Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowy Thursday

It's currently 34 degrees in WW and it's snowing! It's the very beginning of yet another storm system. The rest of today's blog is simply little phrases from the local forecast...check these out: similar to our last storm, precautionary preparedness, dangerous storm, significant snow amounts, snow-globe like conditions (my favorite), high winds with blowing and drifting snow, elevated waterways, water encroaching, power outages, hazardous travel, Snowicane! Whatever. We're ready. Got Milk and Bread. Cars have gas. Ice is made and we still have candles. Bring it on!
Footnote: 11:30AM...nothing yet.
Footnote II: 3:40PM...nothing yet.
Footnote III: 6:15PM...nothing yet except for some big winds.
Footnote IV: 10:05PM...nothing more than winds.

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