Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chill Factors today

Mornin'!  It's 45° in Wildwood.  There's a NW wind barreling down on the island and giving us a chill factor...feels like 36° as it's currently howling over the us freaking out the pup a bit this early morn.  He went to step over the back door threshold to go out and do his duty and immediately stepped back and scampered into the direction of the kitchen when he heard the loud howling of the winds.  The very bright moon and starlit sky is still illuminating everything outside as well as some of the still dark rooms of the house.  It'll be daybreak within the hour as a day of sunshine is on the menu with brilliant blue, cloudless skies.  The winds remain checked in from the N-NW at 25-30mph and will calm down just a bit by mid-afternoon and ramp up again tonight.  Chill factors will stay in place as the temperature is supposed to tap the 50s.  Maybe not so much if sitting in a car parked by the beach as the sun warms the car.  It's my intention today as that's my lunch hour ritual. 
High Tide:8:34a.m.
Low Tide:2:50p.m.
Ocean Temp:51°

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