Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gray Tuesday

Mornin'! It's 41° in Wildwood NJ.  We've got some cloud cover going on with breezes off the ocean (NE at 15-17mph). Feels very nippy out there in the salt air. Rain showers are on the forecast today while winds pick up from the East at 17-21mph and temps will be barely tapping 50°.  Steady rain (100% chance) with winds becoming even stronger by late this afternoon / early evening (E-NE 20-25mph) will make for a raw "go right through you" kinda day. Tonight...rain showers, temps in the mid 40s with winds ramping up even more (NE 25-30mph).  Ms Sun may check in just for the morning tomorrow.  She's definitely checking in for the weekend as we'll need her since it'll be blustery and wintry with a high of 38°.
High tide:12:23p.m.
Low tide:6:33p.m.
Ocean temp:50°
Full Moon: Next Tuesday 12/13
Winter Solstice:12/21

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