Thursday, December 12, 2019

Full Moon Thursday

Mornin'!  It's 28° in Wildwood NJ.  We're currently under moonlit and starlit clear skies.  It's crisp and still with breezes out of the North at 3-5mph.  It'll be mainly sunny today with temps tapping 40° and breezes out of the E-NE at 9-11mph.  Tonight... clouds roll in as temps drop a bit to the low-mid 30s.  Breezes will be out of the E-SE at 5-10mph.  We'll be waking to clouds tomorrow as rain is due in around 9-10am.  It's staying checked in until the wee hours of Sunday morning when the West winds check in for the day and dry things up.  It's the Full Moon today as winter approaches in about 9 days.  This glorious star will be setting in less than an hour just about when Ms Sun makes her grand entrance this morning!
High tide: 7:33AM and 8:05PM
Low tide: 1:58PM
Ocean temp: 46°
Sunrise: 7:07AM
Sunset: 4:37PM
Moonrise: 5:13PM

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