Thursday, August 11, 2011

Perfect Summer Day at the Shore

Mornin'! It's 75° in Wildwood. The sun just peeked over the horizon all the while beautifully colored clouds are filling the blue sky as daybreak unfolds. Lovely. It'll be just that all day today...lovely. Temps will rise into the mid-80's. Humidity's lower. Offshore breezes will keep us comfortable all day. It's a perfect day at the Shore. Great beach day...what are you waiting for? Time's-a-wasting! 43 days until Autumn. Oh...don't leave any trash there...please don't litter the island. High tide: 6:47p.m.; Low tide:12:21p.m.; Ocean temp:76°; Sunset: 8:01p.m.

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Tonen Blog said...

Yeah, summer is finally coming to an end! We locs can all breathe again... later, shoobs! Don't forget to take your trash with you.