Friday, September 30, 2011

Au Revoir September!

Mornin'! It's 66° this Friday morn. The sky looks clear as dawn is fast approaching...think we're finally going to see a sunrise! It's been awhile with all this week's cloud cover. Those clouds will keep their distance for the most part today, but will magically re-appear this afternoon and stick around through this evening. They may also provide some showers tonight into the overnight. Can't seem to shake the chance of rain this week or this weekend. should be more seasonable with temps in the mid 70's as that humidity will be much lower. SW winds will waft in at 10-15mph. High tide-10:11a.m.; Low tide-4:35p.m.; Ocean temp: 74°; Sunset: 6:44p.m. The weekend will have even lower temps as the thermometers may not see more than the high 60's and looks like more clouds than sun. Speaking of this weekend...check out the island's activity lineup...Kitefliers Association (Exhibit and Competition), Olde Time Italian Festival, Ed's Funcade Haunted Treasurer Hunt and Ice Cream Eating Contest, PT Cruiser Weekend, MidAtlantic Law Enforcement Survivors Weekend, Thunder on the Beach Monster Truck Races, NJ Governor's Cup Hydrofest Races, and last but not least...57th Annual Pennsauken Surf Fish Tournament! Wow...lots to pick from...see you in Wildwood this weekend! may want to bring a sweatshirt.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last of the Warm Ones

Mornin'! It's 69° this dark, humid, cloudy morn. I see a bit of yellow/orange hues where the sun makes its debut everyday. Seeing a sunrise today is questionable with the thick cloud cover, although cloud cover at the horizon does make for some of the best sunrises. Clouds will stick around most of the day and we may see a peek or two of sun. The breeze is nothing to write about as not a leaf is moving on the trees. Temps will get near 80°. Chance of rain today (60%) beginning mid morning and if we get a major downpour (very possible as there's a coastal flood advisory), so plan accordingly as it could be anything from scattered showers to thunderstorms to a tropical downpour. Keep in mind...New Moon + High Tide this morning = island floods...don't drive through flood water. Breezes will begin blowing over the island from the SW at 10-15mph, then shift from the West bringing that drop in the humidity and more comfortable temperatures. All this weather today will be laying the groundwork for some gorgeous autumn weather beginning tomorrow. Nothing like gorgeous autumn weather at the Shore. High tide:9:19a.m.; Low tide:3:40p.m.; Ocean temp: 74°; Sunset: 6:43p.m.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Same ol' Same ol'

July day looking North on a NW beach
Sept. day looking North on a NW beach
Mornin'! It's 71° with clear skies this morning in WW. Looks like we may see a sunrise finally. Don't get too excited though as it will begin to look and feel exactly like yesterday and Monday as the clouds and muggys will be rolling in and sticking around making for the same ol' weather forecast. Temps will hang in the mid-upper 70's with breezes at 10mph from the Southeast. There's a 40% chance of showers and/or thunderstorms today and 60% tonight. We probably won't see real deal clear skies until tomorrow night. But, we will see temperatures drop this weekend as the highs could be in the low 60's...ah, now that's autumn! At least the sun will accompany those lower temps! High tide...8:30a.m.; Low tide...2:17p.m.; Ocean temp...73°; Sunset...6:47p.m. Ya might be able to squeeze another solitude beach day in; just keep your eye on the sky! Today's photos are taken from the exact same ol' spot! One in July; one in late September.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Repeat of a summer-like Day

Mornin'! It's 69° in Wildwood. It's still dark but you can't miss the fog surrounding the island this early morn. Temps will get into the mid-upper 70's as the sun will try its best to peek through the cloud cover today. It'll feel warm and humid with chances of scattered showers, and/or thunderstorms (WW experienced no rain at all yesterday). SE breezes at 10mph will waft over us as well. It'll just be a repeat of yesterday as well as repeating it all over again tomorrow. Not too shabby though as Wildwood was lovely yesterday albeit warm, humid, and mostly cloudy with some sun and actually turned out to be a perfect beach day! A perfect "private" beach day! Today's tides: High...7:42a.m.; Low...1:54p.m.; Ocean temp...73°; Sunset...6:49p.m.

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Icky" Monday

Mornin'! It's 74° with Fog rolling in as I type this beginning to the first week of Autumn. Sun's trying its best though as the skies are as bright as bright can be. Weather folk are saying it'll be "icky" today. Meaning...lots of cloud cover, some peeks of sun and humid with temps nearing 80° in Wildwood. Chance of showers and/or Thunderstorms are likely throughout the day. Breezes are minimal and will stay that way...nothing to write home about, although liking the Fog...always makes me think of San Francisco...just an amazing Shore town. This weather by the way will continue for the next couple days. It's the humidity that's overwhelming these last 5 days...everything's wet and/or damp including the upholstery and linens! High tide:7:12p.m.; Low tide:1:02p.m.; Ocean temp: 73°; Sunset:6:51p.m. (getting real early...jeez wait until that stupid daylight savings time!) By the way...we all survived another North Wildwood Irish Weekend. Good times had by all...the headache is gone today too!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wild Wildwood Weekend Mix!

Afternoon! It's 73° this cloudy, slightly breezy, humid afternoon at the shore. I'm a little late slow mo and rehydrating as I go. It's Irish Weekend...enough said. Although the Shepherd's Pie, Irish Soda bread, Irish Potatoes and made and ready to take to the party. Dyed my hair red, I've got a green T-shirt and just slipped the green beads and shamrock earrings on. Now enough said. This weekend will be "iffy" in the weather department to say the least. We're talking for the next 2 days (perhaps 3), there's a mix of clouds, scattered showers, thunderstorms, periods of sun. Prepare accordingly. What else can I tell ya? It may hit 80° in WW if that sun does make it through the cloud cover. It almost made it about an hour ago, but we're gray and rainfree so far today. Breezes will hang around the entire time too...SE @ 10mph. High tide:5:32p.m.; Low tide:11:12a.m.; Ocean Temp: 73°; Sunset (if there is one to be seen) is 6:54p.m. I know there's a classic car festival (plenty of gorgeous hot rods..."Happy Days" all over the place) happening in Wildwood as well as a Seafarers festival today in the Crest, but once again my eyes are up to the North end and the Irish Fall Fest. In the words of the Irish, "Here's to you and yours, and to mine and ours, and if mine and ours ever come across you and yours, I hope you and yours will do as much for mine and ours and mine and ours have done for you and yourself."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn! Happy Birthday Al!

Mornin'! It's it became official less than an hour ago as the Autumnal Equinox arrived. It's also our youngest child's birthday! Happy birthday and many many well wishes to you Alison. Who loves ya girl? Not sure who's gonna love the forecast as it's a "wet" one. It's currently 71° in Wildwood. It's still dark outside and even though everything's wet (it's not raining yet), it's just humid and drippy. No breezes to write about yet either, but they'll be around later out of the S-SE at 10mph. Today's forecast...mid-upper 70's and "wet" with 90% chance of rain today and that percentage sticks around for most of the weekend as there's an eastern rain threat heading right for the coast. It could bring up to 4" of rain from now right through to the start of next week. We're talking flooding as my stomach just went into a bit of a knot. I may blog about the weather, but I truly hate this intense, tropical stuff...especially for the Irish Fall Festival, Classic Car Weekend and Seafarer's Weekend. It truly sucks. So, prepare for a cloudy, humid weekend with occasion downpours and/or thunderstorms and there could be a peek of sun here and there thrown in the mix. We're counting on the luck of the Irish big time this weekend for a bit of fair weather. Say it with me now, "ádh na hEireannaigh". Just in case the island is flooding...keeping an eye on the tides as that will help too. Remember...don't drive through flood water! High tide-4:38p.m.; Low tide-10:12a.m.; Ocean temp:71°; Sunset:6:55p.m.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Day Of Summer

Mornin'! It's 70° this foggy, summer morning. Won't be mentioning summer for awhile...that's a little sad. Autumn's nice at the Shore though...indian summer, good fishing, harvest full moons, chowder on the dock, no more waits or long lines, Wildwood's once again becoming the quiet, sleepy town (not this weekend though) for the next eight months.'s gonna be "iffy" as this morning's fog (a bit dense at the moment) will turn to light rain showers and peeks of sunshine then, it'll lead to afternoon rains and/or thunderstorms (90% chance). Temps will get up into the mid-upper 70's (may hit 80°) and feel humid and muggy...island's got that ol' aromatic fishy smell this summer morning...lovin' it! Breezes out of the South today at 5-10mph. Just an FYI...this weekend's looking wet...2" of rain forecasted for tomorrow alone...something tropical coming toward us and will definitely impact the island's weekend activities. Oh well, I'm making the Shepherds Pie anyway. The Irish Festival will go on! High tide:3:24p.m.; Low tide:9:20a.m.; Ocean Temp:70°; Sunset: 6:58p.m.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hump Day Mix. Happy Birthday John!

Mornin'! Happy Birthday John! It's 65° in WW this quiet, dark, still, drippy, clear morning. The island is extremely moist and aromatic...Mullet must be running. Temps will get up into the mid-upper 70's as it'll be warm and humid today. Here's the Mix...beginning with partly sunny skies (may even see that ol' sun rise this morning), clouds will eventually take over and by this afternoon...pop-up scattered thunderstorms...40% chance (more towards this evening) enter the mix. Winds...nothing at the moment as it's completely still out there in the early darkness, but will enter the mix later from the S-SE at 10mph. High tide:2:34p.m.; Low tide:8:00a.m.; Ocean temp:70°; Sunset:6:57p.m. Only a couple days left of summer...sniff. Enjoy your day John this one's for you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gray Skies

Mornin'! It's 66° in Wildwood this early morn. It's dark, quiet and just a light seabreeze is wafting over us. Temps will reach the low-mid 70's today as humidity begins to creep up. Sun may be creeping up but it won't visible this morning as it crosses the horizon. It'll be a gray day as the clouds will provide covering for the island all day and by this afternoon, rain showers will drop by. Winds will be coming in from the SW at 10-15mph. By the look of this week's's looking overcast with rains visiting all week long as we head into Fall on Friday. Shame for any vacationers who thought they may get another "jewel" like last week as there's definitely no sparkle to write about. High tide: 1:29p.m.; Low tide:6:56a.m.; Ocean temp:70°; Sunset:7:00p.m.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Curtain Call

Mornin'! It's 56° in Wildwood this morning as we begin the official last week of summer and head straight for the Autumnal Equinox which is this Friday. That's the 1st day of Autumn by the way. It's also the week we're heading right into Irish Weekend and Classic Car Weekend! Today will top off the week with mostly sun and a pleasant "Fallish Feel" kind of day at the Shore. Temps will just about hit the 70° mark as winds will be easterly at 10-15mph. The rest of this week we're going downhill as far as a "nice" week goes. Looking like rain beginning tomorrow and taking us right through the entire week as there's a chance of rain every single day right up until Friday. Seems as though "beach days" are very limited so I'd consider today the last of a summer beach days. Summer could just be bowing out and making its final curtain call. High tide: 12:31p.m.; Low tide:7:16p.m.; Ocean temp: (beginning to fall big time) 71°; Sunset:7:02p.m.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crapola Weekend

Mornin'! Sure got yesterday's forecast just a tad wrong. It was a total washout in Wildwood. Began raining just as the Firefighter Parade got under way (early afternoon) and rained the entire day; a very raw and chilly Saturday. Hubby made homemade New England clam chowder which was the highlight and the brightness in my day! Today...who knows? This is what 3 different weather sources have's currently 62° in WW and I can vouch for that as it's my back porch thermometer's accurate reading. No rain, but cloudy and windy (20-25mph) from the NE. It's damp and gray and looking like it's going to rain any minute. The breezes will stick around as today will be mostly cloudy with 30% chance of rain throughout most of the day. High tide:11:42a.m.; Low tide:6:20p.m.; Ocean temp:73°; Sunset:7:03p.m. It's looking like the sun will shine tomorrow when we're all back in work!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Mix

Mornin'! It's 62° this beautiful Saturday morning. It's so lovely with light breezes as the Sun's up and just passed through a mix of clouds making a pretty amazing display of sunrise colors. The sun and clouds will continue to mix it up all day long as later towards this afternoon/early evening, those clouds could provide some showers. Temps will just about touch the 70° mark today. NE breezes off the ocean will be sticking around throughout the day as well at 10-15mph. Moderate to light Rip Currents are present in the ocean today so be careful if lifeguards! Hope the Annual Firefighters Parade isn't a washout...shouldn't be as it begins at 1p.m. High tide:11:01a.m. Low tide:5:32p.m.; Ocean temp:73°; Sunset:7:05p.m.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lovely Day!

Mornin'! It's 53° in Wildwood this Friday morn. I'm gonna go there...Brrrr! I'm only chilly because some of the windows are still wide open and some ceiling fans were left on not to mention...the little summer shift (makeshift light cotton nightdress) isn't cutting it and I'm thinking...fuzzy robe or something fleece would be much more appropriate this morning. Bill Withers...spinning around in my head big time. Although "then I look at you, and the world's alright" surely wouldn't be the first thing you'd be thinking. Not with this hair. But one look at the Sun that's just about to cross the horizon...very, very lovely. Going to be mild, sunny and dry with temps heading into the upper 60's. Breezes out of the North at 10-15mph as I type. They'll shift late today and waft in over the sea...temps tonight...50° so bring a sweater or jacket. High tide:10:24a.m.; Low tide:4:16p.m.; Ocean temp: 73° (warmest spot on the island); Sunset: 7:06p.m. Weekend's looking mostly sunny and we may see temps hit the 70° mark by Sunday. Like Bill sings..."A Lovely Day".

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sneak Peek at Autumn

Mornin'! It's 73° this summer morn'. No breezes to write about at the moment. Skies are clear and beginning to brighten as the sun's making her way right to that horizon. It'll be mostly sunny and warm today with highs in the 70's maybe touching the 80° mark once again. Humidity will be up there (90%) and will feel muggy...much like yesterday. Breezes will beginning later this morning from the SW at 10-15mph. Then it all takes a turn towards an autumn-like feel as forecasters are saying sometime later today (late afternoon/early evening)...winds out of the NW will pick up (20-25mph) as clouds roll in bringing much cooler air and temps will drop into the low 60's. It could get stormy as there's a 60% chance of thunderstorms tonight with gusting winds of 40mph. After the cool-front comes into the scene, it'll make way for a couple of beautiful Autumn days on the island as temps will only reach the high 60's this weekend. 8 more days until Fall. High tide: 9:50a.m.; Low tide:4:11p.m.; Ocean temp: 75°; Sunset: 7:10p.m.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last Jewel (for now)

Mornin'! It's 72° in Wildwood this warm, sunny morn. Temps will reach the 80's again as the breeze (none right now) will begin out of the SW at 10mph. It'll be mostly sunny today but there's a very minute chance of a shower this afternoon, but will probably be more west of the island. This is the last of "the Jewels" for awhile as Canadian air is heading right for us and will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Get this...temps will be in the 50's tomorrow night! Today...a get the pontoon out and head for the drink! High tide...9:17a.m.; Low tide...3:33p.m.; Ocean temp...77°; Sunset...7:10p.m. 8 days until Autumn.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One of "The Jewels"

Mornin'! It's 66° in Wildwood this early, still dark morning. It'll be "a Jewell" today. If you've never experienced one of the shore's's a day just like today. Temps will get into the 80's as breezes will blow over us from the SW at 6-10mph. (No breezes at the moment). No rain, no winds, no cold ocean, no rip currents, no cool temps...just a completely beautiful day. Enjoy as you're blessed today if you're here. High tide: 8:43a.m.; Low tide: 2:55p.m.; Ocean temp: 78° (very warm for this time of year); Sunset: 7:11p.m.; partially Full moon rise: 7:27p.m. 10 days until Autumn. By the weekend, it'll feel like Autumn as cooler temps are on the way. Now, lets talk about that extraordinary full moon rise last night...incredible, just incredible to see that along with the most gorgeous evening and warm seabreezes. What a gift to have that experience! What a gift these precious jewels are!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon Monday

Mornin'! It's 66° this lovely Monday morning after a couple thunderstorms rolled through during the night. It's mostly still with hardly a breeze on this slightly cool, still wet morn. Calm, southwest breezes will waft over the island later at 5-8mph. Sun's trying to win over the cloud cover as it's about to rise and the sky's turning every shade of coral one can imagine. Temps will get up near 80° again today as it'll be mostly sunny and comfortable today. There's a slight chance...20% of an isolated shower before noon and another before midnight tonight. Looking like a decent start of the week. High tide:8:23p.m.; Low tide:2:17p.m.; Ocean Temp:78°; Sunset:7:12p.m.; Full Moonrise: 6:37p.m.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Mornin'! It's 71° this lovely Sunday morning. The sun just rose and skies are clear with a very light breeze wafting over the island. Today's my 40th wedding anniversary; our daughter's 1st wedding anniversary and how could we forget the 10th anniversary of the Terrorist attack. A day that will live in infamy...for our generation. The sun will tag along for all the 9/11 commemoration events and clouds will eventually roll in later this afternoon. There's a 20% chance of showers by late this afternoon/early evening. Temps will just about touch 80° again and it'll be pretty much like yesterday with humidity making it feel warm. NE breezes should be around most of the day too. There's plenty to do to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11. North Wildwood will hold their annual service outside City Hall at 8:45a.m.; Cape May...Sunset Beach at 6:30p.m. Wildwood: Fox Park at 8a.m. for a service then hands across the waters edge along the ocean; Wildwood Crest: 8a.m.; hands across the beach to honor falling resident Andrew Alameno (died in the World Trade Center). Lots of commemoration today including a lifetime of marriage to an incredible man. Tides: High7:46p.m. (also a.m.); Low:1:37p.m.; Ocean temp:77°; Sunset:7:13p.m.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roaring in (mostly) Rain Free WW

Mornin'! It's 70° in the gray, morning stillness. Not much happening out there...seems nice but I'm in a closed up house for the weekend trying to avoid the overabundance of "roar" as the Harleys are making their presence known in Wildwood. It'll mostly rain-free today. Although, there's the chance of scattered showers and/or thunderstorms as the day progresses. Humidity will once again rise up as temps just barely touch 80°. NW winds at about 10mph will begin later and shift from the NE by later this afternoon. Sunday will be just about the same forecast, with even less likely chance of seeing any rain. High tide:7:08p.m.; Low tide:12:54p.m.; Ocean temp:75° (Still some rip currents out there btw so be aware); Sunset:7:16p.m.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Partly Sunny Friday

Mornin'! It's 68° as day breaks. Not sure about seeing the Sun rising as it's looking dark and ominous this early morn. No breezes this morning...very still and quiet with humidity (90%) creating a very damp situation outside as well as in the house. Breezes will enter the scene later this morning from the NW at 10mph, then shifting from the SW this afternoon. One thing is certain...WW's dodged another bullet as the intense rains and flooding are all around us as this island's had no ill effects as of late and remains relatively dry. Clouds will stick around most of the morning then give way to the sun as it will partly sunny this Friday. Temperature will be in the high 70's and may even hit 80°. (probably feel even warmer with this crummy humidity) There's a chance (20%) of a pop-up thunderstorm or two this afternoon. Same for tomorrow by the way. As for the weekend, Sunday looks like the better of the 2 days. Looks like the Bikers will fare well as they roar to the shore and make their way on the island. Tides: high...6:27p.m.; low...12:14p.m.; ocean temp:74°; sunset...7:17p.m. Forgot to mention...Hurricane Katia has turned her back on us as she heads out to sea. Her effects are still begin felt though by strong rip currents. Be very careful out there.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Dreary One

Mornin'! It's 73° in Wildwood. It's raining as daybreak arrives. The sky has a strange color to it...almost a pink hue in the grayness. We're going to have periods of heavy rain along with scattered showers all day as well as a thunderstorm or two thrown in. It won't be a complete washout as peeks of sunshine will occur as well. Temps will be in the upper 70's along with some heavy humidity. Winds will be out of the East at 10-15mph. High tide:5:41p.m.; Low tide:11:15a.m.; Sunset:7:19p.m.; Ocean temp:74°. Speaking of the's roaring big time. Hurricane Katia's distant ocean passage directly off our coast has affected our surf. There's a high risk of rip currents and wave swells of up to 9' which could be life threatening to anyone entering the surf today. Not to mention beaches are unguarded. You've been warned!
Footnote...1:30p.m. and no heavy rains. In fact, no rain yet...just mist.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hump Day Mix

Mornin'! It's 75° this partially clear morning. The sun's just rising and it's competing with a bit of cloud cover. At the moment, I'm thinking we're going to see the beautiful sunrise as the clouds seem to be making way. Humidity's creeping up too (94%) as the bedding was on the damp side. (Thought I was sweating in bed...nah...just the sea dampening things up a bit.) Temps will rise to the high 70's...not sure about hitting the 80° mark, but it'll be close. There's currently a very light breeze which will build to 10-15mph out of the SE a bit later. There will be a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day as the day begins with mostly sunny skies. Rain is due by this afternoon...or...a chance of rain and/or thunderstorms (30%) and that chance increases by evening. Wildwood's weather has a "red flag" up regarding the surf. Apparently Hurricane Katia which is still hundreds of miles off the east coast is creating dangerous Rip Currents beginning today into Friday. It's also creating high surf. Hang ten...just saying. Today's tides...High:4:47p.m.; Low:10:15a.m.; Ocean temp:74°; Sunset:7:20p.m.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dreary for the Start of School

Mornin'! It's 68° with a light misty rain this morning in Wildwood as kids everywhere prepare for their 1st day of school. Breezes are minimal. Light rains will continue throughout most of the day. (80% chance) However, the heavy rains should skirt us and stay west of the island. Looking like rain for the Wildwoods the rest of the week too as we head into the "Roar to the Shore" and the Harleys descend upon us this weekend. I was going to mention how the "quiet" the "offseason" has begun...forget I said that for now. Temps will get into the mid-70's today as breezes will begin SW and shift to the NE at 10-15mph later today. Tides...High:3:46p.m.; Low:9:12a.m.; Ocean temp:74°; Sunset:7:22p.m.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day 2011!

Mornin'! It's 71° this early morning. The sun's rising over the horizon as cloudless skies are making way for it. It's a bit breezy with winds from the South @ 10-15mph. It's a lovely Labor Day morning. It's not going to be a lovely Labor Day afternoon though. Rains are heading this way and by late this afternoon they'll be a (60%) chance of scattered showers/thunderstorms. Until then, it'll be mostly sunny and lovely this end of the summer and holiday weekend. The neighborhood's still looking thickly inhabited, so one can only think..."heavy exodus" a bit later. Or, even worse...those sticking around for their vacation this upcoming week as it's looking like a total washout since there's rain in the forecast thanks to Hurricane Lee almost every single day this week. Could have some serious flooding too along the coast by mid-week. The 1st half of today is looking nice though...get out and enjoy! Today's tides...High:2:38p.m.; Low:8:04p.m.; Ocean temp:76°; Sunset:7:23p.m.