Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Gray Hump Day

Mornin'! Happy Birthday to my Sister.  Today's weather entry is dedicated to you.  If it weren't for you, there would be no weather blog.  I can't thank you enough for opening weather reporting for me! 
It's 43° in Wildwood NJ.  We're under cloud cover as the sky is gray and everything's soaked and drippy outside.  It's not raining and I'm not certain if it actually rained overnight.  I didn't hear rain hitting my roof or skylight but when I turned in, it was misty and foggy.  It's still that way.  Winds are barely there out of the NE at 5-8mph.  It'll stay this way as the clouds might open up as it could start raining this afternoon (40% chance).  Temps will be around 50° with Easterly winds at 5-10mph.  Tonight... 100% chance of rain, temps in the mid-40s and E-SE at 3-5mph.  Tomorrow... rain likely, temps around 50° with North winds at 10-20mph.  Tomorrow night... 40-60% chance of rain, temps in the mid-40s and N-NW winds at 10-20mph.  Good Friday looks good... sunny and windy with temps in the low-50s.  Saturday... partly sunny, temps in the mid-50s and Sunday... mostly cloudy with peeks of sun, temps in the upper 50s and NW winds at 10-15mph.  
High Tide: 9:34AM
Low Tide: 3:36PM
Ocean Temp: 46°
Sunrise: 6:50AM
Sunset: 7:18PM

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