Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's March!!!

112 days until Summer
Mornin' and Hello to March!  I'd say "Happy March" but if you've read my blog from pasts March blog know how I despise this month as March's weather seldom makes me happy.  Even though March holds Spring, it's the most violent of all the months on the calendar in respect to being on the coast with cold raw dampness, mist, fog and winds.  Being a Philadelphia native, March meant the beginning tastes of Spring... the sun's rays a tad warmer, start of meltdown, sounds of birds, buds on trees, Spring bulbs peeking out, daylight savings time, a warm day here and there, the fragrance of the beach warming under the sunshine, you know...all the stuff that prepares you for the next warmer season or better yet...the realization that you survived another winter.  Not in Wildwood as you have to wait until April to experience the likes of Spring and all of the above mentioned.   It's something I'm still trying to adapt to as March down the Shore is cold and raw and as windy as you can get most days.  In fact so windy and uncomfortable some days it's provoked me to screaming into the thunderous, freezing gusts, "STOP! ENOUGH!" 
So, for this first day of's 22° in Wildwood.  It's overcast and cold.  Everything's still snow covered and crunchy.  No winds today!  It's like March has an eyebrow up with a smirk preparing to throw its intensity our way when we least expect it.  Today's temps will hover around the low-mid 30s as we wait for the next storm to arrive.  By late this morning/early afternoon we'll see snowfall which will turn to freezing rain sometime this afternoon.   And again...very light and variable winds.  Chance of precipitation - 100%.  Less than an inch of snow/ice accumulation.  Tonight...cloudy with periods of freezing rain as temps drop to the low 30s/upper 20s.  Ms Sun should be checking back in by tomorrow afternoon.
High tide:5:16p.m.
Low tide:10:57a.m.
Ocean temp:36°

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