Friday, March 2, 2018

Coastal Flood and High Wind Warning Today! Bring It On March!

Mornin'!  It's 42° in Wildwood NJ.  I should say "Windy" Wildwood NJ.  It's incredibly blustery as winds are howling (W-NW 25-30mph sustained with gusting).  It's raining lightly but the streets, surfaces etc. don't even appear wet.  This is what to expect today...major winds all day, wet with light rain showers this morning becoming heavy and steady this afternoon and temps staying right about where they are now.  Winds (NW) will be the main attraction with the minimum of 30mph +gusting all throughout the day and evening.  By late tonight...the showers will have checked out but the winds are going nowhere until late tomorrow night.  Tonight's temps...upper 30s.  I thought the streets would be full of rainwater along with tidal flooding occurring by now but nothing's happening in that regard.  This morning's high tide will be at the 8 o'clock hour on the ocean side and 9 o'clock hour on the bay side.  I'm thinking we may have missed the flooding bullet but it remains to be seen, especially with a full moon yesterday and living right near the harbor during a stormy day.  I'll be on the alert no doubt.  I dug the wellies out of the back of the closet and moved my vehicle to higher ground last night. That salt water will ruin the undercarriage of a vehicle immediately (never drive through salty flood water)! For the moment...good to go (except for the metro-liner winds roaring down the streets).  Be vigilant today and play it smart...preparedness is key when a Nor'easter is part of your weather day.
High tide:8:04a.m. and 8:32p.m.
Low tide:2:12p.m.
Ocean temp:40°

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