Monday, January 31, 2011

Adios January!

Mornin'! January's outta here. Two winter months down and one to go. It's cold as hell out this morning. It's currently 25° and feels like 17° on the island. The sky is black as coal and full of stars; sunrise in an hour. It'll be partly sunny and/or partly cloudy today as temps rise to the low 30's. Breezes will be around all day as they're coming out of the NW 5-10mph making it feel even colder. The next storm is still heading this way and by this time tomorrow will probably have dropped in. Or I should say "dripped"'s still looking like a rain event for Wildwood. We can only hope. High tide: 5:43p.m.; Low tide:11:38a.m.; Ocean temp: 39° is warming up...and not my imagination. 49 days until Spring!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Sun this Sunday

Mornin'! It's chilly in WW this dark and quiet morning...27°. Skies are clear and starlit. Sunrise is not far off at 7:07 this morning. Not much of a breeze out there. Breezes will pickup later coming out of the NW at 10mph as the sun shines and temps rise to mid-upper 30's. We'll see much more sun today than yesterday as those squall-flurry clouds won't be around giving us the winter island chill. Still keeping an eye out for yet another storm coming Tuesday into Wednesday. So far it's looking like a rain event for our island. Hopefully there will still be some homemade Escarole soup leftover for the returning winter chill! High tide:4:04p.m.; Low tide:10:03a.m.; Ocean temp: 37°.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Sun; Some Snow Showers

Mornin'! It's currently 30° in Wildwood this bright, sunny morning. Sun will stick around through most of the day as clouds enter the scene this afternoon and create some snow flurries, squalls, snow showers...what's your pleasure? Winds will be out of the West at 5-10mph. Temps will rise into the mid-upper 30's and drop into the 20's tonight. Tomorrow...much of the same without the snow. For now...bright sun shining in the warm and toasty. High tide:4:04p.m.; Low tide:10:03a.m.; Ocean temp:37°. (Is it me or is the ocean temp slightly rising?) 51 days until Spring!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gray Friday!

Mornin'! I'm still grateful the island is free of snow today as I can truly feel the pain of everyone around us digging out from a foot of snow yesterday (Somerton in Philly got 17"). Our "dusting" is gone and the asphalt is back! It's currently 30° in Wildwood. In the darkness, you can see it's overcast as not one star can be seen. The sunrise (in about an hour) will certainly be obscured this morning as the clouds will be hanging out today. Today's forecast is peeks of sun but mostly gray with periods of snow showers/flurries through much of the day. No accumulation is expected. Temps will get into the mid-30's and breezes will be minimal (up to 8-10mph) out of the SW. Sun returns for the weekend as temps stay in the mid-30's. High tide:2:43p.m.; Low tide:8:54a.m.; Ocean temp: 35°. Soup this weekend: homemade Escarole Soup. 52 days until's coming; it's coming!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once again...Dodged The Bullet!

Mornin'! It's currently 31° in Wildwood. It's an hour before daybreak, and the moon and stars are out and there's not much breeze to report. It's quiet and still and although everything's white, there's just a dusting of snow as we dodged the ol' bullet again! Whew! (I'm wiping my brow on that one). No shoveling needed. Temps will only get a few degrees higher and reach the mid-30's. Sun will probably take care of any of the white stuff laying about. Breezes will come along later from the NW at 10-20mph. High tide:1:38p.m.; Low tide:7:47a.m.; Ocean temp: 34°. Tomorrow and Saturday could be gray with flurries and another storm is eyeing us up for Tuesday...I'm just saying. Oops almost forgot to say...53 days until Spring.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humpday In the Mix

Mornin'! It's currently 35° in Wildwood as the day begins. It's raining lightly. The ocean's sounding angry. The winds are out of the NE at 10-15mph. So's just a dark, rainy morning before daybreak. We may see a mix of icy rain and snow before changing back to rain a little later this morning. Temps are expected to rise into the 40's which will keep the ice and white stuff away most of this humpday. Tonight's a bit different as a changeover will occur (around 9p.m.) as the winds will shift from the NE to the NW and become stronger up to 30mph with gusting bringing along a heavier windswept rain and lower temps and periods of snow. The island could get 2-3 inches of snow by 1 a.m. There is a gale warning with winds of 35 knots and waves as high as 8 feet. No wonder I can hear the ocean 6 blocks away. High tide: 12:37p.m.; Low tide:6:54a.m.; Ocean temp: 36°. Beware of flood water! Tomorrow the dry out begins. Friday dry out ends oh and 54 days until Spring!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deep Freeze is Over!

Mornin'! Forecasters are saying today begins the end of the deep freeze. It's 26° in Wildwood, so I guess that's not considered deep freeze. It's supposed to go up into the 40's today though. Remains to be seen as the morning darkness is cold and still. There's heavy cloud cover this morning and the ocean is making itself known by being very loud. Clouds will give away to a mostly sunny day as the temperature rises. A SW breeze will be coming along later at 5-10mph bringing the balmy temperatures. High tide:11:34a.m.; Low tide:5:55p.m.; Ocean temp: 34°. This Nor'easter we're all keeping an eye on continues to head this way and should make its presence known by sunrise tomorrow as it's still looking like a rain event with cold, raw, heavy, soaking, flooding rains all day tomorrow. There's a possibility a transition from rain to snow is possible with this storm; still keeping a watchful eye. 55 days until Spring!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bone Chillin' Frigid Air continues...

Mornin'! It's currently a bone-chillin' 14° in Wildwood this morning...ah those steamy beach days of August! It's clear, freezing cold, very still and the sun will be rising in just over an hour at 7:12a.m. (sunset today: 5:11p.m.) and may be more effective than yesterday due to less cloud cover. Today won't be much warmer than 20-22° with Northerly breezes of 5-10mph. Tomorrow could be on the balmy side as temps are expected to rise and be in the 40's! Thus the Nor'easter we're expecting tomorrow into Wednesday...a "rain" event. But, you never know...I'm watching this next coastal storm as it could go either way and bring snow and/or an icy mix. Today's tides: high tide:10:42a.m.; low tide:4:55p.m.; Ocean temp: 34°. 55 days until Spring and just for the record 148 days until Summer!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter's Still Checked In

Mornin'! It's currently 21° in WW this clear, dark, quiet, winter's morn. Temps will only reach the mid-20's today and with the breezes (NW at 15-20mph) we're expecting to arrive'll feel like 5°. I like this one..."ineffective sunshine" (not my words) is scheduled today. No matter how much sun is pouring down as it will be mostly sunny're still gonna freeze your arsch off (my words) so layer up and have a bowl of soup. High tide:9:46a.m.; Low tide:4:11p.m.; Ocean temp:38°...a bit warmer! Nor'easter is still schedule Tuesday into Wednesday and it's a possibility it could be a rain/snow/rain event. I'm keeping my eye on this one as I've been reflecting on 2/5/10...Super Bowl Weekend when darkness prevailed for an entire week in Wildwood. After buying candles yesterday (no joke), making some homemade cream of chicken noodle soup and getting the long johns out for today, I'm preparing for that ineffective sun which will be rising within the hour! 58 days until Spring!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter's checked in

Mornin'! Old Man Winter is on the island! It's currently 17° in Wildwood in the early darkness. Skies are bright, clear and starlit. The man in the moon is still hanging around brightening the dark early morning sky. Winds have calmed down as it's very quiet and still outside. Arctic Air will be visiting for a few days. (to hell with Arctic Air...bring on the vacationers and shoobies). It'll go up into the mid-20's today and be partly sunny/cloudy (you pick) with NW winds re-visiting later today at 10-15mph giving us a "chill-factor"...especially tonight when it will create temperatures in the single digits. Tomorrow will be pretty much of the same with a degree or two warmer. High tide:8:57a.m.; Low tide:3:23p.m.; Ocean temp:38°. Another Winter Storm wants to make reservations for this Tuesday and Wednesday! I don't think anyone here has room. I'll keep you posted. I'll be making homemade chicken noodle soup today for anyone else who's dropping by.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Clear Skies Are Back

Mornin'! Whew, that was a fast mover we had overnight as a mini storm blew across the island while we slept. Skies are dark but clear as the moon is in the haze as I type. It's currently 33° in Wildwood and temps will only go up a notch or two today as we head into a much colder, freezing weekend. (could be single digits by tomorrow night) For now though, things have quieted down as the rain event passed through and not a drop of the white stuff is on the ground! Winds will be increasing coming from the W-NW at 15-25mph gusting at 40mph and bringing frigid temps for the next couple days. We'll have the sun with us through most of the day today as we dry out. High tide:8:10a.m.; Low tide:2:37p.m.; Ocean temp:35°. I'm thinking some flooding could be an issue this morning as the rain waters and tide waters could be mixing it up and creating some tricky maneuvering around the island during high tide. driving through those waters!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wasn't it the Capri's who sang...

Mornin'! Sing it with me now in your highest pitched voice..."There's a moon out tonight." Even though it's not too far from dawn (sunrise is 7:15a.m.), there certainly is a moon out there and it's as full as full can be. It's currently 36° in Wildwood this morning as the moon shines in the clear, bright, starlit skies and makes everything outside look fluorescent. Temperatures will stay around 35-36 degrees through most of today. The air is still and crisp and feels invigorating. Not a bad morning at all. However, a cold airmass is aiming directly at our little Jersey isle. As the day progresses, that airmass will take away the sunshine and bring heavy clouds and NW winds (15mph), then ultimately snow. Snow will develop late tonight (probably around midnight) and continue all night long until it dumps 2-4 inches of light and fluffy white stuff on Wildwood. Bitter cold temperatures will follow for the weekend. Such a contrast in words...FLUFFY VS BITTER. (Why Marshmallow vs German Beer comes to mind is beyond me.) High tide:7:24a.m.; Low tide:1:52p.m.; Ocean temp: 35°. 60 days until Spring!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump Day Drearies with a Full Moon

Mornin'! Wildwood is quiet this early Wednesday breezes/winds or sounds of the surf. I can't see so much as one star or the full moon in the dark sky. It's damp and not quite foggy, but everything's it drizzled all night and stopped just recently. My guess is there's no sunrise on the horizon today but don't lose hope as there could be nice sunset. If that's the case, the moon rise is 4:49p.m. Good chance of scattered showers today with mostly cloudy skies all day. Late this afternoon it's supposed to begin to clear and dry out. I know that feeling. It's currently 34° and heading into the mid-40's again. Winds will be coming from the W-NW at 10-20mph. High tide:6:38a.m.; Low tide:1:07p.m.; Ocean temp:35°. Next Storm: A Nor'easter on Thursday night into Friday. WW could get up to 4 inches. I've got an eyebrow up on this one and yet another one next week. The eyebrow's starting to get just a wee bit tired.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weather Advisories Out Today!

Mornin'! It's 27° in Wildwood as the rain pours down and the tides swell around our homes. High tide (ocean) is around 5a.m. and High tide (bay) is around 6:30-7a.m. depending where you are on the island. Take caution and do everything to avoid driving through the flood water as it's salt water and can do major damage to the underside of vehicles. Heavy cloud cover, fog, loud angry ocean, pouring rain, is all happening as I type away in the darkness. Sunrise is in about an hour, but we won't be seeing much sun today. least not until sunset when the storm is out of here. Temps will rise into the 40's today as the soaking rains continue. Thankfully, Wildwood will miss the ice/sleet/snow as the storm heads north and west of us. Winds will continue out of the E-NE at 10-20mph through most of the day and rains should stop by dinner time. Official tides...high tide:6:19p.m.; low tide:12:22p.m.; ocean temp: 35°.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday!

Mornin'! It's a holiday for some of us thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. It's currently 27° in WW with thick cloud cover and no breeze to speak of as I blog. Temps will rise into the 30's and may just hover around that 30° mark most of the day as a northerly wind at 10mph begins a bit later. Not much sun will be around today although there could be a peek now and then. Right now though, the clouds are so thick you can hear the ocean roaring from 6 blocks away. Wet weather is expected after midnight tonight...possibly starting with snow, then freezing rain/ice, then rain and continue raining steadily tomorrow as temperatures will be in the mid-40's through most of the day on Tuesday. That forecast sounds a bit on the "raw" side. For today though...dry. High tide:5:30p.m.; Low tide:11:36a.m.; Ocean temp:35°.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Mornin'! It's currently 34° in Wildwood as the sun is shining brightly over the island. Winds are almost nil at 5-9mph out of the North. The temps will stay in the mid-upper 30's and the sun will stick around most of the day until late this afternoon when clouds will be in the mix along with stronger winds. (15-20mph out of the NW). Clear sailing ahead until Tuesday when the rains-are-a-coming! High tide:4:41p.m.; Low tide:10:44a.m.; Ocean temp:34°.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Balmy Saturday!

Mornin'! It's currently 21° in WW this morning as the sun-is-a-shining brightly. It's calm with hardly any wind wafting over the island. Forecasters are predicting less colder temperatures beginning today as the thermometer will be saying 37° this afternoon! We may get cloud cover along with that as it will turn mostly cloudy with peeks of sun when the SW winds enter the scene at 10-15mph. We may even see periods of snow flurries. The polar plungers won't even feel it as they'll be wet anyway. High tide:3:44p.m.; Low tide:9:55a.m.; Ocean temp:33°...a bit colder than the air today and 2° warmer than the Titanic ocean temp! Good luck to the Plungers...weird sentence.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter continues along - Happy Birthday Lynn and Sarah!

Mornin'! Brrrr....winter still has us in its grip. It's currently 18° in Wildwood. It's looking like a pretty good chance there will be no sunrise visable as there's thick cloud cover in the darkness this early, still, quiet morn. Northwest winds will be heading toward the island from our Canadian neighbors bringing 10-20mph breezes and chill factors, along with sunshine throughout much of the day. Temperatures won't get over the 30° mark. High tide:8:57a.m.; Low tide:2:44p.m.; Ocean Temp:33°. Tomorrow...just about the same forecast as today but a tad warmer for the Wildwood Polar Plunge and that's just what the dippers many tads of warmth as possible!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Windy and Cold

Mornin'! I'd say it's another wee bit chilly day in Wildwood. It's currently 27° degrees with NW winds wafting in at 15-25mph, gusting at 40mph making Wildwood feel like 10° this morning. Temperatures won't get past the low 30's today and that chill factor will be very evident all through the day today even with mostly sunny skies. Combine that with the hardened snow and ice laying over the land...we're talking major chill-chill. Oh and let's not forget we're an island...surrounded by winds spraying salt water and sand making a continual sloughing and moisturizing and revitalizing to our skin readying us for Spring (which is 67 days away by the way). High tide:1:42p.m.; Low tide:7:45p.m.; Ocean temp:34° and still holding to Saturday's forecast of the air temp matching the ocean temp as the Polar Plunge takes place (1p.m. at the Convention Center) and the island's bravest run (not walk) into the drink. OMG.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Windy Wednesday

Mornin'! What's that saying..."missed the bullet?" Or, something like that, but Wildwood has an inch of snow this morning. This big storm we were anticipating decided to bypass our little island and head north up the coast but not before leaving rain then an inch of snow. It's cold, windy and white out in the early morning darkness. It's currently 29° with Winds out of the West at 15-20mph gusting at 30mph making it feel like 17°. It'll be cloudy today with peeks of sun and heading to the low-mid 30's. High tide:12:51p.m.; Low tide:6:51p.m.; Ocean temp: 34°. Saturday is still looking like a beach day with partly clear skies and temps in the mid 30's for the brave "Polar Plungers." Why did I just think of a plumber's tool?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 Winter Weather Advisory

Mornin'! Brrrr...I'd say a wee bit on the chilly side this morning in Wildwood as temps are 21°. The weather folk are saying "hazardous weather outlook" for later today. Let's begin with current conditions shall we? I was just outside getting the newspaper and it's still dark, freezing cold, cloudy and very still this early morn. I'm sure there will be no sunrise over the horizon with daybreak as there's no moon and not a star in the sky. Temps will rise into the low 30's and any breeze we receive today will be out of the North at 5 mph and shifting East by late this afternoon. When this shift occurs...the snow will be coming with it. This is a 12 hour snowfall event as it will snow through tonight into tomorrow morning and the forecasters are predicting 4-6 inches. Hmmm...something's a little weird on that accumulation amount, but it depends if this event is all snowfall and/or a wintry mix of ice and rain. Remains to be seen on how many inches we receive, but we'll be faced with more clean out this time tomorrow. I'm keeping an eye on Saturday's forecast for Wildwood's Polar Plunge...looking like the air temperature may match the ocean temp when those brave souls jump into the ocean! Today's Ocean temp:34°; High tide:11:53a.m.; Low tide:6:09p.m.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Calm before another Storm

Mornin'! It's currently 27° in Wildwood this cold, crisp, early morn. It's still dark, but the sun will be presenting itself over the horizon in just over an hour from now. It'll be mostly sunny and breezy today as the WNW winds will be wafting over the island at 10-20mph with 30mph gusts making it feel like 10°. I'm going with turtleneck under a warm sweater with a scarf today. Another Nor'easter is heading our way as I swipe the keyboard, so I guess this is the calm before the next storm. Another 4-6 inches of SNOW is heading to our island tomorrow. High tide:11:08a.m.; Low tide:5:29p.m.; Ocean temp:34°. (Titantic ocean temp was 31°) 69 days until Spring.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Mornin'! It's a tad chilly in Wildwood this morning. It's currently 25° with winds gusting out of the WNW @ 27mph making it feel like 11°. Even though the sun is up and warming my enclosed front porch, I'm extremely appreciative that I'm sitting inside wearing a warm robe, slippers; with the fireplace roaring. I can hear the howling winds. Everything outside is snow covered and looking icy and crisp. Gale warnings are back as well and making 7-10 swells in the ocean waves. It'll be cold, dry and windy all day. I'm guessing not much melting will be happening even with the temps reaching the mid 30's. High tide:10:28a.m.; Low tide:4:51p.m.; Ocean Temp:36°. Tomorrow...pretty much the same and tuesday...more snow. 70 days until Spring!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Storm Watch

Afternoon! A little late today. Still a tad under the weather and moving in slow motion. It's currently 30° in Wildwood with another round of snow hitting the island. The heavy snow will continue all day up until 10p.m. tonight. We're expecting at least 6" today. Temps will remain low-mid 30's as the NW winds will be 10-15mph. Tomorrow...sunny and gusty winds will be arriving.