Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Humpday Mix

Mornin'!  It's 39° in Wildwood NJ.  The sky is moonlit with hazy, milky cloud cover.  No breezes to note as it's ominously quiet and still.  It'll be cold today with Ms Sun partially in the mix as temps reach the low 40s and breezes wift (I mean waft) over the island from the N-NW at 20-25mph.  It's tonight's weather that will make its presence known with winds out of the West at 20-30mph sustained along with a 60% chance of moisture that being a mix of rain and snow tonight right into the overnight. Temps will drop into the upper 20s.  Sounding like a hot toddy night by the roaring fire after that holiday shopping.  And, by the way, we should wake to Ms Sun tomorrow but a colder day as the high may be 27°.  I can hear Old Man Winter knocking!
High tide:7:40a.m. and 8:13p.m.
Low tide:1:59p.m.
Ocean temp:47°

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