Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Long November!

Mornin'! It's 46° in Wildwood this clear, crisp, dark, breezy, autumn morn. My bets are on a beautiful sunrise in less than an hour as the skies are clear again. You can just about make out the last of the stars twinkling in the darkness. Clouds are hovering right along the horizon and it appears they'll have a hand in giving the morning a beautiful presentation. Beginning today, we're going to have sun hang around for quite some time; at least until next Monday. That means the Christmas Beach Bonfire this upcoming Saturday night will have clear skies. It's all good. It will be cooler than temps we've seen this week, but still warmer than a typical November day. Today's temps will just touch the mid-50's. It'll be a bit breezy today as winds waft across the island from the SW at 15-20mph with some gusting. Tides...high:11:10a.m.; low:5:43p.m.; ocean temp: 58°; Sunset:4:40p.m.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A nice Start - A dreary End

Mornin'! It's 61° in Wildwood. It's almost daybreak as another mild day is on the horizon. The sun's on its way and by the way of the morning cloud formation over that's sunrise is going to be a winner. It's mild and quiet and fragrant. Temps will hover around the low-mid 60's all day. Scattered showers are due later this morning, then turning to a more steady rain by late this afternoon/early evening. Winds will show up later from the SE at 15-20mph with some gusting. Looking like a string of sunny days begin again tomorrow. High tide:10:17a.m.; Low tide: 4:50p.m.; Ocean temp: 57°; Sunset: 4:40p.m.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sun's taking her bow

Mornin'! It's 57° in Wildwood. It's still dark but you can see the skies aren't lit with stars as heavy clouds have drifted over the island. Not sure about that sunrise in less than an hour...could be totally obscured. Or, could be a beauty as the clouds do make for some extraordinary sunrises and sunsets. The clouds also insulate any island noises and in the darkness...just the roar of the ocean is the only thing heard. There's a light Southerly 7-9mph breeze out there. So, with all that said the forecast looks like a mild day as clouds hang around allowing some peeks of sun; temps will reach 60° and breezes will shift to the SSE at 10-12mph. Tonight...20% chance of showers taking us into rain tomorrow (80% chance). High tide:9:23a.m.; Low tide:3:57p.m.; Ocean temp: 56°; Sunset: 4:39p.m.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunshine's encore

Mornin'! It's 52°. The sun's up and over the horizon and there's hardly a cloud in the sky or a breeze to speak of. High clouds are due some time this afternoon as the temps rise to the mid 60's again finishing off a perfect weather weekend. Perfect weather for outside decorating. Better yet...a bike ride on the boards or a stroll. If you stroll near the Wall or bulkheads you may get to see the island cats. Breezes will begin sometime later this afternoon from the S-SW @ 10-15mph. High tide: 8:34a.m.; Low tide: 3:04p.m.; Ocean Temp: 56°; Sunset: 4:38p.m. It appears that tomorrow will be another mild one as the rains may creep over the island by evening. Wonder where the island cats take shelter?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lovely Weekend

Mornin'! I'm back on the island after visiting the ol' neighborhood for a lovely and fun Thanksgiving with many, many blessings in which I'm still thankful. I not only got to have a delicious dinner with my immediate family, I got to share Black Friday visiting with even more family (100% better than shopping) and then ended the day by meeting up with old friends for a bit of cheer. All this while the most lovely autumn weather prevailed! Just great weather as of late which will continue into a lovely weekend. It's 45° in WW this morning. The sun just rose over this sleepy, quiet island. It's going to be another lovely day as the weekend begins. Temperature will rise into the 60's while the sun will stick around most of the day. We will see clouds roll in and hang around off and on but there's no rain predicted until the weekend's over. On all the weather sites I've check, it looks like mostly sunny throughout the weekend as Monday brings with it the drearies and some rain next week for a couple days. Winds (there's none now) will be out of SW at 6mph. High tide: 8:29a.m.; Low tide:2:52p.m.; Ocean temp: 56°; Sunset:4:39p.m. I'd say it's not only a lovely weekend, but a perfect one for getting out those Christmas Decks! Ah...just go for it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mornin'! Just want to give a bit of thanks for the gifts I've been given. I'm truly blessed and give a special prayer of gratitude for all the blessings in my life. It's a beautiful Thanksgiving morning at the Shore. It's 41° as the sun's just coming over the horizon. Skies are clear and it'll be a beauty today for sure. Much less winds today but a northerly breeze will come over the island a bit later at gusting or gales today! Temps will be cooler though as we head into the mid-50's. High tide:6:48p.m.; Low tide:1:07p.m.; Ocean temp: 55°; Sunset: 4:41p.m. Just in case I don't make it to my blog tomorrow for Black Friday...and any of my followers (you know who you are) want tomorrow's weather'll be a repeat of today only warmer! That was an easy one. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Mornin'! It's 61° and pouring rain outside as this day and blog begins. Winds are whipping from the South at 16-20mph with gusting. Even though the temperature is fairly mild, it's nasty out there. I can hear the heavy torrents pounding the house and see the streets filling with water along the curbs. Flood advisories are out and there's a 70% chance we're going to be socked in this weather pattern until it turns to spotty showers by this afternoon. Not good if you're traveling. Take your time and be safe! Thankfully, I'll only be traveling to the travel day is tomorrow when the blue sky returns. High tide:5:56a.m. or 6:20p.m.; Low Tide:12:13p.m.; Ocean temp: 55°; Sunset: 4:41p.m. Sounds like a "boot day" for sure and might as well get the oars out while I am it!
Footnote: It's 11a.m. and the sun's shining brightly in WW not to mention I'm seeing some blue sky above as well! So much for rain all day huh?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Mornin'! It's 56° in Wildwood. It doesn't feel cold or raw as it's mild, dry and quiet outside. Clouds will be obscuring any sunrise this morning but at the same time they're insulating the island and enhancing the roar of the ocean which is loud and clear six blocks away. No breezes at the moment but they'll commence later this morning from the E-SE at 10-15mph with some gusting. We're going to get wet today as drizzles will begin later this morning turning to a steadier rain on and off which will continue throughout the evening and into tomorrow. This huge storm will not only have intermittent rain but also thunder and lightning. Next bright, sunny day looks like Thanksgiving. We'll be adding "beautiful weather" to our thankful list Thursday. High tide: 4:34p.m.; Low tide: 10:35a.m.; Ocean Temp: same as the air...56°; Sunset: 4:42p.m.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rainy Start

Mornin'! It's 56° in WW as we begin the day and Thanksgiving week. Daybreak is due in less than an hour. My bets are on no sunrise as in the morning darkness, I can hear the pitter patter of rain on the windows. It's that perfect day to roll over and think of a good reason to call out sick. It'll be off and on rain (70% chance) and clouds throughout the day with temps hovering around the mid-50's. Then tonight, the rain will taper off as the fog rolls in and more rain again tomorrow. Breezes will be out of the North at 7-16mph. High tide:4:19p.m.; Low tide:10:21a.m.; Ocean temp: 56°; Sunset: 4:42p.m. Guess I'll get ready for my work day!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Sun this Sunday

Mornin'! It's 54° in Wildwood. The sun's up but obscured by a bit of cloud cover. It's one of those cloudy mornings that all of a sudden the sun appears and everything's radiant and bright one moment and in another moment everything's dreary and gray. With that said, the forecasters are saying partly cloudy all day with temps rising into the low 60's. The clouds will take over by evening and overnight bring rain which could stick around for the next several days on and off. Winds will be out of the SW @ 15-20mph with some gusting. High Tide: 3:02p.m.; Low Tide: 9:19a.m.; Ocean temp: 56°; Sunset: 4:43p.m. I, along with quite a few boaters were lucky to catch the most breathtaking sunset off the Cape last's photo!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Autumn's returned

Mornin'! It's 40° and sunny this lovely, crisp, morning on the island. Sun's up and shining brightly. There's not a cloud in the sky. I feel like I could have sunglasses on while blogging today. It's looking like Autumn's paying Wildwood another visit. She's not through with us yet! It'll be sunny all day with temps rising into the mid-upper 50's. Winds out of the SW will waft later at 10-15mph. Nothing wafting at the moment. Tomorrow...warmer, but much breezier. High tide:2:11p.m.; Low tide:8:09a.m.; Ocean temp: 56°; Sunset: 4:43p.m.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Morning Has Broken with more sneak preview of Winter!

Mornin'! Blackbird has spoken with praise for the morning; God's recreation on the new day! Ol' Cat Stevens is roaming around in this head right now. I used to know all the chords to that song on our piano...I know...keep focused. It's 39° this chilly morn. That blackbird (or Turkey Vulture hanging in someone's North Wildwood yard) has it's beak chattering this chilly start of this wintry day. It's heading into the low-mid 40's with sun shining all day as well as some windy conditions...beginning out of the NW and switching to the SW at 10-15mph. The sun will provide some warmth today and continue to do so through the weekend as temps rise back up into more seasonable autumn temps (Sunday hitting the mid-60's again)! High tide:12:23p.m.; Low tide:7:04p.m.; Ocean temp: 58°; Sunset: 4:44p.m. TGIF and for the morning!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Mornin'! It's 52° in Wildwood. Currently there are no breezes, no chill, no rain, no dawn yet. It's all coming though. By the looks of the dark sky, there is some major cloud cover but it seems to be breaking up somewhat. We may get to see some sort of sunrise in less than an hour afterall. Forecasters are saying that it should be raining as I type, but it's dry out there at the moment. There's a 70% chance of rain throughout the entire day right up into the evening. As the rains take a bow, the chilly winds (NW @ 10-20mph) take center stage bringing with them a significant drop in temperature. We're talking 40° temps before this afternoon. Sounds like a damp, raw day...sweater weather for sure! Or, if you're lucky enough...comfy sofa, good book, warm mug of cocoa, fireplace crackling and a soft throw over your lap as you listen to the cold autumn winds howling over the island. I'll reflect on that while at the office today! High tide:11:23a.m.; Low tide:6:09p.m.; Ocean temp:58°; Sunset: 4:45p.m.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wet Wednesday

Mornin'! It's 57° in Wildwood. It's dark, misty and very still. Breezes will begin later out of the SW at 10-15mph. Although it's not raining at the moment, everything's wet. I don't think we'll be seeing a sunrise this humpday due to cloud cover. There will be periods of rain throughout most of the day and not a total washout, but I'd count on a mostly wet Wednesday. Temps will rise into the mid-60's again as that seems to be the norm this week, but that will be changing up too as temperatures will be lower tomorrow and Friday. The rain will be heading out tomorrow morning. So for today...cloudy, wet, and a bit dreary at the Shore. None the less, it's still fun to visit the sea! High tide: 10:31a.m.; Low tide:5:17p.m.; Ocean temp:58°; Sunset:4:45p.m.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sprinkles on Top

Mornin'! It's 61° in WW. The sky is somewhat cloudy but it may display another colorful, lovely, picturesque sunrise as there are breaks in the clouds just over the horizon this early dawn. The clouds will eventually thicken though creating sprinkles and light showers today (30% chance). By tonight...70% chance of showers and/or sprinkles. It will stay mild as temps will move just a tad toward the upper 60's. Breezes are nothing to write about but they'll begin wafting from the SW at 10mph and switch up by later this afternoon from the NW. High tide: 9:46a.m.; Low tide:4:29p.m.; Ocean Temp: 58° (with 7½' swells), Sunset: 4:46p.m.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fair Fall Day

Mornin'! It's 57° in Wildwood this early morning. Sun's due up in less than an hour. My guess is a nice sunrise with today's morning sky...much like yesterday morning as the fair weather, wispy clouds are completing a picturesque canvas with colorful, lovely daybreak about to happen. The "fair weather" clouds will stick around most of the day as temps climb into the mid-60's again. Breezes out of the SW at 10-15 mph with increasing wafts and some gusting later up to 30mph. High tide:9:06a.m.; Low tide:3:45p.m.; Ocean temp:56°; Sunset: 4:47p.m. Oh...rain's due tomorrow.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Mornin'! It's 52° in Wildwood this morning. It's lovely as the sun's made it over the horizon and there's not much of a breeze to write about. The best part is I made it to the beach for the sunrise today and it was breathtaking. After rising a ½ hour prior to the sun rising, I realized I had time to get to the beach and witness nature at its best. I wasn't disappointed as it was just a lovely autumn morning. It'll be sunny and mild today as temps climb into the low 60's. Southerly breezes at 10-15mph will be felt as fair weather clouds drift around the skies through most of the day. Ahhh...a nice autumn day at the shore! High tide: 8:29a.m.; Low tide:3:05p.m.; Ocean temp: 56°; Sunset: 4:48p.m.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Mornin'! It's 41° this morning. Sun's due up in ½ an hour. It'll be mostly sunny and milder today as temps climb up to near 60°. Winds will still be a stiff SW breeze at 15-25mph with minimal gusting unlike yesterday. High tide: 7:53a.m.; Low tide: 2:26p.m.; Ocean temp: 57°; Sunset:4:48p.m.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day - 11/11/11!

Mornin'! It's 43° in Wildwood this Veterans Day. It's brisk, bright and blustery. Gale warnings are out due to the stiff winds out of the West at 22-25mph with gusting at 30+mph. The sun's taking turns with the clouds as one moment it's bright and sunny; the next...a bit cloudy and gray. Temps are heading into the 50's...just barely making it there as a chill will be majorly evident in the breeze today. The weekend's looking a bit warmer and milder though. High tide:7:18a.m.; Low tide:1:48p.m.; Ocean temp: 58°; Sunset:4:47p.m.; Moonrise:5:17p.m. Thank you to all our Vets present and past for all your sacrifices!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon Mix

Mornin'! It's 53° this morning. It's a wet one. By that I mean there's some dense fog (no rain) over the island making the quiet morning darkness sound incredibly noisy with water dripping everywhere. Not only that, the fog's insulating the island which is increasing the roar of the ocean and that's from 6 blocks away. Also in the mix is the aromatic "essence of the sea" wafting in the slightly opened kitchen window. It doesn't get any better than that in my opinion as what's not to love when the atmosphere is so dramatic? It'll be partly cloudy/partly sunny today with a 30% chance of showers throughout most of the day. Looks like the sunrise is obscured this morning and not sure if the Moonrise will be visible later this afternoon due to the cloud cover. I'll be keeping a close watch. Temps will rise into the 60's again. Breezes (none right at the moment) are coming later from the NW at 10-15mph. High tide:7:29a.m.; Low tide:1:48p.m.; Ocean temp: 58°; Sunset: 4:50p.m.; Moonrise: 4:36p.m.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Indian Summer Continues

Mornin'! It's 43° this somewhat foggy, dewy morning in WW. Sun's heading over the horizon in less than a half an hour. It's drippy, gray, still (not a leaf left on the trees are moving) and aromatic outside and I'm sure once the sun's up, the morning patches of fog will burn off. It'll be sunny most of the day with temps hitting the mid 60's again. Breezes will waft over us at 10mph coming from the SW. High clouds will begin to drift in my evening as there could be a shower by late night. Fog may return tonight as well. You know the's that time of year. Spring and Autumn...are foggy seasons for the east coast islands. Today could be the last of the Indian summer day for awhile. High tide:12:31p.m.; Low tide:6:08p.m.; Ocean temp: 59°; Sunset: 4:50p.m.; Moonrise: 4:01p.m.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A taste of Indian Summer

Mornin'! It's 45° this bright, sunny morning. Lots of dew this tuesday as everything's covered in moisture and dripping wet outside. Sun's up and there's not a cloud in the sky or a breeze to speak of. It'll be sunny all day with light winds out of the NNE at 4-6mph. Temps will reach the mid 60's and in some places nearby even warmer. No reason to skip the Polls or cleaning up the gardens. High tide:6:35p.m.; Low tide:12:24p.m.; Ocean temp:58°; Sunset:4:52p.m. Even though the moon's bright and looking full, it'll actually be full on Thursday; rising at 4:36p.m.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Abundant Sunshine

Mornin'! It's 42° this morning. You can smell the "essence of the sea" outside as well as hearing the birds chirping in the darkness. Sun's due up in less than an hour and once over that horizon...abundant sunshine all day today. No breezes to write about this early morn, but light, variable winds out of the SW at 5-7mph will waft over the island today. Temps will rise into the mid-upper 50's today. Sounding rather lovely in Wildwood this start of my short work week. High tide:5:52p.m.; Low tide:11:41a.m.; Ocean temp: 58°; Sunset: 4:52p.m.; Full harvest Moon: a few days away!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good Sunday Morning!

Mornin'! It's 45° and cloudy this not so early Sunday morn. Got to enjoy the extra hour's sleep. It's supposed to begin to get sunny as the clouds move on. Right now, it's looking a bit gray and dreary. Forecast: temperature will rise to the low-mid 50's as the sun pushes the cloud cover aside making a mostly sunny Sunday. There's a very light breeze now, and will pick up just a bit at 7-10mph from the N-NE. I'm betting on a nice autumn Sunday. I hope so...we're taking down the canvas awnings today. I visited the beach yesterday and there was more than a "chill" in the air; it was downright cold. First time since last winter have I felt that true nip of frosty air. It's coming! High tide:5:04p.m.; Low tide:11:05a.m.; Early Sunset: 4:54p.m.; Ocean temp: 59°.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brisk, bright and blustery Saturday

Mornin'! It's 43° this bright, brisk, blustery, sunny morning. "Bright" is putting it mildly. You need sunglasses to enjoy my enclosed sunporch this morning. It's a little later for me...slept in a bit I'm happy to say. It's the last of the Daylight Savings Time days this year. Enjoy the sunset today at 5:55p.m. as tomorrow it will in the 4 o'clock hour. It'll be bright and sunny all day. Winds are present as they are blowing in from the NE at 18-25mph with some gusting. Another bad hair day. But, a great surfing day as waves will be on average 12.5' today! Temps will reach the low 50's and blue, cloudless skies abound; a pleasant autumn day at the Shore. High tide: 5:13p.m.; Low tide:11:09a.m.; Ocean temp: 59°; Sunset: 5:55p.m.; Get out those wet suits! Oh and turn your clocks and watches back an hour before retiring. Ah...more sleep!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Mornin'! It's 48° in Wildwood. It's still dark with the "essence of the sea" in the air. Imagine that one on your wrist? It's dry out but skies are thickly cloud covered so my guess is no sunrise this morning. There's a 90% chance of rain this early morn, but that percent decreases as the morning moves along. By this afternoon...20% chance of rain as clouds begin to clear out and peeks of blue sky appear. Temps will get up near the low 60's. No breezes yet, but NE winds are arriving taking these clouds away and bringing 20-25 mph wafts gusting at 40mph. Looks like it could turn into a bad hair day. High tide:4:01p.m.; Low tide:10:09a.m.; Ocean temp: 60° (speaking of ocean...big surf tomorrow: 13'-15' waves for those who care. You know who you are); today's Sunset:5:56p.m.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week's Warmest

Mornin'! It's 47° in WW this dark, early morn. Almost a repeat of yesterday except for the temps becoming a bit higher. Sun's on its way. It'll be dry, sunny and a beautiful autumn day; the warmest day this week actually. Temps will reach the low 60's. Breezes will be minimal out of the SW at 10-12mph. Great day to be at the shore. High tide:2:48p.m.; Low tide:8:30a.m.; Ocean temp: 59°; Sunset: 5:57p.m.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sunny humpday

Mornin'! It's 43° in Wildwood this dark, quiet, humpday. No breezes to write home about. The Sunrise is on it's way in just over an hour. It'll be sunny today with temps in the mid-upper 50's and perhaps just hitting the 60° mark. Breezes will come from the N-NW at 14mph with some gusting causes minor hair mess-ups but more importantly 10' seas if you surf. You know who you are. Weekend surf may be even higher. High tide:1:45p.m.; Low tide: 8:00a.m.; Ocean temp:60°; Sunset:5:57p.m.; 3 more days until daylight savings time is history and the sunset is in the 4 o'clock hour. Not a fan. But I am a fan of today's sunny forecast!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Mornin'! It's 48° with partially clear skies and minimal breezes out of the North at 9mph. There's a handful of clouds in the darkness, but they could add to the beauty of the morning sunrise. Temps are going rise into the mid-upper 50's today as we clear out from the overnight rains. The winds will help do that as they pick up later this afternoon from the N-NE at 15-20mph. High tide: 1:31p.m.; Low tide: 7:45p.m.; Ocean temp: 60°; Sunset: 5:59p.m. There's not many days until we turn the clocks back to Eastern Standard Time. Not a fan. But, I am a fan of "All Souls Day" as I tip my hat in remembrance of those who have left this's all about them today~