Friday, November 30, 2018

Farewell November!

Mornin'!   It's 35° in Wildwood NJ.  It's cloudy with no breezes to note this last day of November.  No windchill this morning! It actually feels pleasant outside without those annoying, relentless winds as of late.  The clouds are giving that insulator boosting the sound of the ocean waves crashing way off in the distance.  So, we're looking at a mostly gray day with plenty of cloud cover with a 40% chance of precipitation as light rain should be commencing late this morning and hang around throughout the afternoon. Temps will climb up to the mid-upper 40s with "calm" winds out of the South at 5-8mph.  Tonight...cloudy then clearing out a bit with temps dropping back into the mid-30s with NW winds at 8-10mph.  Tomorrow...90% chance of rain beginning in the afternoon and Sunday...morning rain will give way to clouds with temps near 60° (no typo).  Well November, you certainly gave us some taste of winter as well as more cloudy, damp, raw days than we're usually accustomed to.  Regrettably not many Indian Summer days this month.  Perhaps December won't be as wintry as it can.  Winter's officially only 21 days away.  Until next year November...see you on the other side!
High tide:1:49p.m.
Low tide:7:28a.m. and 8:13p.m.
Ocean temp:51°
FOOTNOTE: It's 2:30p.m. It's high tide on our side (marsh side) and it's beginning to spit. We actually haven't had any rain yet today.  Instead we had a lovely Friday with Ms Sun constantly shining through milky clouds making for some very colorful sky.  Between the filmy whiteness, I saw shades of turquoise and lavender in the sky today! the moment, west of us appears to be getting wet (according to the doppler) but the island seems to be on the very outer edge of this rain systems and we're not getting as wet as originally forecast.  Seems we just keep missing the rain clouds passing by but not for long apparently...the doppler don't lie! 

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