Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

Mornin'!  It's 31° in Wildwood.  The sky is clear and starlit.  Baby it's cold outside.  No breezes at the moment yet the aroma of the sea surrounded me on the back porch this morning.  It certainly has that wintry feel out there again.  Not to mention a tad chilly in the house and I'm very grateful for my new fuzzy Christmas slippers.  So, this last day of 2014 is upon us as we celebrate New Year's Eve and prepare to welcome in the new year.  It'll be sunny and cold with temps in the mid-30s as the breezes check in later from the W-NW at 18-21mph.  Tonight...back to the low 30s (maybe even the upper 20s) with winds simmering down a bit from the W-SW at 13-17mph.  Tomorrow...the new year begins pretty much the exact same way we left the old one...clear and cold.  Here's to old and the new!
High tide:4:04p.m.
Low tide:9:57p.m.
Ocean temp:45°

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve Eve

Otten's Harbor - Wildwood NJ
Mornin'!  It's 36° in Wildwood.  It's feeling a little wintry out there.  Cloud cover's kicking things off through this morning. Gradual clearing will eventually take over through the afternoon  as it'll become partly cloudy / partly sunny later. Our cool down continues, with temps around the upper 30s as N-NE breezes are at 10 to 15 mph. They will switch tonight from the N-NW with temps in the low 30s as skies remain partially clear.  One forecast did mention that we shouldn't be surprised to see some flurry action off and on throughout the day.  Just saying.  Next weekend is the first Full Moon of the New Year by the way.
High tide:3:01p.m.
Low tide:8:56a.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Monday, December 29, 2014

Last Monday of 2014 as we begin to skirt some Arctic Air

Mornin'!  It's 43° in Wildwood.  We're under clouds at the moment.  It's damp and drippy out there.  Nothing frosty as that could be coming tomorrow.  There's a 30% chance of a spritz or two today as temps stay just about where they are.  This afternoon...we could see peeks of sun but I wouldn't count on it as only one forecast mentioned Ms Sun.  Tonight...overcast with temps in the upper 30s.  The breezes are out of the N-NE today at 8-12 mph and will still be hanging out tonight.  Enjoy this balmy weather...high of 30 tomorrow.
High tide:2:01p.m.
Low tide:7:50a.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gray Sunday

Mornin'!  It's 46° in Wildwood.  It's overcast and calm.  The clouds are back as rain is in the forecast later this afternoon / early evening (60% chance). Temps will go into the low 50s as breezes wift (I mean waft) in from the S-SW at 15-22mph.  Tonight...back into the 40s.
High tide:1:02p.m.
Low tide:6:39a.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Saturday!

Mornin'!  It's 39° in Wildwood.  There are clouds up and about making for a spectacular sunrise this morning.  Looks like the clouds will be checked in today making it one of those partly cloudy/partly sunny days.  Temps will be tapping the 50° mark as breezes from the W-SW at 8-11mph are in the forecast as well.  Tonight...mid 40s with the breezes kicking up just a bit from the same direction at 12-15mph.  Rain's due in by tomorrow afternoon.
High Tide:12:04p.m.
Low Tide:6:03p.m.
Ocean temp:49°

Friday, December 26, 2014

First Day of Kwanzaa!

Freddy's new Bow tie!
Mornin'!  Happy Kwanzaa!  It's 39° in Wildwood.  Ms Sun's-A-Shining!  Oh yeah!  There's not a cloud in the sky.  The air is crisp with the fragrance of the sea and the Holidays! It'll be a pleasant winter's day as temps climb up into the low 50s with Ms Sun shining all day. She'll keep things warm and dry for the next couple days.  Breezes are light out of the N-NW at 8-10mph.  Tonight...clear with temps down into the low-40s (upper 30s possibly) and breezes shifting from the SW at 9-11mph.  Tomorrow...a repeat!
High tide:11:06a.m.
Low tide:5:08p.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Mornin'!  Merry Christmas!  It's 48° in Wildwood.  It's remains gray with the hopes of Ms Sun making her holiday visit.  Actually, she should be shining by noon so says all the forecasters after a chance of a spritz or two this morning.  Temps will be hovering around the mid-50° mark as the winds will be the star attraction...W-NW at 20-32mph sustained with gusting.  Tonight...mid 40s with those winds simmering down.  Tomorrow and's all about Ms Sun!  Merry Christmas to all my blog fans!
High tide:10:09a.m.
Low tide:4:18p.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas Eve!

Mornin'!  It's 51° in Wildwood.  Happy Christmas Eve!  It's been a nice vacation week so far other than this heavy rain pounding my staircase skylight.  There's a "coastal flood" advisory posted for today.  I wouldn't doubt it as those extreme high tides have been here as of late especially yesterday. The marsh grasses just about disappeared which never ceases to freak me out.  Gives me that true "living on an island" feel.  May have to fire up the sump pump today!  Today's weather is rain, rain and more rain.  Not to mention winds, winds, and more winds (S-SW at 24-35mph w/gusting).  Temps will be in the upper 50s and maybe even tapping 60°.  It'll be raining right into Christmas morning when these unwelcomed clouds finally check out.  Guess I shouldn't look at a gift horse in the mouth as it could be the white stuff.  Regardless...take heed if traveling today.  Tonight...steady rains with temps in the upper 40s as the winds simmer down some but not enough to keep that holiday hair-do in place.  Tis the season!
High tide:9:15a.m.
Low tide:3:31p.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Damp and Mild

The Giant Ferris Wheel
Mornin'!  It's 49° in Wildwood.  We've got some thick clouds, a little fog, mist, drips everywhere and the best part is the fragrance and sound of the ocean.  We've got the sea-aroma in the dark, morning air along with the turbulent ocean blaring from six blocks away...two of my favorite things.  It's not every day we wake up to that.  In fact, people not accustomed to that background sound have thought that it was the cars on the highway in the distance but there's no highway in the distance.  Looking like a mild one today as temps get up into the upper 50s possibly tapping 60°.  Winds will be light and variable from the North at 6-9mph.  It'll remain misty and wet all day with periods of light rain all day into the night as tonight there's a 90% chance of rainfall (¼ inch).  Every forecast is saying it'll be gray and wet right up until Friday.  It is what it is...fragrant and's all good! 
High tide:8:26a.m.
Low tide:2:45p.m.
Ocean temp:49°

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Week

North Wildwood's beach
My cozy living room

Mornin'!  It's 33 frosty degrees in Wildwood.  Just like the weekend everything outside is covered in white frost.  Perfect for the season (much better than snow in my opinion).  I'm on vacation until after Christmas so the blogs will be later this week due to some much anticipated "sleeping in".  It's cold and gray outside as major cloud cover has taken over the island.  I've been missing Ms Sun alot as of late.  Rain's coming later this afternoon.  Breezes are nothing at the moment but will wift (I mean waft) in later from the ocean (E-NE) at 18-21mph.  Temps are heading into the mid 40s.  Tonight...temps look like they're staying around the low-mid 40s while a steady rain (70% chance) may produce a ¼ inch of rain.  This rain thing could hang out until Christmas Day too.  Take care during holiday travels!
High tide:7:40a.m.
Low tide:1:58p.m
Ocean temp:48°

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice

Sunset at Sunset Lake - Wildwood Crest, NJ
Mornin'!  It's 33° in Wildwood.  Happy Winter!  It's here...the Winter Solstice (the day of the year that we have the least amount of daylight) has arrived as it's officially the Winter season.  It's a good thing as the next season is Spring which will be here in 89 days.  And even better... beginning today the days begin to grow longer and longer.  Before you know it, it'll be daylight savings time.  Today's a replica of yesterday.  Cold and frosty out there as the cloud covered gray skies are making it feel cold and wintry.  Everything's white...lawns, vehicles, ornaments, hot tub know the drill.  It'll be a nice winter's day as temps will just about tap 40° while Ms Sun eventually begins to shine.  Breezes (nothing at the moment) will be out of the N-NW at 10-12mph.  Tonight...clear with temps in the low 30s and breezes out of the North at 6-7mph.  Rain's coming tomorrow, Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday.   Oh...I almost forgot about the New Moon which is today which pulls the tides higher than usual. 
High tide: 6:55a.m. and 7:20p.m.
Low tide:1:10p.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last day of Autumn

Mornin'!  It's 32° in Wildwood.  There's a coating of white frost on the island this morning. Needing the scraper for the vehicle and I'm going to venture to say it's the first day that there's frost on everything since last winter.  There's a bit of a wintry snap in the air.  It'll be a chilly one today as Ms Sun's supposed to join in as these morning clouds move over until later tonight.  Temps will be in the upper 30s as breezes will be light out of the N-NW at 9-12mph.  Tonight...low 30s with light and variable NW breezes.  Tomorrow...The Winter Solstice and shortest day of the year...sunnier and slightly warmer.
High tide:6:33p.m.
Low tide:12:22p.m.
Ocean temp:49°

Friday, December 19, 2014

Autumn's Winding Down!

Mornin'!  It's 37° in Wildwood.  We're currently under clouds as the winds are wifting (I mean wafting) over the island from the NW at 15-18mph.  The clouds will give way to Ms Sun as she's due up in about an hour and will provide her warm rays today.  It'll be clear into this evening as temps tap 40° and then tonight...head back into the low 30s and N-NW breezes at 5-10mph.  The weekend's looking like a mix of clouds and sun with temps in the low 40s. I've got an eyebrow up for the storm that's joining us for Christmas Eve and for now looks like another rain event.
High Tide:5:45p.m.
Low Tide:11:33a.m.
Ocean Temp:49°
Winter Solstice: 2 days away!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wintry Feel

Hereford Lighthouse - North Wildwood NJ
My House
Mornin'!  It's 37° in Wildwood.  It's blustery and cold!  The winds-are-a-whippin'!  Coming from the W-NW at 25-27mph with gusting; add to that the 30something temperature...we're talking major chill factor this early morn.  Whew, goes right through you!  Especially when you're in just a nightgown on the back porch checking out the thermometer and weather conditions.  The sky is clear and starlit with hardly any moonshine.  The New Moon is Sunday and just like a Full Moon can reek havoc on the Tides.  But, as for the's coming next week as all that holiday toasting is up ahead!  It'll be blustery today with abundant sunshine as Ms Sun's rising in just over an hour.  Winds will remain strong out of the W-NW at 25+mph.  Temps will be in the low 40s.  Tonight...temps head back into the mid 30s as those winds simmer down to 10-12mph.  Looks like Ms Sun's checked in until Monday too! 
High tide:4:53p.m.
Low tide:10:44a.m.
Ocean temp:49°
Winter:Same Day as the New Moon...This coming Sunday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Autumn Hump Day

The Christmas Pool at Congress Hall Cape May
North Wildwood Boardwalk
Mornin'!  It's 43° in Wildwood.  We're currently enjoying another calm, clear, quiet morn.  Autumn's checking out this week on a very lovely note.  The stars and moon are present as the clouds have seemed to move aside.  Very light westerly breezes are present.  No ocean's roar this morning as breezes are coming off the mainland.  It'll be mostly sunny today with somewhat mild temps...mid 50s while Ms Sun warms things up and stays checked in for a few days.  Breezes will continue to wift (I mean waft) over the island from the West at 15-20mph.  Tonight...they ramp up just a tad...22-25mph as temps drop back into the low 40s. 

High tide:3:57p.m.
Low tide:9:53a.m.
Ocean temp:48°
Winter: 4 days away
Spring: 94 days

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Hanukkah!

Cape May NJ
Cape May NJ
Mornin'!  Happy Hanukkah (at sundown)! It's 41° in Wildwood.  The sky is clear and starlit at the moment but according to the forecasts I check, clouds and showers are headed in my direction.  It's actually a lovely autumn morning as there are no breezes and it's very quiet except for the sounds of the waves crashing onto the beach...and, that's from six blocks away!  Usually the sounds of the surf are vivid when there's cloud cover insulating any noise but for some reason it's loud and clear this morning.  So, like I said...rain-is-a-coming!  The clouds will be filtering in later this morning and rain by late afternoon (80%).  Temps will be in the low 50s as breezes will be tagging along at 13-16mph from the S-SE.  Tonight...showers likely before midnight as temps drop back into low 40s with winds from the South at 9-11mph.  Ms Sun's back tomorrow and Winter's 5 days away!  Oh...yesterday was a perfectly lovely day to do my Christmas shopping in Atlantic City.  I wore a light dungaree jacket as it was overcast with peeks of sun but the best part was the temperature...low 50s and a great weather day to walk "The Walk" and get all my shopping finished (well, almost finished).
High tide:3:00p.m.
Low tide:9:00a.m.
Ocean temp:48°

Monday, December 15, 2014

Clouds to Start but a Sunny Monday up ahead

Christmas In July - North Wildwood NJ
Mornin'!  It's 41° under cloudy skies in Wildwood.  Ms Sun's supposed to be shining right now but with the thick cloud cover...who knows when we'll see her.  Every forecast I've checked says... sunny today with light, variable breezes (NW 5-9mph) and temps going up to the upper 40s.  Remains to be seen.  Tonight...cloudy with temps back down into the upper 30s.  Tomorrow...showers likely by afternoon.  Clouds or sun today...doesn't matter as I'm heading up the coast today (Atlantic City's Outlets) to start my Christmas Shopping on my annual day off!
High tide:2:06p.m.
Low tide:7:59a.m.
Ocean temp:50°
Winter (along with the The New Moon):next weekend

Sunday, December 14, 2014

See Saw Weather

Mornin'!  It's 37° in Wildwood.  It's the battle of the Sun and Clouds today.  The island's currently under some heavy cloud cover.  It's damp and feels like some of winter's moisture is out there (I really despise saying the "S" word yet).  There's none in the forecast but the island's encased in salty air.  The clouds will eventually give way to Ms Sun as it's supposed to be a partly sunny morning.  But by this afternoon...the clouds check back in.  No precipitation is on tap.  Temps will get up into the mid 40s.  Winds will be out of the NW at 10-20mph.  Tonight...clouds will give way to clear skies with temps in the mid-30s. 
High tide:1:17p.m.
Low tide:6:54p.m.
Ocean temp:50°

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mostly Sunny Saturday

Mornin'!  It's a brisk, snappy 33° in Wildwood.  It's smells like winter out there.  The aroma of the sea is in that wintry fragrance too.  There's barely a breeze at the moment as Ms Sun's due up any moment.  It'll be mostly sunny (clouds in the mix too) and cold today with temps in the lo-mid 40s.  The winds will commence later out of the W-NW at 10-20mph.  Tonight...cold and clear and back into the mid 30s with breezes still out of the W-NW at 10-15mph.  Appears to be a perfect night for that beach bonfire! 
Tomorrow...a tad warmer and sunnier.
High tide:12:29p.m.
Low tide: 6:34p.m.
Ocean temp:50°

Friday, December 12, 2014


Congress Hall - Cape May NJ
Bonfire Site - North Wildwood, NJ
Harbor - Susquehanna Ave, Wildwood
Mornin'!  It's 38° in Wildwood.  We had our first flurries or snow squalls yesterday afternoon!  It went perfect with the office Christmas music.  Right now it's cold and cloudy with light breezes out of the NW.   I can hear the surf crashing 6 blocks away from the beach!  That cloud cover does it every time.   It'll be mostly cloudy again today with Ms Sun peeking in more than she's been as of late.  Temps will be in the low 40s with breezes ramping up still out of the NW at 20-25mph.  Tonight...clouds staying checked in with temps down into the low 30s and breezes simmering down a bit 10-15mph.  The weekend's looking seasonably mild with lots of Ms Sun hanging out and shining down with temps in the mid-40s and breezes laying low and perfect for tomorrow night's beach bonfire in North Wildwood.  No rain in sight until Tuesday.
High Tide:11:43a.m.
Low Tide:5:45p.m.
Ocean Temp: 50°

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Frank!

Mornin'!  This blog entry is for you today Frank...Happy Birthday! It's 38° in Wildwood.  Those clouds are still enjoying our coast as they're definitely overstaying their welcome.  The winds are sticking around too...out of the W-NW they're wifting (wafting) over us at 20-25mph.  It'll be mostly cloudy and windy today with temps hovering around where they are now...upper 30s .  If it helps...there could be some peeks of sun in this wintry forecast. Tonight...cloudy with the possibility of snow showers (there's that stupid "S" word again).  I guess you can tell by now I'm not a fan of's one of the top 10 reasons why I moved to the Shore as we typically get much, much less snow than Philadelphia (my birthplace and former hometown).  Beginning tomorrow...Ms Sun will be returning as the temps will be more seasonable (in the upper 40s).  Looks like a perfect night for the rescheduled beach bonfire on Saturday.
High tide:10:57a.m.
Low tide:5:02p.m.
Ocean temp:50°
Winter: 10 more days
Spring: 99 days

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hump Day Ramped Up

Mornin'!  It's 40° in Wildwood.  It's cold and breezy.  The sky has cleared somewhat after our Nor'easter.  That was a wild day yesterday...lots and lots of beach erosion and flooding.  But, we've made it through.  The stars and moon are trying to shine brightly for the most part as there are clouds still checked in.  Looks like it'll be mostly cloudy with peeks of sun today.  Temps will go up a degree or two as it'll remain in the low 40s.  Winds have shifted from the NW and are wifting (I mean wafting) over the island at a nice clip... 28-38mph.  They'll continue to loosen the outdoor Christmas decorations and make for more bad hair into the overnight.  Temps tonight...upper 30s as there's more wet stuff forecasted 30% chance of showers and even "snow" showers with the lower temps on the overnight.  Yes...I wrote "snow" in the forecast for the first time this season. Winter's 10 days away!
High tide:10:42a.m.
Low tide:4:22p.m.
Ocean temp:50°

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


North Wildwood Gazebo
North Wildwood 1st Ave. Beach - Site of the Bonfire
Mornin'!  It's 44° in Wildwood.  The schools are closed on the island.  All hell's breaking loose.  The winds are whipping like never before. Actually, I've experienced these winds many times before.  I'm seasoned as I've been in hunker-down mode before not to mention through 2 Hurricanes and evacuations. There are descriptive words for these bad boy winds...dangerous, scary, unsettling, intense, loud, annoying, cause of sleep deprivation... and of course...bad hair. There's a coastal flood warning posted from Atlantic City south into Cape May and even the Delaware coast. It's been raining since around 9p.m. last night.  Surprisingly at the moment my street isn't flooded.  I'm amazed by that.  It's probably coming though as high tide's in about 4 hours.  Periods of heavy rain and rough surf (wind driven) will be the flood enhancers.  Temps will stay in the mid-upper 40s as the Winds continue throughout the day from the N-NE at 25-35mph sustained with 40+ gusts.  Chance of rain today...100%; tonight...50%.  Temps tonight will drop into the mid 30s as the winds begin to simmer down some.  I hope so anyway as I'd like to catch up on my sleep!
High tide:9:29a.m.
Low tide:3:43p.m.
Ocean temp:50°

Monday, December 8, 2014

Coastal Flood Advisories Posted

Mornin'!  It's 39° in Wildwood.  The winds-are-a-howling this morning.  Baby it's cold outside!  Winds are off the ocean (E-NE at 25-30mph) and everything's getting misted.  It'll be cloudy and raw today as there's a chance of drizzle this morning and then this afternoon, a chance of steady rain.   Temps will be high near 44° with winds checked in all day. Tonight more rain, heavy mainly after 9pm; low around 42° with breezy conditions remaining...NE winds 16 to 24 mph, with gusting. Chance of precipitation is 90%.  Keep an eye on the tides.  One word..."Flooding"! Another word..."Wellies"!
High tide:8:46a.m. and tonight 9:18p.m.
Low tide:3:02p.m.
Ocean temp:52°