Saturday, February 6, 2021

Beautiful Winters Day

Mornin'!  It's 36° in Wildwood NJ.  It's a clear, calm, brisk morning down the Shore.  Ms Sun's up and shining on the island  with breezes out of the SW at 7-9mph.  It'll be a lovely winters day with plenty of sunshine (some clouds in today's mix) with a high of 47° and W-SW winds at 10-15mph.  Tonight... clouds thicken with rain developing late and after midnight, the rains begin.  Temps will drop to where they are now... mid-30s with SE winds at 5-10mph.  Tomorrow... waking to rain with temps in the low-30s and North winds at 15-25mph and so far, we're right on the border line for a wintry mix and rain showers.  It seems like we'll be out of this next storm by early evening tomorrow.  My guess is a beautiful, picturesque sunset!  One thing's for sure... get outside today and soak up the lovely salt air!
High tide: 2:49PM
Low tide: 9:07AM
Ocean temp: 40°
Sunrise: 7:00AM
Sunset: 5:27PM
Corona Virus Cases in NJ: 713,324
Corona Virus Deaths in NJ: 21,886
Corona Virus Cases in CMC: 6,405
Corona Virus Deaths in CMC: 165

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