Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Mornin'!  It's 39° in Wildwood this black friday.  That title always seemed so grim to me.  Especially after such a wonderful day with family and friends and good eats yesterday.  But, anyway...not going to the shopping malls or stores today.  Those days are long gone.  In fact, traveling back to Wildwood from the Bucks County area last night after our lovely Thanksgiving day, we passed several malls that had parking lots completely full  at 9-10p.m.  There's something not right about that.  Made me enjoy my journey home in our cozy vehicle with Ipod playing our favorite tunes even more enjoyable.  And, since I'm off from work today, I'll continue to enjoy this holiday weekend but finding something fun to do other than look at ads or shop.  It is chilly this morning on the island but it's is bright and clear.  The sun's due over the horizon any moment.  No breezes to write about as the leaves on the trees (what's left) are still.  It'll be sunny all day today with temps in the mid-upper 50's as the breezes will wift (I mean waft) in around lunch time from the S-SW at 15-20mph and even stronger tomorrow as the weekend's looking like serious bad hair days.
High tide:4:01p.m.
Low tide:9:53a.m.
Ocean temp:54°


Jim Anders said...

Looks like Sandy benched the bench.

dodi said...

I think the bench has been beached!