Thursday, November 2, 2023

Day Of The Dead

Mornin'! Lucy, I'm home! It's 37° in Wildwood NJ.  The sky is clear as Ms Sun rises any moment now.  Breezes are light out of the North at 4-6mph.  I'm feeling a crisp, cold one this morning on this South Jersey island; especially after being down South for 2 weeks.  First, in Key West where the daily average temp was 85° and then in Georgia for several days where it was averaging 70° during the day. In the words of Edwina in Raising Arizona..."Everything's changed".  Winter certainly feels like it's lightly tapping on our front door this morning.  It'll warm up a bit today though. It'll be a sunny day with temps tapping 50° along with NW breezes at 5-10mph.  Tonight... clear skies, temps down around 40° with winds light and variable.  Tomorrow... more sun, temps near 60° with S-SW winds at 5-10mph.  For the weekend (time to turn the clocks back an hour to Standard Time)... Saturday will be mostly sunny with some clouds in the mix, temps around 60° as Sunday will be mostly cloudy with temps tapping 60° again.  It looks like we may not see rainfall until this time next week.  I have to say that my most of my flower and herb gardens hung on very well and look great.  What a pleasant surprise that was to come home to as all my views in the yard is still very lovely.  Not to mention, it's always good to be home and back in my comfy bed.  Oh, and I almost forgot... adios October and welcome November!  It's "All Souls Day" today!
High Tide: 12:12PM
Low Tide: 6:33PM
Ocean Temp: 63°
Sunrise: 7:28AM
Sunset: 5:57PM


Anonymous said...

Welcome home - you have been missed!!!

Kathy said...