Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Congress Hall's Christmas Tree, Cape May NJ
Mornin'!  It's 38° in WW.  The sky is just slightly cloud covered as there are stars shining in spots while some heavy, thick clouds are hanging on.  That 3 day storm system is hovering off the coast and headed out to sea.  The sun is due over the horizon in about a ½ hour (not sure if we'll see it though).  Temps are a bit more on the normal side this early morn.  There's a light breeze coming out of the North at 8-10mph.  It'll be partly to mostly sunny today with temperatures in the low-mid 40s.  Breezes will ramp up a bit from the N-NW at 18-20mph a little later probably providing a chill factor.  Looks like tonight will be a perfect night for Santa's sleigh ride and arrival to Wildwood (or a soak in the hot tub)!
High tide:12:05p.m.
Low tide:6:09p.m.
Ocean temp:46°

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