Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rainy and Raw Saturday

Mornin'!  It's 41° in Wildwood.  It's raining ever so slightly.  It looks like it'll be raining all day and possibly turn to snow and/or wintry mix by tonight when the temperature drops.  Today's temps will stay in the mid-40's as the winds will be out of the SE at 12-15mph, switching to the E-NE; then switching it up again by early evening from the N-NW which will bring the more intense winds at 25-30mph.  We may see up to a ½ an inch of rain but the snow...they're all saying a wintry mix or a dusting if we get it at all.  That ol' ocean at 52° is keeping the ol' island insulated and is keeping that wintry stuff at bay.  Not to mention, this winter storm heading this way is supposed to skirt us and pummel the Boston area and coast.  It was a full moon last night and is still somewhat full under those clouds so keep a watchful eye on the flooding's sea water...and I wouldn't advise driving through it. 
High tide:8:11a.m.
Low tide:2:31p.m.
Ocean temp:52°
Sunset: 4:47p.m.

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