Friday, November 17, 2023

Thursday Mix of Sun and Clouds

Mornin'!  It's 56° in Wildwood NJ.  Ms Sun's up and shining on the island in a blue, clear sky.  Winds are light out of the S-SW at 7-9mph.  We're going to have a mix of sun and clouds today with temps in the mid-60s.  Winds will be out of the South at 10-15mph.  Tonight... cloudy, temps in the low-mid 50s and SW winds at 5-10mph.  Tomorrow... cloudy morning turning to a sunny day, temps in the low-60s and NW winds at 15-25mph.  Tomorrow night... clear, temps in the upper 40s and NW winds at 10-15mph.  Sunday... sunny, temps in the mid-50s with W-NW winds at 10-15mph.  The next rain coming in looks like Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon.  Thanksgiving looks sunny with cooler temps (mid-40s). 
High Tide: 10:34AM
Low Tide: 5:05PM
Ocean Temp: 57°
Sunrise: 6:45AM
Sunset: 4:43PM

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