Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hump Day Perfection

Mornin'! It's 66° this early morn. The air is a bit humid and very still as the sun's about to rise. Guaranteed a perfect sunrise as there's not a cloud in the sky. Everything outside is soaking wet from the island's morning dew. will be a perfect hump day as the forecasters are calling for blue, sunny skies as not a drop of rain predicted. Temps will rise to the mid-80's. Breezes will begin wafting later this morning from the NW at 10mph; then shift from the South by this afternoon. High tide:10:28a.m.; Low tide:4:40p.m.; Ocean temp:74°; Sunset:7:53p.m. No doubt a beach day. The annual Air Show is in Atlantic City today up the coast a bit (50 miles/78 km) and you may just be lucky to catch a flyover of some sort while on the WW beach. Oh don't littering our island; please pick up your trash!


Jim Anders said...

What kind of weather do you recommend for P.T.B.S. (Post Traumatic Blog Syndrome)?

Jim Anders said...

Symptom of PTBS: This joke:

Customer: Waitress, there's a flyover my soup!
Waitress: Zip it.

Jim Anders said...

So solly, "Zip it."