Thursday, September 7, 2023

Heat Wave Continues

Mornin'!  It's 77° in Wildwood NJ.  Ms Sun's up and shining through the thick morning haze.  Humidity's 96% with a dewpoint of 73°.  It's still as winds are barely there out of the SW at 1-3mph.  It's a heavy, moist morning out there and there's not one thing refreshing about it.  We're in a soupy heatwave this week and it'll continue into today again.  Unfortunately no beach this week so far due to the extremely hot westerly land breezes and biting flies which take full advantage of that breeze direction to fly to the beaches for their meals.  I can personally vouch for that as I tried to enjoy the beach a couple of days ago to no avail.  I lasted barely a half an hour.  And, everyone seems to be posting the intense inundation of "flies" here on social media.  Today could be where it all changes as the wind direction will be coming from the South (not the West) today and tonight. Expect a mostly sunny (some clouds in the mix) day with temps near 90° again.  It got up to 93° with intense humidity yesterday.  Winds will be 10-15mph out of the South.  Tonight... partly clear, temps in the mid-70s and South winds at 10-15mph.  Tomorrow... mix of sun and clouds, temps much cooler... low-80s and South winds at 10-20mph.  For the weekend... Saturday's looking partly cloudy after a mostly sunny morning, temps in the low-80s and S-SW winds.  Sunday...  could have rain kicking off the day at least until the early afternoon when it looks like a cloudy day, temps in the low-80s and S-SW, South, S-SE winds.  We're all watching Hurricane Lee which is currently centered 900 miles east of the Lesser Antilles and is tracking W-NW feeding on all the warm water.  Today's satellite observations showed that its in the beginning stages of intensification and the NE Coast should be monitoring it. 
High Tide: 3:08PM
Low Tide: 8:32AM
Ocean Temp: 75°
Sunrise: 6:34AM
Sunset: 7:21PM
UV Index: 7.2
Rip Current: Low risk

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