Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sunny with Some Clouds Thrown In

Mornin'!  It's 30° in Wildwood NJ.  Hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas Day.  Hubby and I did our little road trip Christmas eve to spend the evening along with Christmas Day at our daughter's with the family. I'm very grateful for that lovely holiday weekend. We arrived back on the island last night. As I stepped onto the back porch this morning to check the weather conditions, the first thing I noticed was the quiet.  No sounds of the ocean crashing.  No sounds of any vehicles.  No tree leaves rustling.  Just total dead silence.  There is some milky cloud cover (I could spot a few stars here and there). It's a little breezy (W-NW 18-24mph) and you can feel the winds. No more rustling leaves (this weekend's blustery weather finished off any leaves remaining on the trees). It'll be a cold and breezy day (W-NW 10-20mph) with temps in the mid-30s with a mix of clouds and sun.  Tonight...clear and cold with temps in the mid-upper 20s with a wind chill of 19° as breezes will be out of the West at 10-15mph.  Tomorrow...much like today but a tad colder especially tomorrow night...12° is in the forecast.  Friday and Saturday...I'm watching what could be a snowstorm on the island.
High Tide:1:21p.m.
Low Tide:7:04a.m. and 7:31p.m.
Ocean Temp:47°

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