Thursday, February 18, 2021

Icy, Cold, Wet, Thursday

webcam shot - North Wildwood boat ramp
Mornin'!  It's 30° in Wildwood NJ.  NE winds are wafting over the island at 15-20mph making a nice windchill of 19°.  Pellets of ice are falling and covering the island.  We're currently having a mix of snow, ice pellets, hail or whatever you'd like to call it land on the island and cover everything it's touching.  The webcams are showing the beach and boardwalk covered in white and that's not snow.  There's a good ½" of icy-snowy crispiness out there.  Expect all of this icy moisture to change to rain later this morning at temps climb into the upper 30s.  And, to make it even nicer out there, those NE winds will ramp up some at 20-30mph +gusting.  Tonight... cloudy, light rain, temps in the low-mid 30s and NE winds at 15-25mph.  If out and about, I'd be thinking there's a possibility of icy streets and roads; especially the surfaces on the bridges. Tomorrow... light rain for the start of the day turning to a wintry mix of snow, rain and possibly ice depending on the temperature.  It's looking pretty good at mid-upper 30s with North winds at 10-20mph.  The weekend's looking sunny!  Saturday... sunny but very blustery and cold (low 30s).  And, Sunday... sunny and not as blustery and cold (low 30s). Be careful out there!
High Tide: 12:13PM
Low Tide: 6:00PM
Ocean Temp: 39°
Sunrise: 6:46AM
Sunset: 5:41PM
Corona Virus Cases in NJ: 755,174
Corona Virus Deaths in NJ: 22,589
Corona Virus Cases in CMC: 6,845
Corona Virus Deaths in CMC: 175

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