Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day Holiday

Mornin'!  It's 52° this lovely morning.  Just had the opportunity to see the beautiful waning new moon with the planet Saturn shining brightly to its left while the horizon was turning colorful pastels.  Then, right between the two...a jet soars by as its vapor becomes painted with those wonderful colorful pastels as well.  Very nice to see, especially first thing in the morning before light.  Someone traveling in that morning sky was seeing an extraordinary scene from high above.  Looks like another lovely one today as I celebrate Veterans Day with another day off from work.  Temps will reach into the 60's again as we may even hit the mid-60's.  Sun will stick around all day as clouds slowly move in.  Breezes out of the S-SE will be 15-20mph.  Clouds will increase by nightfall and by late tonight/overnight there's a 70% chance of rain as it looks like it will be a rainy one tomorrow too.  Keep in mind the "new" moon brings along with it some tidal flooding much like the "full" moon.  Take heed.  Thanks again to our Vets for their service to our country and our freedom! 
High tide:6:18p.m.
Low tide:12:05p.m.
Ocean temp:55°


Anonymous said...

That picture is beautiful!

Kathy said...

Thank you kindly!