Friday, September 1, 2023

The Jewel Has Checked In

An Aerial Shot of North Wildwood 
Mornin'!  It's 62° in Wildwood NJ.  Humidity's 72% with a dewpoint of 55°.  Winds are out of the NE at 10-15mph.  And, Ms Sun's shining through the clear, blue, cloudless sky.  Happy September!  It's my favorite of all the months of the year.  The weather's got Autumn written all over it even though it's 3 weeks away.  Enjoy this nice stretch of sparkling, jewel-like weather for the next 5 days!  If you picked this upcoming long weekend or coming week for your vacation, you hit the jackpot.  
For today... clear skies, low humidity, sunny with temps in the upper 70s and NE winds at 10-15mph.  Tonight... clear and back to the low-60s.  Tomorrow... a repeat of today.  Sunday... sunny with a high near 83°.  Monday... clear and sunny with temps near 90°.  Tuesday... clear and sunny with temps near 90°.  Wednesday... clear and sunny with temps in the mid-80s.  Shall I continue?  Looks like Thursday and Friday are the same.  For now anyway. I'm not a fan of going too far out on the weather forecasts.  But, this long, holiday weekend is 5-Star and kicking off the next season with just how it should be... perfection!  The "Jewel" is here!
High Tide: 9:53AM
Low Tide: 4:02PM
Ocean Temp: 74°
Sunrise: 6:28AM
Sunset: 7:29PM
Moonrise: 8:40PM
UV Index: 7.9
Rip Current: High Risk (Dangerous surf conditions; only swim (if allowed) in front of a lifeguard)

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