Thursday, December 20, 2012

Autumn's winding down..."See You In September"

Mornin'!  It's 38° in WW.  The sky is dark, clear, and still starlit.  It's the darkest before the dawn.  Sun's due up over the horizon in about an hour. (Footnote: it's now an hour later and the sky is the most spectacular one I've seen in quite awhile...bright oranges and corals and some reds and purples thrown in the mix...I just get a bit skeptical when the sky's so reddish..."red sky in the morning...sailors take warning"; just saying.)   It'll be a clear and sunny to start to the last day of Autumn.  Sun will eventually give way to clouds as they filter in bringing rain by late/overnite tonight.  The Sun will return tomorrow afternoon for the Solstice and looks like it will hang out the weekend and the holiday.  Surf looks decent tomorrow too as breezes off the land will produce 6' wave action.  Breezes aren't anything to write about at the moment, but they're coming in later from onshore NE; then shifting from the SE at 10-15mph.  Temps will be more seasonable by only getting into the upper 40's and will probably feel cold and raw when the Sun gives it up.  Got any holiday baking left to do...may be a good one to get 'er done. 
High tide:1:37p.m.
Low tide:7:20a.m.
Ocean temp:53°

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Jim Anders said...

"First it flurries, then it sloshes; trade your snowshoes for galoshes!"- 2013 The Old Farmer's Almanac