Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Eve Eve

Bonfire On The Beach - 2011
Mornin'!  It's 34° in Wildwood NJ.  It's clear, calm and quiet with light breezes out of the W-SW at 2-4mph.  Ms Sun's just rose.  Expect a nice day with plenty of sunshine along with thin milky clouds today and temps in the upper 40s and maybe even tapping 50°!  Winds will be light out of the W-SW to SW at 5-8mph.  Tonight... clear with temps in the low-40s and West winds at 5-8mph.  Tomorrow... almost the same with a mix of clouds and sunshine and temps in the upper 40s.  Breezes will be stiffer.  For Christmas... almost the same but with a cloudier day.
High tide: 5:41PM
Low tide: 11:26AM
Ocean temp: 43°
Sunrise: 7:14AM
Sunset: 4:43PM

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