Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome October! UPDATED VERSION

Mornin'!  And Welcome kind to us please!  It's 63°, cloudy with winds-a-howling in Wildwood.  We've got cancellations and warnings all over the place.  So far the only official cancellations of events this upcoming weekend is the "Gentlemen's Car and Motorcycle Races" and "The Mid-Atlantic Police & Fire Survivors Weekend".  There are many more events on the schedule but haven't heard anything yet. I'll post them as I hear them.  *When I arrived in work today I heard that all weekend events and activities are postponed.  We're in emergency mode at the moment and every precaution should be taken to ready your home and family for safe keeping.  Securing vehicles, furniture and property items is a must at this time (move to higher ground) . 
We've got us a Nor'easter and a Hurricane eyeing us up.  First, is the Nor'easter...which we're feeling the effects now... and will feel for the next couple days.  At this moment (10a.m.) the beach is under water.  "WINDS" and "WATER" baby are heading our way.  N-NE at 20-30mph sustained with 40+mph gusts and that will stay with us until these systems have chewed us up and spit us on Monday.  There's a 90% chance of rain showers all day today into tonight when it turns into steady rainfall.  These enormous High tides will be off the chart and like we've not seen in quite awhile.  Some have said that the tide/flood waters could exceed Sandy's depths.  Temps will go down into the upper 50s with 25-35mph N-NE winds with gusts of 40+.  This will all repeat tomorrow (exceptionally high tides), Saturday, Sunday and Monday by the looks of all the forecasts.
High tide:11:05a.m. and 11:38p.m.
Low tide:5:14p.m.
Ocean temp:68°
Rip Currents:High(dangerous)creating major beach erosion as our beaches are beginning to disappear.
Footnote: I'm now somewhat updated on what's coming down with these storms.  For now...our concern is the tides.  This Nor'easter is bringing with it major high tides.  I've talked to several local officials and I'm being told that evacuation isn't such a bad idea (at this time not mandatory). I'm being told to get my vehicle off the island and onto the mainland before tomorrow. One of my fellow co-workers is evacuating.  Just saying.  Not sure what my plan is.  
As for Joaquin...just waiting to hear and see if it moves out to sea or directly hits our coast as various reports come in. One way or another, it'll be on my blog.  In the meantime...hope you got the wellies ready or better yet...waders may be what we'll really need!

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