Saturday, December 30, 2017

Last Weekend of 2017

Mornin'!  It's 25° in Wildwood NJ.  Every time I hear "25" I don't know why but always think of the movie Jaws as Quint disputes Hooper's announcement of the size of the great white by yelling out "25" after the shark swims alongside the boat.  There's a thin blanket of snow on the island as snow continues to shower down from the overnight.  We're only supposed to get a dusting to an inch as it'll be cloudy today with on and off snow showers at least until later this afternoon.  Temps will rise into the low-mid 30s with breezes currently out of the S-SW at 15-20mph but will be switching from the W-NW at 20-25mph.  Oh...we could see peeks of sun before the sun sets. You never could make for a beautiful sunset.  Tonight...mostly clear with some leftover clouds and dry as this snowy system heads on up the road.  Temps will be where they are now...mid-upper 20s with NW breezes at 30-33mph.  Tomorrow...a mix of clouds and sun and very cold...high in the low 20s.  Monday...sunny but even colder and windier.
High tide:5:30p.m.
Low tide:11:18a.m.
Ocean temp:45°

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