Friday, April 30, 2010

A Fabulous Friday

Wow! We've got some awesome weather ahead here in WW today. I'm not going to call it a "10" yet, but that's the seasonal goal. It's currently 52 degrees and will go into the mid-70's before the day's out. Blue skies and sun will heat us up a bit and a light 8mph landbreeze will turn into a seabreeze later which will be wafting across the island. Ahhhhhh...can you feel it? Full moon tonight too.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Milder Thursday

Brrrrr. It's currently 43 degrees in WW this morning. Has the feel of an autumn morn. There could have been a little frost out there on the mainland last night too. At least that was the prediction. But no frost on the island. Today...sunny, mild with blue skies and temperature rising into the high 60's. That persistant off-shore breeze at 15-25mph will be present. Great day for a walk on The Wall. Bring a jacket.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Poetry Reading Day!

Good Morning! It's a brisk, cool, breezy morning at the Shore. It's sunny with clouds appearing this afternoon. Those persistant breezes (15-25mph) will continue all day making it feel chilly in WW. It's 46 degrees now, but will go into the low 60's today. Since it's "Great Poetry Reading Day", I've selected a verse from a poem "The Lighthouse" in honor of North Wildwood's Hereford Inlet Lighthouse. Oh...lest not forget The Key West Lighthouse!

No one alone: from each projection cape
and along the ocean's verge
starts into life a dim, gigantic shape,
holding its latern
o'er the restless surge.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cloudy Start to Tuesday

Morning! Lots of clouds in WW this morning although the sun is making every effort to break through them. I had a few sprinkles escort me to work. According to today's forecast, the sun will eventually succeed and we'll have a mostly sunny day. Current temperature in WW is 52 and will go up to 60+. There will be northwest winds at 15-20mph so another jacket and/or sock day. Just an FYI...west of the Parkway could very likely see frost tonight so cover those baby plants!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Some more gray to the day!

A bit dreary in WW this start of the week. However, it's not supposed to rain all day long. The rain is what's making everything come alive so, bring it on...the gardens and lawns and flowers are chomping at the bit to show off. It's gray and damp from all the overnight downpours. It's currently 50 degrees in WW and heading to the mid 60's and the seabreeze will be evident all day as well. Another "sweater-weather" day for sure.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Light Rain all Day

Happy Sunday! It's going to be raining lightly all day today. There's even a chance of Thunderstorms. Temperature is currrently 50 degrees in WW and is expected to reach 60. There will be Southeast winds gusting at times at 25 mph so the air will have a much cooler feel. Not a great day at the Shore as it's sounding a bit raw and damp. Although a pot of homemade soup sounds pretty good today. Did I mention sweater weather; or even windbreaker weather? (Only if its bean soup!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunny Saturday Morn

Currently 55 degrees in WW this sunny, quiet morn. However, clouds will be thickening up as the rains are heading this way later. The temperatures will go up into the 60's with a slight seabreeze today. That breeze will increase into 20mph gusts when the rains come late tonight into tomorrow. Overall, it's a pleasant, sunny Saturday in WW. Get out and enjoy before we're socked/soaked in for the next couple days.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A repeat of yesterday

The sun, cloudless blue sky, a northwest offshore breeze and a temperature of near 70 will be apparent in WW today. A gorgeous Spring day here at the Shore if you're heading in our direction. It is "60's weekend" in WW (A little Paul Revere and the Raiders or Gary Puckett anyone?) so the island will begin to come alive with guests. This spectacular weather will end sometime tomorrow night. More to come on that. Enjoy the beginning half of the weekend in WW as the beautiful Spring-like weather will abound!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rainbow escorting the rains away

Calm and mild this Thursday morn in WW as the rains are out of here. It's currently 52 degrees and will head up into the mid to high 60's. The clouds will hang around a bit but the sun will make its presence today. Mild westerly breeze of about 10mph can be enjoyed as you sit by the sea, head back, deep breaths and allow your senses to be filled with the sea air and the warm sun. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wet Wednesday

Showers off and on in WW today. Currently 46 degrees and heading into the 60s again with a shift in the wind direction as its coming from the southwest at 10mph. It'll stay like this all throughout the day until the wee hours of Thursday morning. So, a Wet Wednesday in WW for sure.

Important Note: It's 8:15A.M. and there's not a cloud in the sky! If there's a damp, dreary day in hasn't shown its wet face yet. With that said...sunny, gorgeous, spring morn in WW so far. There could be another "important note" coming today if the clouds and rain do appear.

Next Note: It's 1:45P.M. and it's cloudy, dreary and beginning to rain. So there's the rain that was predicted. Wet Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nice day at the Shore!

Nice day at the seashore today. It's currently 52 degrees in WW and will mostly repeat yesterday as the temps will rise to 60+ with the same Northwesterly breeze at 10mph. Cloudless blue skies, sea air, warm sun and just a nice day to appreciate. (real Palm trees would be just the ticket though).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to The Wildwoods!

Last week flew by as I enjoyed Key West for the very first time. Lots and lots to enjoy and even more to enjoy when I return there. I certainly got my kick start to summer as the daily temps were on average 78. Now, back to reality as it's 46 degrees in WW as I'm typing this. It will be a perfect spring day at the Shore with blue skies and sunshine and the temperature rising to 60 and a breeze out of the northwest of 15mph. Sweater weather for sure.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Withdrawing from WW

Well it's here. My long awaited vacation away from home begins tomorrow morning. After a very long procrastination of "going away", it was the weather (The February blizzard) ironically that gave my husband and I pause to realize that life is short and one must stop to do some serious smelling of the roses. For us, the roses are in The Keys and we fly out tomorrow for a week in Key West. I contemplated taking a laptop to journal the WW weather while away, but our daughter snapped me into reality by guiding my focus on the true meaning of a vacation. Having no electric this winter for 6 days obviously was a life changing experience that put this plan into serious gear. I can only imagine what's in store for the next experience life has to offer. See you in a week.
By the way...this weekend WW will be dry and mild. Sunny all weekend and in the 60's. Sunday will be warmer than Saturday and both days will be a bit breezy. Get out there and enjoy!

"It is what it is"

Summer-like: Out; typical April weather: In. Rainy and gray this start of the day. It's currently 55 in WW. Peeks of sun with temperatures into the 60's later today with breezes from the west.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today's Blog is in memory of my friend Larry

RIP my dear friend. You will never fade from my heart and I will never stop missing you. Wildwood will never be the same without you either. Who will I dance with? I'm not really caring what the weather is today. But, here it is...the weather today will be a repeat of tomorrow but not quite as warm. It could reach 75 in WW as the morning temps are already 66 degrees. A mild 15mph breeze from the southwest will keep us warm until the rains come later this evening/overnite and a drop in temperatures is heading this way.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer-like Wednedsay in Spring!

It's feeling like summer today. Even in WW the temperature will rise to near 80. I can't believe I'm typing that. But it's true. Blue, sunny skies will be evident all throughout the day. It could possibly reach 90 on the mainland. Great day trip to the Shore for sure! Couple things to keep in mind...the central/southern New Jersey region is still under a Red Flag Warning and Fire watch due to the low humidity and the dry conditions of the forests and pinelands alot of which was toppled due to the winter storms. To make matters worse the breezes of 20-25mph will kick in later today and could create havoc with a forest fire. But, if it's near 80 today in WW, then that could make matters better in my opinion.'s a nice day! 74 days until Summer. 3 days until KeyWest!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Terrific Tuesday at the Shore!

WW will have a perfect Spring day today. Temperatures start out a bit cool at 55 degrees with some cloudiness and head right to 70 by mid-afternoon. A beautiful day ahead. I'm sure the seagulls will be heard laughing happily all through the day. Good day for beachcombing or bike riding. The smell of hyacinths and forsythias can be detected in the gentle seabreezes. nice.
4 days until The Keys!
Footnote: I just discovered that the US Nat'l Weather Service has declared Southern New Jersey a Hazardous Weather Outlook for today. The reason is based on the topography (local vegetation) and its moisture content which is low and ideal for wildland fire ignition and propagation. We're under a "Red Flag Warning" which means high fire danger with increased probability of a quickly spreading forest/pineland/vegetation fire. With that said...if you're driving to the Shore via the Pinelands...DO NOT THROW YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS thoughtlessly out the car window!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Perfect Golfing Weather

Basically a repeat of yesterday's weather in WW today. And a great way to start off the work week. Not to mention a great day to use up a vacation, sick or personal day too...round of Golf perhaps? Current temperature is 48 degrees on the island with a bit of misty fog in the early morning darkness. But, it'll head up to around 68 today with brilliant blue skies as the offshore breeze will once again keep us much cooler than the mainland. I'm getting a bit tired of typing that line, but is what it is. 76 days until Summer but more importantly the countdown to Key West in officially underway... 5 more days! (Oh...I've attached some local Golf Course links just in case a day off is the start of your work week!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! And, an "Egg-cellent" Easter it is in WW...says the Dipper! Blue skies abound unlike yesterday's foggy day. The Fog lifted immediately this morning and the island temperature is well into the 50's this morning and heading right into 70 degrees; that is if the seabreeze cooperates and stays still while the westerly 5-10 mph breeze warmly covers the island. A perfect day at the Shore.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Boatloads of Sunshine (after the Fog lifts)

Happy Easter Saturday! Fog abounds over WW this chilly morn. Talk about San Francisco weather! It's currently 48 degrees and the Fog makes the air feel very cool. Once the Fog lifts...sunny all day on the island. High in the upper 60's as the seabreeze continues to keep us cooler than the mainland. The Shore Spring weather will stay throughout the rest of the weekend making for some nice Easter Egg hunting. We should be hearing those amusement rides warming up today too!
Footnote: Fog is not lifting in WW today!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

I always think of Good Friday as a dreary, dark and rainy day. Not this one though. It'll be clear, bright and sunny all day. WW's temperature is currently 48 degrees and will rise to the upper 50's and may even hit 60 this Good Friday. The air coming off the ocean continues to keep the island on the cool side while the mainland heats up a bit. The winds will be limited as an offshore breeze will be evident all day long at about 10mph. Good day for a walk on the Wall or a bike ride on the Boards! 79 days until Summer!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Suntastic today! They're the Dipper's words! The Gulls are talking too! A perfect Spring day in WW today. Currently 48 degrees and reaching to 60+ along the shore. It's going to feel much warmer on the mainland but the 10 mph seabreezes will keep WW cooler and staying in the low to mid 60's. Another San Francisco kinda day for sure!