Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

Mornin'!  This is last entry for 2017!  As I sit here doing a quick reflection of this past year, my first thought is that it gets a thumbs up.  I feel obliged to put something in writing.  Many of you don't know this but my blog allows me to see who's reading my entries.  I can't actually see "who's" reading but I can see "where" the reader is.  I'm happy and proud to say that folks from all over the world check out my weather reports for some reason.   From Steelville Missouri to Portland Oregon; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Rio Grande, New Jersey; Jonesboro, Arkansas to Ottawa, Canada; Australia to Ukraine and so on.  Anyone reading this now...Happy New Year's  Eve!  I'm happy and grateful to report I'm alive and well with no health issues (I've graduated to an annual visit to the oncologist instead of every six months from my bout with breast cancer 5+ years ago).  My hubby and better half  (of 46 years) is alive and "partially" well (with a brand new torn meniscus...could be worse) and with no other health issues. A new grandbaby coming (to our youngest child/our daughter) was announced to us this year (due in March) as our oldest daughter married a wonderful guy this past Spring who is now part of our family extending it even a bit more I'm happy to say.  And, two days ago I left work forever stepping out of the workforce as a retiree.  As the New Year knocks on the front door, I've been keeping the focus on the present (which seems to be putting a smile on my face) because at this moment, the future looks bright, wondrous and mysterious.  Aging only proves that our lives have continued, endless twists and turns in that "Road of Life" and who knows what's next?  Retirement is making me smile but also makes me bite my lip.  I keep wondering what's going to fill my 40 hours a week now and the only answer I'm coming up with is...hunkering down this very very cold weekend.  By hunkering I mean...layered sweats, homemade soup, good music, fireplace on, reading my book, watching the Mummers Parade tomorrow, catching up on movies, bundling up the pooch and taking our walk along the Harbor, and walking around to the local neighborhood dive bar (The ShipNShore) and sit right at the harbor watching the Eagles game with a couple pints this afternoon.  All this happening on a bitter cold pretty much-deserted island down the Shore!  I'll take it. I'll think of retirement Tuesday when I would normally be heading into work.
So speaking of "bitter cold"'s is 7° wind chill factor as the porch thermometer said 21° this morning.  The wind is howling (both of my heavy wooden rockers were actually moved from where they were by the stiff winds) NW 25-30mph.  It'll be partly sunny / partly cloudy today with those stiff winds hanging on at 15-20mph +constant gusting.  Temps won't get any higher than 23°.  Tonight...mostly clear, low teens (12°) with an extremely dangerous wind chill of -3° as the winds continue out of the NW at 18-20mph +gusting.  Tomorrow...unfortunately it'll be a repeat of today...partly sunny, cold and blustery.  Oh...tomorrow's the "Full Moon" so you'll undoubtedly see higher tides.  Even with the harbor icing up, the tides still push that ice up and's pretty cool (the ice moans as it lifts and lowers).  So I guess I'll see you all next year on the other side. Thanks for taking time to read my words!  Happy and Healthy New Year!
High tide:5:53a.m. and 6:26p.m.
Low tide:12:13p.m.
Ocean temp:45°

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Jim Anders said...

Old joke: It's so cold here, I climbed into the refrigerator to warm up!
Warm (lol) wishes for the New Year to You & Yours, Kathy!