Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day 2010 - Picture Perfect!

Amazing Memorial Day Weekend as the weather is picture perfect. It's currently 70 degrees in WW. To wake up to 70 degrees still blows my mind as I reflect on last February. Mentally during the week of the Blizzard of February 2010, I would continually reflect on the fact that Memorial Day will be here before you know it. Somehow, it would keep me warmer as the house had no heat or electric for 6 days and survival mode had kicked in. Oh yeah...the weather; it's picture perfect! It couldn't get any more perfect. No clouds; just sunshine this morning. The 5pmh SW breeze is warming everything as the temperature will rise to the mid-80's today in WW. That breeze is supposed to turn to SE by then and that seabreeze will cool things down. The ocean temperature is 66 degrees and doable. The beaches are packed like never before. The ocean has dippers like never before. In my lifetime, I've never seen WW and the beach so intensely crowded. A perfect Memorial Day in Wildwood.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Good Morning! It's a beauty here in WW. The Sun just arrived and there's a nice breeze coming out of the West at about 5-10mph. The current temperature is 66 degrees this morning but by the afternoon will rise to near 80! The sun and westerly breezes will keep WW warm and just perfect for a trip to the beach (ocean temp is 65) or boardwalk. The kites are still thrilling the crowds. And, the brand new VietNam Memorial replica was officially displayed in yesterday's opening ceremony. A monument not to be missed if visiting this weekend. Get out and enjoy this perfect weather!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend Saturday

Morning! 2 days until Memorial Day! Surprisingly...a wee bit chilly in WW to start this weekend. It's currently 66 degrees and it could get up to 70. It's cloudy and gray this morning will a cool seabreeze of 10-15mph. Nice day for kite flying. Clouds will continue throughout the day today and there's a 50% chance of showers. However, we could have peeks sunshine by early afternoon. The island is hopping & bopping & kite flying big time. Get out and enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Weekend is beginning. Happy Birthday Joe!

I've checked 3 weather sources and they all mainly say the same. I'm basically cutting & pasting the weekend forecast...
Today: A chance of showers, mainly before noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 67. Southeast wind between 7 and 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. Saturday: A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 72. South wind between 13 and 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%. Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 84. West wind around 7 mph. Memorial Day: Sunny, with a high near 83. Ocean temperature is in the mid to upper 60's if you dare to dip.
As I type this at 6am this glorious morning, the sun is rising and lighting the sky gold and there's coolness in the air after the storm last night. All is calm, clear and nice out there. The Gulls are delighted. If you're heading to WW, pack clothes for cool weather as well as warm weather. It's all good! I'll continue to post the weather as we venture into Memorial Weekend - Wildwood's Season Home Opener!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's almost here!

Memorial Day is so close you can certainly feel and even taste it here in WW. So much is going on here this weekend and it looks like the weather may cooperate for the most part. The towns on the island are becoming busier and more crowded. More traffic. More island noise. Eateries and stores are opening up for the first time this year. Sorry, I'm getting carried away and need to focus on the task at hand...The Weather. It's currently 71 degrees in WW. That's warm for 6am in the morning. It will get near 80 today but the blue skies may become gray by late afternoon as rains are expected later. The rains may continue through the night and even into tomorrow morning. Lets say there's a 30% chance of that happening tonight. But, there is that chance. Tomorrow will be a bit cooler as the temps may stay in the 60's. The remainder of the weekend could warm up and be sunny and mild. I'll continue to keep a close eye on the weekend weather anyway. A couple things to note...One, the ocean temperature is 68. For those who know their ocean temps...68 is heading into the warm range. (Two years ago the ocean temp remained in the 60's in July) And two, there's a coastal flood watch tonight due to the Full Moon. The Watch is on from 6-11PM tonight and it's all due to the tides, winds, full know the drill. If you come across a flooded street, don't drive through it. It's salt water...not good for your vehicle.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

It's currently 54 degrees this Wednesday Hump Day in WW. Skies are cloudless as the sun rises. Not much of a breeze as the leaves on the trees out front are still. Even with the light chill in the air, we'll be heating up a bit on the island. Temperatures will soar into the 80's and until that late afternoon seabreeze kicks in, you could have a bead or two of sweat on your brow today. If you're a laborer who works may have more than a bead or two and need a sweatband. If you're lucky enough to be in WW on R&R, then I'd suggest hitting the beach. The upcoming Holiday Weekend is looking pretty good, but there is some rain in the forecast. If luck is on our side, the rainfall could be an overnight event happening Thursday night into Friday. The rain will bring cooler temps and the island may stay in the 70's for Memorial Weekend. Not too shabby if you ask me. But, I'll blog more as I get it. It'll be a nice one today for sure!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fog's Lifting!

The sunrise is much more prevelant this morning in WW. It's currently 60 degrees and with the Sun making it's presence known in a big way today, we'll probably see mid-70's with blue skies. It's supposed to have some cloudiness too but it will be mostly sunny in WW today. I'm keeping a Memorial Weekend weather watch in focus and so far it's looking good. The only day with rain predicted is Friday. And, the temperatures look to be in and around the 70's all weekend. Looks like the beaches could see the first major onslaught of sun worshipers! (Rite-Aid has Sunblock: buy 1 get 1 free!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Misty Monday

Good day! Depending how one looks at a "good" day at the Shore is a matter of opinion. Most would think of a "good weather day". But if you take a walk like I did yesterday in similar weather conditions as this misty Monday unfolds, it was quite an experience. No sun, no blue skies, no breeze, no heavy rain, no puffy clouds; just gray, damp, misty, foggy-like conditions, with everything including myself getting a bit wet. The weather allowed me the opportunity to see, feel and smell WW in a different way and react to it with awe. It was quite an experience. Everything seemed so different. Not only was everything gray (except for the brilliant flowers, trees and bright green lawns) but the low cloud cover even changed the sounds around me as everything seemed insulated and quiet. The aromas of the various dampened flowers and grasses combined with the sea air was intoxicating. will be misty and gray once again. It's currently 57 degrees in WW and will go up to the high 60's. The fog and drizzle will continue all day today and into tonight. So, slip into that raincoat (or dig out that fisherman cable knit) and get out and walk around and get a little wet, take in the island from a different perspective and stop, look and listen to the island. It's a feast for the senses.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not So Sunny Sunday...except for my Roses!

Good Morning! It's cloudy, gray, damp and everything's wet although no rain is coming down at the moment in WW. It's currently 62 degrees and may eventually rise to 70. Showers are predicted on and off throughout the day and we may even get a peek at the sun. While waiting...stop to enjoy my sunny Rose Garden! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Clouds and Sun for the SandJammers this weekend

Happy Saturday! It's currently 61 degrees as the sun tries with all its might to shine. Temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid 70's in WW today. The clouds are creating some resistance as daybreak progresses. It will be a combination of sun and clouds all throughout the day and those clouds will follow us into the evening when showers will develop and stay with us overnight. Chilly, wet night for camping on the beach. It's still sounding like a good day for most of Saturday so get out and do your thing!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Sand Jammers are setting up camp!

Top of the mornin' to ya! It's beginning to look like a repeat of yesterday...perfect Spring day in WW. It's currently 53 degrees and the island may see temps into the 70's today. It'll feel nice and warm. Seabreezes will enter into the picture this afternoon. Ditto for tomorrow. Tomorrow night could possibly have showers enter the equation but that's only a possibility. I'll keep a watchful eye. I know for a fact the camped out Sand Jammers will be keeping a close eye as well. Water temperature is 60 degrees. Get outside and enjoy this glorious day at the Shore!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back to Spring

Bright, clear horizon this morning in WW. The rain and mist are history. It's currently 55 in WW and heading to the upper 60's today with blue skies. Breezes will be insignificant today until late this afternoon when the seabreeze kicks in. Ocean temp is 59 degrees so keep the wetsuits handy if you're a surfer. Looks like the same for tomorrow and most of Saturday. Wildwood is in the midst of Springtime!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The birds love this weather or this weather is for the choose.

It's currently 53 degrees in WW this morning. The temperatures won't rise much over 60 degrees as the gray, damp, cloudy mist continues through most of the day. The torrents of rain are behind us but today we'll see those lingering patches of drizzle. That raw chill will remain in the air. The ducks are loving it though! It'll brighten and heat up starting tomorrow as we head in the direction of the weekend. More to come on that!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wet + Raw = Washout

It's currently 52 degrees in WW with rains pouring down this dark, dreary, chilly morn. Rains will continue throughout the day. A true washout today. Temps will only reach the mid to upper 50's and don't forget the winds...20-25mph gusts. Ew.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Blues

Monday's are tough enough without thick cloud cover and intense fragrance of the sea in the air. But we're in Wildwood and these things should be expected. The still, heavy, fishy air is due to the multitude of fish swimming along the shore feasting on bunker and mullet (not a hideout or the hair cut). Lots of fishy (Stripers and Blues) activity along the shoreline as I type this morning. It's all good. Now for the's currently 57 degrees in WW this morning. It will reach 60 and maybe even up to 65 but the rains will begin later this morning. The cloud cover is low and heavy. Once the skies open up...rain throughout the day today, continuing through the night and into tomorrow and possibly till Wednesday. Anyone reading this who is vacationing this week...the weather doesn't look too pleasant until we reach the latter part of the week. I'll be keeping close watch as I breath deeply and enjoy the sweet scent of the sea!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ahhhh...Sunday morn! Ahhhh...The Roses!

Love Sunday Mornings! The Roses have begun to open! It's still mostly quiet on the island this morning. Just the sound of the gulls and the breeze against the trees outside. (Oh...the sounds of sausage sizzling and homefries browning can be heard indoors.) WW sounds were a bit busy last night with sirens, drunkards walking around and hollering, harley's roaring, cars and trucks driving by too fast, and distance cries of amusement know, those Saturday night summer sounds in WW. But, for now...quiet and peaceful. It's currently 57 degrees in WW with a 10mph NE breeze. Temps will head near 70 today. No sunshine as predicted this morning though. Clouds abound with no blue skies anywhere. Who needs sunny skies when the Roses are putting on the most colorful show. It's predicted that the sun will show itself later today but by tonight will be mostly cloudy again heading into rain with rain predicted for tomorrow.
Footnote: Sun's-a-blazing in WW at 1:30pm. Another beauty!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Saturday!

It's a BEAUTY! A perfect Spring morning. A perfect day for the WW Crest Yard Sale. The porch curtains are blowing in the breeze. It's currently 67 degrees in WW with blue skies, a soft seabreeze and gulls laughing everywhere. They're feeling it too! The temps will rise into the 70's and WW will be nice all day today and through the rest of the weekend. Get out and enjoy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Who knows what today will bring...

TGIF! It's currently 58 degrees and chilly in WW. Cloud cover with no colors in the morning horizon as the sunrise is obscured. Just gray out there. There's a 30% chance of rain throughout the day and 40% chance this evening. It is supposed to warm up and temperature is going into the 70's today. This week, I've been blogging what the forecasters have been predicting. I check 3 (sometimes 4) weather services prior to blogging and the predictors haven't been hitting their mark. Cloudy days are sunny days. Sunny days are misty days. Warm days are cool days. And so on and so on and scooby dooby do. With all that serious are these blogs as your guess is a good as mine for today. One thing's for sure...right now it feels raw and cold in WW. Tomorrow...the Wildwood Crest Giant Yard Sale will have sunny weather unlike the rainy last couple years! So, set the alarm clocks and get out early to find the finds.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chilly Thursday

Currently 49 degrees and heading to the low 60's in WW today. No rain in today's forecast, but the clouds will be prevalent along with 10mph breezes. There is a chance of rain tomorrow, but the weekend's looking good. More of that another day. For today...chilly so you may want to layer up!
Footnote: It's currently 2:30 in the afternoon and I haven't seen one cloud yet in WW. Imagine that!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wet N Wild Wednesday N Wildwood

It's currently 48 degrees in WW as the rains pour down. It won't reach much higher than the mid to upper 50's as rain will continue off and on today with a southeast wind of 15mph. There's a 50% chance the showers will provide a WetNWild day in WW all day so pack an umbrella, a sweatshirt and/or a windbreaker preferably something with a hood. Might as well keep the flip flops and sandals under the bed today as shoes and socks are more realistic to ward off the chill on this somewhat crappy day. The upcoming weekend entirely different story as warmth is in store for WW. Happy Birthday Lena!
Footnote: it's 11AM and sunny and warm outside! Not sure how long it will last as the sky looks "iffy". I'd go with flipflops though.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Chilly Start

48 degrees in WW this chilly morning. The sky is blue with shades of pinks, oranges and violets as the sun rises. It will go to 58 degrees today with minimal winds. The rains are scheduled to appear by late morning and continue through the evening. There's even a chance it could rain off and on until Saturday but I'll be watching that very closely. One thing's for certain...the rain will help lower the pollen count with is extremely high (red zone).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chilly Monday

Brrrr! It's chilly this morning in WW. It's currently 48 degrees with those pesky winds still hanging around at 20mph gusts. Sun's shining though and will be all day as the temperatures rise to the mid-60's. Tomorrow...a horse of a different color...rains are coming.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day in Wildwood will be a nice one and that includes the continuing winds (35mph gusts) which were here most of yesterday and all last night. The trees and canvas awnings are still standing thankfully. It's a sunny, mild start to the day. Temperature feels brisk and chilly and is currently 57 degrees with blue skies. The skies will be partly cloudy as the day moves along. Due to low humidity and not much rain in WW these winds are creating a Fire Weather Watch. Conditions are perfect for a forest fire in the Pinelands offshore. Watch your cigarette butts! Ocean temperature is near 60 degrees if you feeling like a bit of surfing. So, while those freight train sounding winds are blowing by today...all you Mothers sit back and relax. Here's one suggestion: start off your Mother's day with a cup of coffee (better yet...a bloody mary) and some fresh waffles (just got a new waffle iron for Mother's Day) and berries! Or, just simply sit back. Happy Birthday Reg!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunny Saturday

A nice Saturday morning in WW. It's currently 71 degrees in WW and will warm up and rise into the 80's this very windy start to the weekend. Wind gusts of up to 25 mph are out there and due to the direction (westerly) those winds will be warm. There is a very good chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon and the wind gusts will turn to 45 mph. Hold on to your hats! I'm holding to my personal prediction of "no rain" in WW. I have a feeling we'll escape this storm they're predicting. For now though...a nice one. It's not even 9am and it's 71 degrees...that's not too shabby if you ask me. If you can...get out and enjoy the day! The "Car Show" is in town...a Freebie you don't want to miss.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday Repeat

TGIF! It's currently 58 degrees in WW with blue skies and a beautiful early morning sunrise over the horizon. It's going to repeat yesterday's weather. It's looking sunny, warm, high into the 80's with a land breeze until late in the afternoon where the ol' seabreeze kicks in and make things cool down. Ocean temperature is right near the 60 degree mark. A "wet suit" is still required for a dip in the ocean. A watchful eye is on Mother's Day weekend's weather as tomorrow could be a repeat of today except for a thunderstorm that may come our way by mid-afternon says the weatherman. "May" come our prediction is we won't see one in WW. Time will tell. If you can, get out and enjoy this gorgeous Friday down the shore!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Could be another "Warm One"

It's currently 63 this Thursday morning. It's a bit breezy and feels more like the 1st day of school rather than a warm beach day. As the day unfolds WW may hit the 80 degree mark though. It'll be a bit cooler than Key West. It's been much warmer so far this Spring than the usual average highs at the Shore. Today a stiff (20-25mph) westerly (land) breeze will keep us warm. There is a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon as well. The ocean temperature is 62 for those who dare to dip. looks like a very nice day in Wildwood. (Hopefully that dense seashore fog will roll in like it did last night!) Happy Birthday Bro!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On the cool side this Cinco De Mayo...Una Mas Cervasa Por Favor Senorita!

A tad cooler this mid-week hump day. It's currently 60 degrees and sunny with lots of laughing seagulls this morning in WW. Not much of a breeze to the start of the day. A seabreeze will begin a bit later and give the island a much cooler feel than the mainland. That cool breeze will give us temps of around 70 a little later today. Sounds just perfect to me! The pollen is intense though. With no rain in WW as of late, everything seems to be covered in a light, pale, yellowish dust. Allergy sufferers..."high" pollen levels so take heed and "bee" careful.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the warm side

6 A.M. and it's 67 degrees in WW. That's a bit on the warm side for temperatures in the early morn in the beginning of May. But, it is what it is...a beach day. It's starting out a bit cloudy and becoming sunny today. It'll head on up to the 80's again with a southwest breeze of 10mph.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nice start of the day and week, but...

This early Monday morn is looking great. Temp is 63 and will rise to the mid 70's today. The sky is beautiful as the sporadic clouds are colored pink and orange as they welcome the sun. However, there's a mass of ugly weather heading this way as I type. It's coming from the west and by mid-morning we'll be in the midst of a major thunderstorm. Heavy rains and winds and of course thunder and lightning are predicted as they head in this direction. The storm should pass (WW may be lucky enough to miss the storm completely; although time will tell) and the rest of Monday will be partly sunny and warm on the island.
Footnote: WW never got any rain today. It was on the cloudy side and mostly warm, sunny and high of 81 degrees on the island this sticky Monday.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Breezy Sunday

Good morning! It's another beauty. It's currently 65 degrees in WW with a very strong gusts of winds this morning...20-25mph gusts! The temperatures will rise to the high 70's here on the island today but the breezes will keep us very comfortable. As the windows are slightly open this beautiful sunny Sunday, you can hear the wind howling through the trees as it muffles the sound of the bacon sizzling in the pan for breakfast!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lots of Firsts today!

Happy May 1st. It's hard to believe that the 1st Beach Day is likely going to happen today. All paths will lead to the Sea today in WW. The 1st of May begins with a true taste of summer and WW will see lots of visitors this 1st weekend in May to celebrate the gorgeous weather. It's currently 63 degrees in WW with clear skies and a light "warm" breeze from the southwest. It's actually strange to feel the air so warm this early morn. It'll be the 1st time the temperature will rise to 80+ at the Shore today! The ocean temperature will be 57 degrees if you dare to submerge. Those chilly waters will keep WW 10 degrees cooler than the mainland which will be close to 90 today! I can't believe I just typed that number. It'll be a terrific weather day this 1st of May in WW. Great day for a First Holy Communion...congrats to our little First Holy Communion Islanders today! Get outside and celebrate this 1st!