rain or shine and even with the effects of Hurricane Leslie creating a bit of havoc on our ocean with big wave action, rip currents and closed beaches for swimming...the Bikers have been arriving.  It looks like the weather will cooperate for them for the most part.   It'll be dry, warm and sunny today with temps going into the mid-80's and the breezes staying just where they are.  The weekend's still looking 50/50 with high possibility of rain beginning late tomorrow and continuing into Sunday morning.  For now...the focus is on which tatoo I'll be getting...just kidding.  It's more like which bathing suit to wear to the beach today.
High tide:1:42p.m.
Low tide:8a.m.
Ocean temp:77°

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Showers + Humidity = Tropics

Mornin'!  It's 74° and tropical in WW this morning.  It's raining lightly.  The leaves are moving ever so slightly from the light showers; but no breezes to write about.  Crickets are loud and clear.  There's a bit of lightning coming from the direction of the sea along with a low rumble of thunder.  It's been raining since I watered everything last night.   There's a 40% chance of rain showers and/or thunderstorms mainly before noon today.  However...there's also a chance of that hazy sun peeking out and along with the humidty...keeping us in the tropics this afternoon.  Temps will rise into the mid-80's.  Breezes are expected later from the E-SE at 5-10mph.  Patchy fog tonight and the same for the start of  Friday.  Weekend's looking 50-50 with chances of thunderstorms here and there.  I need to mention the Rip Currents again (check yesterday's link on my blog) as the ocean was closed down to swimmers yesterday due to the intensity.  Hurricane Leslie is making her presence known (way off shore) and creating havoc with our ocean all along the east coast so take heed.  Pay attention to beach markers.   More than half the lifeguards are back at school now may want to keep that in mind. 
High tide:12:56p.m.
Low tide:7:00p.m.
Ocean temp:78°

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Repeat of Tuesday

Mornin'!  It's 76° this early morn with warm breezes, cloud cover and humidity.  Talk about feeling croton plant (I call it my Key West plant) is in its glory.  There's a warm, tropical, humid breeze wifting (I mean wafting) from the SW at 10-20mph and will stick around throughout most of the day.  We'll seek those peeks of hazy sunshine off and on, but the chance of scattered showers and/or thunderstorms are sticking around along with the low 80° temps.  Keep in mind Hurricane Leslie is a long way off shore but Wildwood's beginning to feel the effects by way of rough surf and rip currents; serious rip take heed and swim only near lifeguards.  It's "post-season" so lifeguards have been downsized and you'll need them if the rip current takes hold of you.
High tide:12:15p.m.
Low tide:6:15p.m.
Ocean temp:78°

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Days Again

1st & Surf Aves. - North Wildwood, NJ
Mornin'!  It's 76° in Wildwood.  Just took my cup of coffee on the back porch to check things out this morning.  Everyone's gone.  The homes surrounding me and the streets are empty.  The local islanders are getting in gear for the 1st day of school.  Weird as this will take some getting used to as it does every year.  We've got some humidity out there with light breezes coming out of the South at 5-10mph.  (by dinner time they'll pick up a bit too).  It's looks like the day begins and ends cloudy and overcast with peeks of hazy sun here and there.  Doesn't look like a total washout but tropical scatter showers and/or thunderstorms could take the stage any time today.  Temps will tap 80°.   The forecast doesn't seem to change as it seems to repeat tomorrow.  It may not be until Thursday that we see a true sunny day.  The weekend looks likes we'll have some nice weather returning as Harley-folk gather round while some big surf is coming due to Leslie (and no...she's not a biker chick). 
High tide:11:30a.m.
Low tide:5:30p.m.
Ocean temp:78°

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day! Time to Go...

Mornin'!  It's 76° in WW under gray skies and slightly breezy, humid conditions.  It'll be tapping 80° under mostly cloudy skies with drizzles and scattered showers throughout the day.  (no rains yet).  SE breezes at 10-15mph will stick around as well.  It's your typical Labor Day...last day of the season with those end of summer dreary "blahs".  While out and about last night, I got to see lots and lots of folk packing the vehicles preparing to ship out.  And, that was after folk.  Less cars for those traffic jams today.  In the words of Pink Floyd..."Time to go."
High tide:11a.m.
Low tide:4:55p.m.
Ocean temp:78°

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Adios and Au Revoir August! Welcome to "The Jewel"

Evenin'!  It's 80° this balmy, tropical, clear, moonlit first evening in September. It really went fast...just amazing how fast that summer season flew by!  The reason for an evening blog...last Saturday's intense, once-in-a-lifetime over-the-top type of thunderstorm almost completely fried my internet service.  The damage was done by that severe lightning and all week has been hanging by a thread and finally broke down.  No internet this morning; thus, no blog.  This will be my 1st evening blog and I'm feeling kind of into it.  The last time I blogged was early yesterday morning and alot has happened.  First the's a beautiful, clear, warm evening on the island.  The temps will gradually lower from 80° into the low-mid 70's.  The still almost full moon is sparkling on the ocean and there's a light easterly ocean breeze E-SE which is significantly cooler than a land breeze which we had all day. (that includes the pesky, biting greenhead flies that got me good today).  Tomorrow will start out clear and will be tapping 80° again with sunny skies.  Clouds will gradually increase as SE winds around 10-15mph will breeze over the island.  Rip currents will be out in the ocean tomorrow due to long swells.  Pay attention to the lifeguards.  Tomorrow's clouds will eventually turn to showers and I'm seeing the rains could hold off until tomorrow night, but the eyebrow's up on that one.  One forecaster said chance of rain tomorrow afternoon...40%.  Late yesterday, I met with friends on the beach for dinner and a Blue Moon/Full Moonrise.   The Moon rose at 7:15p.m. and the Sun set at 7:30p.m.   Well, it was such an extraordinary evening in that it was completely comfortable with the breeze feeling warm and tropical.  To just sit in the usual beach day little campsite and watch the moon glow on the ocean was a night I'll never forget.  There were others doing the same thing we were.  You could see campsites here and there in the darkness with the lights of the amusement rides and motels on the boardwalk as a lovely backdrop.  We packed up and began walking to the dunes at 9:15p.m.!  It's quite an experience to "do" the beach at night; one I won't forget in a long time.  For Sunday...
High tide:10:06a.m.; Low tide:4:13p.m.; Ocean temp: 78°; Sunset:7:28p.m.