Saturday, November 21, 2015

Partially Sunny Saturday

Mornin'!  It's 41° in Wildwood.  Ms Sun's on the rise and will be crossing the horizon very shortly.  It's breezy and chilly (NE 17-21mph).  A little bite in the salt air this morning!  It'll be a mix of weather today as it'll be mostly clear, brisk and sunny but some clouds are going to slowly filter in as by the afternoon. Winds will have shifted by then from the E-SE at 12-15mph. By tonight and during the overnight...S-SE at 13-18mph with a 40% chance of a shower as temps drop back in the mid-upper 40s.  Tomorrow we may be starting the day with clouds and a leftover shower as Ms Sun tries to break on through and make it a sunny Sunday.  I have to admit this wasn't the forecast I was mentioning this week but weather is sometimes unpredictable and can change very spontaneously.  Looks like a keeper along with a Full Moon for Thanksgiving which will be the focus of my attention this week for sure!
High tide:3:33p.m.
Low tide:9:24a.m.
Ocean temp:55°

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